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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 42379

Chapter 42379 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Betazole-induced GIP secretion is not mediated by gastric HCl. Metabolism: Clinical and Experimental 31(4): 380-382

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Beth Henneman's ICU passion is all in the family. Interview by Michael Villaire. Critical Care Nurse 14(5): 88-95

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Better APN practice measures needed. Nursing Economic$ 13(4): 252-252

Better Housekeeping: can it serve you and your patients?. Nursing Homes 18(7): 11-11

Better access for the poor may improve lung cancer survival. Journal of the National Cancer Institute 87(16): 1212-1212

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Better advice is needed both before and after abortion. Lakartidningen 81(4): 220-222

Better aids for the deaf. British Medical Journal 2(5866): 569-570

Better aim on poison prevention: pharmacists increase efforts. American Pharmacy Ns20(2): 10-11

Better allograft survival in erythrocyte type-O recipients correlates with resistance to cytomegalovirus infections. Transplantation Proceedings 13(1 Pt 1): 120-124

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Better and cheaper at home. Tidsskrift for Sygeplejersker 66(11): 500-500

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Better care of deciduous teeth. Quintessenz Journal 2(12): 37-37

Better care of drug addicts and alcoholics--but is the government willing to pay?. Lakartidningen 66(11): 1099-1102

Better care of high-risk mother and infant goal of MSMS regionalized guidelines. Michigan Medicine 81(51): 624-624

Better care through better communication. Revue de L'infirmiere: 28-35

Better care, how?. Revue de L'infirmiere 33(2): 6-8

Better casting quality with a spherical casting technic. Das Dental-Labor. le Laboratoire Dentaire. Dental Laboratory 29(7): 1041-1044

Better check those references. Dental Management 6(4): 31-35

Better clinical care through better utilization of anesthesiologists. Clinical Anesthesia 2: 111-116

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Better co-operation between the surgeon and the medical gymnast?. Lakartidningen 68(11): 1198-1200

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Better dead than red. Therapeutic Immunology 1(6): 343-348

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Better diagnosis could aid battle against pelvic inflammatory disease. JAMA 243(24): 2471-2472

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Better distribution of supplies--by committee. Hospitals 42(8): 132-134

Better driving may save your life one day. Nursing Times 66(37): 1168-1171

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Better estrogen receptor assay in the offing. JAMA 245(9): 905-906

Better floor storage of drugs is needed in hospital planning. Modern Hospital 106(5): 134-134

Better food for a healthier world. Triangle; the Sandoz Journal of Medical Science 13(2): 79-80

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Better hygiene and technics needed in operating rooms. Lakartidningen 71(40): 3781-3785

Better incision for recto-colic operations. Acta Chirurgica Belgica Suppl 2: 47-51

Better industrial vision testing and safety. Occupational Health & Safety 49(10): 30-1, 33-4, 56-7

Better influenza vaccines?. British Medical Journal 3(5828): 658-659

Better instruction at the obstetrics departments. Lakartidningen 92(42): 3900-3902

Better interpersonal relationship through better daily living skill. Japanese Journal of Nursing 35(4): 12-17

Better knowledge is needed about vaccination for malariaprophylaxis for persons going abroad. Nordisk Medicin 95(4): 125-127

Better knowledge of genetic counseling. Soins; la Revue de Reference Infirmiere: 2-2

Better knowledge of trauma medicine is needed in Sweden. Lakartidningen 92(10): 940-942

Better late than never... Bulletin of the Valley Dental Society 8(6): 4 Passim-4 Passim

Better late than never: of reminiscence and resolution. Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services 33(7): 17-22

Better late than never; but, better not be late. Journal of the Ontario Dental Association 43(10): 7-8

Better liars have better imaginations. Psychological Reports 52(2): 634-634

Better lists, technics and analysis can help limber your mailing muscle. Modern Hospital 108(4): 16-16

Better living and working in a home for treatment or rest. Campaign against the inertia of the structure. Krankenpflege. Soins Infirmiers 77(8): 64-65

Better living and working in nursing homes. Structures are not godgiven. Krankenpflege. Soins Infirmiers 77(2): 23-24

Better long-term analgesics, safer dosages, more fantasy are the wishes for the future. Nordisk Medicin 95(3): 83-83

Better management of fecal fistulas with stoma bags. Rn 37(5): 56-57

Better management of people resources. Hospital Progress 55(6): 64-66

Better management skills=less burnout cycles. Nursing Management 14(9): 60-61

Better medical TV programs for Boston. New England Journal of Medicine 286(18): 1009-1009

Better medical records are essential to effective audits. Modern Hospital 106(4): 137-137

Better medication compliance is associated with improved control of childhood asthma. Monaldi Archives for Chest Disease 49(6): 470-474

Better members. Lancet 2(7477): 1350-1351

Better nursing care through heightened scientific awareness. Alumnae Magazine 61(1): 9-11

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Better nutrition reduces overpopulation. New Zealand Nursing Journal. Kai Tiaki 64(10): 14-14

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Better oral neurophysiology information gives better clinical results. Journal of Pedodontics 8(1): 108-115

Better organization of the educational establishment to aid the handicapped. American Annals of the Deaf 114(5): 853-860

Better organization of the work of veterinary specialists. Veterinariia 45(8): 1-3

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Better protection for personnel ombudsman could mean fewer of them. Sygeplejersken 84(25): 12-14

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Better results in childhood acute leukemia. British Medical Journal 2(5867): 624-625

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Better results, less accidents. Zentralblatt für Arbeitsmedizin und Arbeitsschutz 21(8): 263-263

Better sailing before the wind for the enterprise committee. Tidskrift for Sveriges Sjukskoterskor 34(19): 905-905

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Better selection assures a better chief. Modern Hospital 107(6): 96-96

Better service for our overseas subscribers. New England Journal of Medicine 306(1): 40-41

Better services for the mentally handicapped. Nursing Mirror and Midwives Journal 133(17): 9-10

Better sight for dentists: the new contact lenses. Tic 43(5): 1-6

Better specimens from the female genital tract. British Medical Journal 4(5780): 170-170

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Better statistics make better comparisons. Modern Hospital 119(3): 64-68

Better stop that stock. Dental Management 6(7): 49-52 Passim

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