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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 42562

Chapter 42562 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Clinical diagnostics of chronic toxoplasmosis during gestation. Ceskoslovenska Gynekologie 39(6): 419-422

Clinical diagnostics of vitreous body changes of the horse. Dtw. Deutsche Tierarztliche Wochenschrift 79(21): 537-539

Clinical diagnsosis of left atrial myxoma with report of a case. Ceylon Medical Journal 17(4): 207-211

Clinical diaphanography--its present perspective. Critical Reviews in Oncology/Hematology 2(1): 1-31

Clinical diaries... as part of the teaching-learning process. Journal of Nursing Education 4(4): 19-21

Clinical dietetics. 2. Standard for nutritional care in diseases. Kangogaku Zasshi 36(2): 262-265

Clinical dietition in general practice. The effect of dietary advice to obese patients and diabetics. Ugeskrift for Laeger 147(1): 20-23

Clinical difference between XO Turner's syndrome and 45,X-46,XX mosaicism. Jinrui Idengaku Zasshi. Japanese Journal of Human Genetics 14(4): 275-285

Clinical difference between "proximal" and "distal" type of cervical spondylotic amyotrophy. Rinsho Shinkeigaku 35(2): 147-152

Clinical differences among phenothiazines in schizophrenics. Introduction: specific indications for antipsychotics: elusive end of the rainbow. Advances in Biochemical Psychopharmacology 9(0): 667-673

Clinical differences among types of dementia. Annals of Neurology 15(4): 403-404

Clinical differences between diazepam and oxazepam. Actas Luso-Espanolas de Neurologia Y Psiquiatria 29(3): 243-250

Clinical differences between neonatal transient and neonatal persistent myasthenia gravis. Shinkei Kenkyu No Shimpo. Advances in Neurological Sciences 15(4): 817-818

Clinical differences between typical and atypical cleft hand. Journal of Hand Surgery 9(3): 311-315

Clinical differences in tick-borne encephalitis in Belorussia and the Khabarovsk region. Zhurnal Nevropatologii i Psikhiatrii Imeni S.S. Korsakova 71(7): 1001-1006

Clinical differences in typhoid fever caused by Salmonella typhi chloramphenicol-sensitive sensitive and resistant. Revista Latinoamericana de Microbiologia 22(2): 59-63

Clinical differences of the 2 principal types of Hansenian peripheral neuritis. Acta Leprologica: 49-54

Clinical differential diagnosis of anemias. Suomen Laakarilehti. Finlands Lakartidning 20(21): 1462-1468

Clinical differential diagnosis of fat metabolism disorders. Schweizerische Rundschau für Medizin Praxis 62(8): 224-225

Clinical differential diagnosis of inflammatory and degenerative changes of the posterior pole of the eye. Albrecht Von Graefes Archiv für Klinische und Experimentelle Ophthalmologie. Albrecht Von Graefe's Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology 168(6): 620-640

Clinical differential diagnosis of kidney tumors. Munchener Medizinische Wochenschrift 115(12): 488-491

Clinical differentiation among children with initial language complaints. Journal of Autism and Childhood Schizophrenia 4(2): 99-109

Clinical differentiation between benign and malignant renal tumors. Nihon Jinzo Gakkai Shi 25(9): 1135-1141

Clinical differentiation between idiopathic respiratory distress, neonatal septicemia caused by group B streptococci and septicemia caused by other pathogens. Infection 8 Suppl 3: 321-326

Clinical differentiation between lethal catatonia and neuroleptic malignant syndrome: a case report. Psychiatria Polska 29(3): 343-348

Clinical differentiation between poliomyelitis and other enterovirus diseases. Przeglad Lekarski 23(12): 831-834

Clinical differentiation between portal vein thrombosis (PVT), non-cirrhotic portal fibrosis (NCPF) and cirrhosis by discriminant analysis. Indian Journal of Gastroenterology 3(4): 197-198

Clinical differentiation of adult-onset cavernous angioma from nodular malignant melanoma. Archives of Dermatology 116(3): 299-300

Clinical differentiation of borderline syndromes from the psychoses. Psychoanalytic Review 71(2): 185-210

Clinical differentiation of litigious syndromes in relation to problems of social rehabilitation. Zhurnal Nevropatologii i Psikhiatrii Imeni S.S. Korsakova 71(12): 1845-1850

Clinical differentiation of nifedipine and other calcium antagonists. Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia 43(1): 5-12

Clinical differentiation of primary degenerative and multi-infarct dementia: a critical review of the evidence. Part I: Clinical studies. Biological Psychiatry 18(12): 1451-1465

Clinical differentiation of primary degenerative and multi-infarct dementia: a critical review of the evidence. Part II: Pathological studies. Biological Psychiatry 18(12): 1467-1484

Clinical differentiation of the asthmatic syndrome. Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift 94(36): 1802-6 Passim

Clinical differentiation of the modes of action of muscle relaxants. Masui. Japanese Journal of Anesthesiology 20(12): 1087-1094

Clinical differentiation with the spiral aftereffect technique. Perceptual and Motor Skills 31(3): 995-999

Clinical difficulties associated with the use of hydrophilic contact lenses for therapeutic use. Australian Journal of Ophthalmology 1(2): 71-75

Clinical dilemmas in neuroanesthesia. Crna 6(1): 9-15

Clinical dilemmas in the use of penicillin in streptococcal illness. American Journal of Diseases of Children 114(3): 244-252

Clinical direction. British Medical Journal 4(5784): 382-382

Clinical directorates. Guidelines for surgeons. Journal of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh 38(4): 189-194

Clinical disagreement: I. How often it occurs and why. Canadian Medical Association Journal 123(6): 499-504

Clinical disagreement: II. How to avoid it and how to learn from one's mistakes. Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario. Canadian Medical Association Journal 123(7): 613-617

Clinical discussion groups: verbal participation and outcomes. Journal of Medical Education 56(10): 831-838

Clinical discussion: dermatoglyphics of the foot of newborn infants. Sanfujinka No Jissai. Practice of Gynecology and Obstetrics 21(3): 228-237

Clinical discussion: indication for gynecologic operation and selection of methods. 4. Sanfujinka No Jissai. Practice of Gynecology and Obstetrics 20(3): 263-268

Clinical discussion: information on genetics essential for obstetricians and gynecologists. 1. Sanfujinka No Jissai. Practice of Gynecology and Obstetrics 20(12): 1162-1170

Clinical discussion: practical experience in the treatment of genital hemorrhage. Sanfujinka No Jissai. Practice of Gynecology and Obstetrics 20(1): 62-73

Clinical disguises of opisthorchiasis. Klinicheskaia Meditsina 62(6): 108-111

Clinical disinfection of carbon steel periodontal instruments. Revista Da Faculdade de Odontologia Da Universidade de Sao Paulo 11(2): 355-365

Clinical disorders and hyperprolactinaemia. Medical Journal of Australia 140(9): 564-564

Clinical disorders associated with T cell subset abnormalities. Advances in Pediatrics 31: 447-480

Clinical disorders associated with autoantibodies to the insulin receptor. Simulation by passive transfer of immunoglobulins to rats. