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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 42466

Chapter 42466 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Case records of the Massacusetts General Hospital. Weekly clinicopathological exercises. Case 43-1972. New England Journal of Medicine 287(17): 872-878

Case records of the massachusetts general hospital. Weekly clinicopathological exercises. Case 49-1983. A 75-year-old man with progressive dementia. New England Journal of Medicine 309(23): 1440-1449

Case records. Myositis ossificans progressiva. Indian Pediatrics 6(6): 426-433

Case recrods of the Massachusetts General Hospital. Weekly clinicopathological exercises. Case 43-1973. New England Journal of Medicine 289(17): 906-911

Case reort 110. Skeletal Radiology 5(1): 53-55

Case report. Angle Orthodontist 44(2): 167-170

Case report. Angle Orthodontist 50(4): 340-345

Case report 'omissions'. Rubber clamp ingestion. Journal of the American Dental Association 83(5): 975-977

Case report - CT scan of dentigerous cyst. Journal 62(1): 11-12

Case report - lethal neonatal chickenpox. East African Medical Journal 58(8): 626-627

Case report 107. Skeletal Radiology 5(1): 42-46

Case report 108. Skeletal Radiology 5(1): 47-50

Case report 108. Eosinophilic granuloma of right pedicle and posterior elements of T11. Skeletal Radiology 8(4): 319-321

Case report 109. Skeletal Radiology 5(1): 51-52

Case report 11 and 12. Zeitschrift für Allgemeinmedizin 49(11): 543-544

Case report 111. Skeletal Radiology 5(1): 56-60

Case report 112. Skeletal Radiology 5(1): 61-62

Case report 113. Skeletal Radiology 5(2): 112-115

Case report 114. Skeletal Radiology 5(2): 116-118

Case report 115. Skeletal Radiology 5(2): 119-126

Case report 116. Skeletal Radiology 5(2): 127-128

Case report 117. Skeletal Radiology 5(2): 129-130

Case report 118. Skeletal Radiology 5(2): 131-133

Case report 119: melanotic neuroectodermal tumor of infancy (progonoma). Skeletal Radiology 5(3): 179-182

Case report 120, probable bone infarcts in long bones secondary to pheochromocytoma. Skeletal Radiology 5(3): 183-184

Case report 121: synovioma (synovial sarcoma) of left knee. Skeletal Radiology 5(3): 185-187

Case report 122: lethal short-limbed dwarfism: achondrogenesis type 2 (Fraccaro-Langer-Saldino). Skeletal Radiology 5(3): 189-192

Case report 123: osteoid osteoma of the tibia with removal confirmed on specimen tomography. Skeletal Radiology 5(3): 193-195

Case report 124: pseudotumor of fibula secondary to thrombocytopenic purpura. Skeletal Radiology 5(3): 197-199

Case report 125: aneurysmal bone cyst terminal phalanx of the first toe. Skeletal Radiology 5(3): 201-203

Case report 126: secondary hypertrophic osteoarthropathy associated with excavating pulmonary metastases from squamous cell carcinoma of the cervix. Skeletal Radiology 5(4): 258-262

Case report 127: mesenchymal chondrosarcoma of soft tissues of thigh. Skeletal Radiology 5(4): 263-266

Case report 128: lipoma of the calcaneus with bone infarct. Skeletal Radiology 5(4): 267-269

Case report 129: Gardner syndrome. Skeletal Radiology 5(4): 270-272

Case report 130: hypoplasia of the left pedicle of L2 with abnormal development (hypertrophy) of the superior apophyseal joint and the contra-lateral (right) pedicle of L2. Skeletal Radiology 5(4): 273-274

Case report 131: periosteal hemangioma of the fibula. Skeletal Radiology 5(4): 275-278

Case report 132. Tortuous vertebral artery causing erosive defect of C2. Skeletal Radiology 6(1): 51-53

Case report 133. Hemophilic pseudotumor of ilium and soft tissues. Skeletal Radiology 6(1): 54-57

Case report 134. Mesenchymal chondrosarcoma of the right side of the pelvis and thigh. Skeletal Radiology 6(1): 58-61

Case report 135. Multiple basal cell nevus syndrome (Gorlin syndrome). Skeletal Radiology 6(1): 62-64

Case report 136. Central low-grade osteosarcoma of tibia. Skeletal Radiology 6(1): 65-67

Case report 137. Primary amyloidosis involving the skeletal system. Skeletal Radiology 6(1): 69-74

