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Bacteriophage Mu-mediated gene transposition and in vitro cloning of the enterochelin gene cluster of Escherichia coli

, : Bacteriophage Mu-mediated gene transposition and in vitro cloning of the enterochelin gene cluster of Escherichia coli. Gene 11(3-4): 347-357

Transposition of chromosomal genes using bacteriophage Mu has been used to obtain a partial order of the nine closely linked genes of the enterochelin-dependent iron transport system of Escherichia coli K-12. Fragments of the ent gene cluster were transposed into the conjugative plasmid RP4 and were characterized by genetic complementation. The partial gene order (entD, fes), entF, fep, entC, ent(ABEG)...lip was derived using six plasmids which carried overlapping parts of the cluster, and the fep mutations were shown to belong to a single complementation group. Two restriction fragments, one carrying ent(ABCEG) and the other carrying fep, were cloned in vitro using one of the RP4::ent plasmids as a source of DNA enriched in enterochelin system genes. A further restriction fragment, carrying the three remaining genes, entD, fes and entF was cloned directly from the chromosome. The three restriction fragments collectively cover a region of the chromosome 29 kg in length, indicating that the genes of the enterochelin system are clustered but not contiguous.


PMID: 6260579

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