Case report 138. Tuberculous arthritis of knee with "cold abscess" communicating with knee joint. Skeletal Radiology 6(1): 75-76

Case report 139. Infantile cortical hyperostosis (Caffey disease). Skeletal Radiology 6(1): 77-80

Case report 140. Pigmented villonodular synovitis (PVS) right hip. Skeletal Radiology 6(2): 123-126

Case report 141. Malignant fibrous histiocytoma associated with enchondroma of bone. Skeletal Radiology 6(2): 127-130

Case report 142. Periosteal osteosarcoma of femur. Skeletal Radiology 6(2): 131-133

Case report 143. Multiple hereditary osteocartilaginous exostoses affecting right femur with an overlying giant cystic bursa (exostosis bursata). Skeletal Radiology 6(2): 134-137

Case report 144. Primary hemangiopericytoma of the right radius. Skeletal Radiology 6(2): 139-143

Case report 145. Bilateral, almost symmetrical skeletal metastases (both femora) from bronchogenic carcinoma. Skeletal Radiology 6(2): 144-148

Case report 146. Squamous cell carcinoma arising in chronic, draining sinus tract secondary to osteomyelitis of right tibia. Skeletal Radiology 6(2): 149-151

Case report 147. Leiomyoma of the periosteum of the tibia. Skeletal Radiology 6(2): 153-154

Case report 148. Paget disease (osteoporosis circumscripta) of C3. Skeletal Radiology 6(3): 205-207

Case report 149. Infantile congenital fibrosarcoma of humerus. Skeletal Radiology 6(3): 208-211

Case report 150. Solitary bone cyst with cementum-like bone production. Skeletal Radiology 6(3): 213-215

Case report 151. Solitary plasmacytoma associated with peripheral neuropathy. Skeletal Radiology 6(3): 217-219

Case report 152. Synovial sarcoma of the knee. Skeletal Radiology 6(3): 221-223

Case report 153. Mycetoma due to Streptomyces somaliensis ("Madura skull"). Skeletal Radiology 6(3): 225-227

Case report 154. Aneurysmal bone cyst of L2. Skeletal Radiology 6(3): 229-231

Case report 155. Polyostotic Paget disease complicated by benign giant cell tumor of left clavicle. Skeletal Radiology 6(3): 233-235

Case report 156. Skeletal Radiology 6(4): 282-285

Case report 157. Skeletal Radiology 6(4): 286-289

Case report 158. Skeletal Radiology 6(4): 291-297

Case report 159. Skeletal Radiology 6(4): 299-301

Case report 160. Skeletal Radiology 6(4): 303-305

Case report 161. Skeletal Radiology 6(4): 307-309

Case report 162: Periosteal osteosarcoma of rib. Skeletal Radiology 7(1): 63-65

Case report 163: Hemangiopericytoma of the soft tissues in the area of the left scapula. Skeletal Radiology 7(1): 66-69

Case report 164, Osteoid osteoma of ossification center of tibia. Skeletal Radiology 7(1): 71-74

Case report 165: BCG-osteomyelitis of the proximal end of the humerus with an abscess dissecting into the deltoid muscle. Skeletal Radiology 7(1): 75-77

Case report 166: Invasive squamous cell carcinoma of skin with extensive neoplastic bony infiltration in association with Hansen disease. Skeletal Radiology 7(1): 78-81

Case report 167: Malignant non-Hodgkin (Brill-Symmers disease) of nasal mucosa, cervical lymph nodes and tubular bones of the hands and feet. Skeletal Radiology 7(1): 82-85

Case report 168: chondrosarcomatous transformation in a cartilage-capped exostosis. Skeletal Radiology 7(2): 135-138

Case report 169: low-grade osteosarcoma of the tibia. Skeletal Radiology 7(2): 139-141

Case report 170: subperiosteal synovial cyst of knee. Skeletal Radiology 7(2): 142-145

Case report 171: metastatic fat necrosis involving the tubular bones of the hands (and probably the feet) secondary to traumatic pancreatitis. Skeletal Radiology 7(2): 147-149

Case report 172: pleomorphic liposarcoma, grade IV, of the soft tissue, arising in generalized plexiform neurofibromatosis. Skeletal Radiology 7(2): 150-153

Case report 173: Verified osteolytic metastasis in the clavicle from a bronchial carcinoid tumor and probable osteoblastic metastasis in the humerus from the same lesion. Skeletal Radiology 7(2): 155-157

Case report 174: "Cottonballoma" of femur (due to retained surgical sponge with foreign body giant cell reaction). Skeletal Radiology 7(3): 211-213

Case report 175: Refsum syndrome. Skeletal Radiology 7(3): 214-217

Case report 176: Synovial chondromatosis of the ankle with extracapsular extension. Skeletal Radiology 7(3): 219-221

Case report 177: duplication of the patella ("double" patella). Skeletal Radiology 7(3): 223-224

Case report 178: Gout affecting the tarsal and metatarsal bones of the left foot and right hand. Skeletal Radiology 7(3): 225-227

Case report 179: Metastatic disease developing in Paget disease of bone in the distal end of femur. Skeletal Radiology 7(3): 229-231

Case report 180: ossified scars in soft tissues. Skeletal Radiology 7(4): 277-278

Case report 181: calcified popliteal cyst (Baker cyst). Skeletal Radiology 7(4): 279-281

Case report 182: osteosarcoma arising in giant cell tumor of tibia. Skeletal Radiology 7(4): 282-285

Case report 183: dislocation of the cuboid bone without fracture. Skeletal Radiology 7(4): 287-288

Case report 184: Mycotic aneurysm of the deep femoral artery causing bone resorption and production, simulating a primary bone neoplasm. Skeletal Radiology 7(4): 289-292

Case report 185: metastasis to the femur from a bronchial carcinoid tumor. Skeletal Radiology 7(4): 293-295

Case report 186. Giant cell tumor containing viral-like intranuclear inclusions, in association with Paget disease. Skeletal Radiology 8(1): 67-70

Case report 187. Congenital intraosseous arteriovenous macrofistulous anomaly (malformation). Skeletal Radiology 8(1): 71-73

Case report 188. Sternocostoclavicular hyperostosis. Skeletal Radiology 8(1): 74-76

Case report 189. Infantile fibrosarcoma (congenital fibrosarcoma-like fibromatosis). Skeletal Radiology 8(1): 77-78

Case report 190. Thorn-induced synovitis. Skeletal Radiology 8(1): 79-80

Case report 191. Destructive (lytic) phase of Paget disease ("osteoporosis circumscripta") of calvaria. Skeletal Radiology 8(1): 81-83

Case report 192. Neonatal fractures mimicking abuse secondary to physical therapy. Skeletal Radiology 8(1): 85-86

Case report 193: segmental reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome affecting both hands. Skeletal Radiology 8(2): 151-152

Case report 194: primary non-Hodgkin lymphoma of bone. Skeletal Radiology 8(2): 153-156

Case report 195: inflammatory synovitis due to familial Mediterranean fever (FMF) of left third metatarso-phalangeal joint. Skeletal Radiology 8(2): 157-159

Case report 196: juxtacortical chondroma of C2. Skeletal Radiology 8(2): 160-163

Case report 197: cervical actinomycosis with spinal involvement. Skeletal Radiology 8(2): 164-167

Case report 198. Giant cell tumor of manubrium. Skeletal Radiology 8(3): 225-227

Case report 199. Eosinophilic granuloma of the right third metacarpal. Skeletal Radiology 8(3): 229-231

Case report 200. Osteoma of the sphenoidal sinus. Skeletal Radiology 8(3): 233-234

Case report 201. Primary lymphoma of bone (PLB)--left fibula. Skeletal Radiology 8(3): 235-237

Case report 202. Engelmann disease of bone (diaphyseal dysplasia) with bilateral shortened fibulae. Skeletal Radiology 8(3): 239-240

Case report 203. Aneurysmal bone cyst of sternum. Skeletal Radiology 8(4): 299-302

Case report 204. Multicentric angiosarcoma of bone involving the right lower extremity. Skeletal Radiology 8(4): 303-305

Case report 205. Chordoma of mid-cervical spine. Skeletal Radiology 8(4): 306-310

Case report 206. Congenital absence of the left pedicle of the 7th thoracic vertebra. Skeletal Radiology 8(4): 311-313

Case report 207. Giant cell reparative granuloma of left femur arising in polyostotic fibrous dysplasia. Skeletal Radiology 8(4): 314-318

Case report 209: chondromyxoid fibroma of left first rib. Skeletal Radiology 9(1): 53-55

Case report 210. Skeletal Radiology 9(1): 56-59

Case report 211. Skeletal Radiology 9(1): 61-63

Case report 212. Skeletal Radiology 9(1): 64-67

Case report 213. Skeletal Radiology 9(1): 69-71

Case report 214. Osteosarcoma (high grade) of the upper end of the tibia. Skeletal Radiology 9(2): 129-131

Case report 215. Waldenström macroglobulinemia. Skeletal Radiology 9(2): 132-135

Case report 216. Intracortical hemangioma of tibia. Skeletal Radiology 9(2): 137-139

Case report 217. Hyperostosis of the calvaria in osteogenesis imperfecta. Skeletal Radiology 9(2): 141-143

Case report 218. Paget disease of the tibia with soft tissue mass formation. Skeletal Radiology 9(2): 145-147

Case report 219. Bilateral stress fractures (and/or reaction) of the distal ends of the radii. Skeletal Radiology 9(2): 148-150

Case report 220. Osseous sarcoidosis of left 5th digit in a young child with systemic sarcoidosis. Skeletal Radiology 9(3): 205-207

Case report 221. Osteomyelitis of the left femur due to Brucella suis. Skeletal Radiology 9(3): 208-211

Case report 222. Sacral and coccygeal supernumerary ribs (pelvic ribs). Skeletal Radiology 9(3): 212-214

Case report 223. Benign fibrous histiocytoma. Skeletal Radiology 9(3): 215-217

Case report 224. Giant cell tumor of ossification center of the distal end of the fibula, growing into the metaphysis. Skeletal Radiology 9(3): 218-222

Case report 225. Myonecrosis of left leg (stimulating gas) due to gram-negative organisms. Skeletal Radiology 9(3): 223-225

Case report 226: isolated Cryptococcus neoformans osteomyelitis of femur. Skeletal Radiology 9(4): 263-265

Case report 227: primary hyperoxaluria (oxalosis). Skeletal Radiology 9(4): 266-271

Case report 228: congenital venous dysplasia of the index finger involving soft tissues and bone. Skeletal Radiology 9(4): 273-275

Case report 229: multiple (multicentric) giant cell tumors of bone. Skeletal Radiology 9(4): 276-281

Case report 230: camptomelic syndrome. Skeletal Radiology 9(4): 283-284

Case report 231. Acro-osteolysis presumably induced by septic shock. Skeletal Radiology 10(1): 43-45

Case report 232. Brown tumor of the right seventh rib with osteomalacia and secondary hyperparathyroidism. Skeletal Radiology 10(1): 47-52

Case report 23289 and medical economics. Western Journal of Medicine 161(4): 422-423

Case report 233. Amyloid tumor of the sternum as part of a solitary plasmacytoma. Skeletal Radiology 10(1): 53-55

Case report 234. Aneurysmal bone cyst of left scapula with intramural calcified chondroid. Skeletal Radiology 10(1): 57-60

Case report 235. Ewing-like adamantinoma of the left radial head and neck. Skeletal Radiology 10(1): 61-66

Case report 236: neuropathic arthropathy of the sternoclavicular joint, secondary to syringomyelia. Skeletal Radiology 10(2): 113-116

Case report 237: gout associated with diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis (DISH). Skeletal Radiology 10(2): 117-120

Case report 238: para-articular osteochondroma of the knee. Skeletal Radiology 10(2): 121-125

Case report 239: chondrosarcoma of the left humerus with metastases (suggestive of the differentiated chondrosarcoma) to supraclavicular lymph nodes and jejunum at multiple sites. Skeletal Radiology 10(2): 126-130

Case report 240: fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP); radiological and gross pathological abnormalities in a macerated cadaver. Skeletal Radiology 10(2): 131-136

Case report 241. Post-traumatic pseudoaneurysm of the axillary artery producing pseudotumor of the humerus. Skeletal Radiology 10(3): 178-182

Case report 242. Hemangioma of the T6 vertebra with a compression fracture, extradural block and spinal cord compression. Skeletal Radiology 10(3): 183-188

Case report 243. Cortical ossifying lipoma of femur. Skeletal Radiology 10(3): 189-191

Case report 244. Down syndrome (trisomy 21). Skeletal Radiology 10(3): 192-195

Case report 245. Fibromyxoma of the femur. Skeletal Radiology 10(3): 197-200

Case report 246. Osteolysis of the ilium associated with a loose acetabular cup following total hip arthroplasty, secondary to foreign body reaction to polyethylene and methyl methacrylate. Skeletal Radiology 10(3): 201-204

Case report 247. Post-radiation osteitis of the sacrum. Skeletal Radiology 10(4): 269-272

Case report 248. Ossification of both stylohyoid ligaments, considerably larger on the left (developmental anomaly). Skeletal Radiology 10(4): 273-275

Case report 249. Osteoblastoma with secondary aneurysmal bone cyst of the frontal bone. Skeletal Radiology 10(4): 276-280

Case report 250. Multicentric osteosarcomata (osteosarcomatosis). Skeletal Radiology 10(4): 281-285

Case report 251. Hodgkin disease, nodular sclerosing variant, primary form. Skeletal Radiology 10(4): 287-289

Case report 252. Scapho-capitate fracture of the right wrist with dislocation and rotation to 180 degrees of the proximal fragment of the capitate. Skeletal Radiology 10(4): 291-293

Case report 253. Gardner syndrome with aggressive fibromatosis. Skeletal Radiology 11(1): 56-59

Case report 254. Salmonella osteomyelitis of radius associated with sickle cell disease. Skeletal Radiology 11(1): 60-64

Case report 255. Osteoblastoma of the lesser trochanter of the left femur. Skeletal Radiology 11(1): 65-68

Case report 256. Parcellar algodystrophy of the left femoral head [i.e. localized (focal) transient osteoporosis] associated with synovial chondromatosis of the hip. Skeletal Radiology 11(1): 69-72

Case report 257. Grade IV chondroblastic osteosarcoma of tibia. Skeletal Radiology 11(1): 73-76

Case report 258. High-grade "surface" osteosarcoma arising from femoral shaft. Skeletal Radiology 11(1): 77-80

Case report 259: chondrosarcoma of the right trapezoid bone. Skeletal Radiology 11(2): 137-139

Case report 260: parosteal osteosarcoma of the pubis. Skeletal Radiology 11(2): 141-143

Case report 261: os odontoideum (OO). Skeletal Radiology 11(2): 144-146

Case report 262: dysplasia epiphysealis hemimelica (DEH)--Trevor disease. Skeletal Radiology 11(2): 147-150

Case report 263: neuroblastoma (or poorly differentiated ganglioneuroblastoma) arising from the left tenth rib and probably involving the left ninth rib. Skeletal Radiology 11(2): 151-154

Case report 264: diabetic neuropathic disorder (osteoneuropathy), with bilateral Lisfranc fracture-dislocations of feet. Skeletal Radiology 11(2): 155-157

Case report 265. Scalloping and destruction of pedicles of lumbar vertebral bodies on the right side secondary to venous collaterals, associated with thrombosis of the inferior vena cava. Skeletal Radiology 11(4): 293-295

Case report 266. Diagnosis: metastasis to right ilium from cystosarcoma phylloides of breast. Skeletal Radiology 11(3): 213-215

Case report 267. Diagnosis: post-radiation osteosarcoma left innominate bone with pulmonary metastasis arising from irradiated site of a previously diagnosed and treated lymphoma of bone (left innominate bone). Skeletal Radiology 11(3): 216-219

Case report 268. Diagnosis: cryptococcal osteomyelitis of the calvaria. Skeletal Radiology 11(3): 221-223

Case report 269. Diagnosis: malignant lymphoma (large cell, immunoblastic type) with widespread dissemination in the skeleton as well as lymph nodes and probably the liver and spleen. Skeletal Radiology 11(3): 224-228

Case report 270. Diagnosis: alveolar sarcoma of soft parts (malignant non-chromaffin paraganglioma). Skeletal Radiology 11(3): 229-231

Case report 271. Posterior migration of the os peroneum of the left foot, indicating a tear of the peroneal tendon. Skeletal Radiology 12(1): 44-47

Case report 272. Skeletal (predominately) cortical metastases in the left femur arising from bronchogenic carcinoma. Skeletal Radiology 11(4): 297-301

Case report 273. Periosteal (parosteal, juxtacortical) vascular malformation. Skeletal Radiology 11(4): 303-306

Case report 274. Beta thalassemia affecting the facial bones and skull (intermediate form). Skeletal Radiology 11(4): 307-309

Case report 275. Skeletal Radiology 11(4): 310-310

Case report 275. Neurilemmoma right foot. Skeletal Radiology 12(2): 129-132

Case report 276. Giant cell (reparative) granuloma of the sphenoid bone. Skeletal Radiology 12(1): 48-53

Case report 277. Occipitalization of the atlas with severe cord compression. Skeletal Radiology 12(1): 55-58

Case report 278. Osteopetrosis (tarsa type) with hemorrhagic cyst of the right sixth rib (proved) and the left second rib (presumptive). Skeletal Radiology 12(1): 59-62

Case report 279. Secondary hyperparathyroidism related to chronic renal disease with erosion of articular surface of both patellae. Skeletal Radiology 12(1): 63-65

Case report 280: intraosseous lipoma of the tibia. Skeletal Radiology 12(3): 209-212

Case report 281. Low-grade cartilaginous tumor with "skip lesion". Skeletal Radiology 12(2): 134-138

Case report 282. Epidural lipoma at the level of T8. Skeletal Radiology 12(2): 139-141

Case report 283. Hemangioendothelioma (malignant) of femur. Skeletal Radiology 12(2): 142-145

Case report 284. Osteolytic cortical metastasis in the femur from bronchogenic carcinoma. Skeletal Radiology 12(2): 146-150

Case report 285. Diagnosis: osteomalacia (rickets) and cerebellar atrophy secondary to the effects of diphenylhydantoin (dilantin). Skeletal Radiology 12(4): 281-283

Case report 285. Femur and cerebellum. Skeletal Radiology 12(2): 151-151

Case report 286: gas within a solitary bone cyst of the proximal end of the left humerus. Skeletal Radiology 12(3): 214-217

Case report 287: Metastatic Wilms tumor with rhabdomyosarcomatous and osteosarcomatous elements. Skeletal Radiology 12(3): 218-221

Case report 288: osteomalacia and secondary hyperparathyroidism (dialysis-induced), with aluminum deposition. Skeletal Radiology 12(3): 223-226

Case report 289: "cystic" parosteal osteosarcoma. Skeletal Radiology 12(3): 227-231

Case report 291. Diagnosis: Candida discitis and vertebral osteomyelitis at L1-L2 from hematogenous spread. Skeletal Radiology 12(4): 284-287

Case report 292. Diagnosis: alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma, metastatic to the right femur, primary site undetermined. Skeletal Radiology 12(4): 288-293

Case report 293. Diagnosis: nonossifying fibroma (NOF) of the upper tibial diametaphysis, with considerable increase in size over a three-year period. Skeletal Radiology 12(4): 294-297

Case report 294. Diagnosis: dialysis osteomalacia with response to desferrioxamine therapy. Skeletal Radiology 12(4): 298-302

Case report 847. Juxtacortical aggressive fibromatosis (desmoplastic fibroma) of the forearm. Skeletal Radiology 23(7): 560-563

Case report 863. Osteosarcoma associated with giant cell tumor. Skeletal Radiology 24(1): 55-58

Case report 864. Elliptical, multicentric periosteal osteoid osteoma. Skeletal Radiology 23(7): 565-568

Case report 865. Bacillary angiomatosis. Skeletal Radiology 23(7): 569-571

Case report 866. Pseudotumor of the muscle associated with necrotizing vasculitis of medium- and small-sized arteries and chronic myositis. Skeletal Radiology 23(7): 572-576

Case report 867. Membranous lipodystrophy (polycystic lipomembranous osteodysplasia). Skeletal Radiology 23(7): 577-579

Case report 868. Congenital bilateral spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis of the fourth cervical vertebra. Skeletal Radiology 23(7): 580-582

Case report 869. Benign metastasizing giant cell tumor of bone. Skeletal Radiology 23(7): 583-585

Case report 870. Schneckenbecken dysplasia, possibly a new variant. Skeletal Radiology 23(7): 586-588

Case report 871. Synovial sarcoma, monophasic type. Skeletal Radiology 23(7): 589-591

Case report 872. "Ancient" schwannoma (degenerated neurilemoma). Skeletal Radiology 23(7): 593-595

Case report MH. Class II, Division 1 malocclusion with anterior openbite. Angle Orthodontist 65(2): 89-94

Case report No. 16942. Clinical Notes on Respiratory Diseases 13(1): 15-16

Case report WI. Treatment of arch length deficiency in an adult male: the extraction of compromised molars rather than healthy premolars. Angle Orthodontist 64(5): 327-332

Case report WI: Molar extraction in adults. Angle Orthodontist 65(1): 4-4

Case report XIV of maternal mortality study. Journal of the Mississippi State Medical Association 11(10): 541-542

Case report XIX of maternal mortality study. Journal of the Mississippi State Medical Association 21(6): 117-118

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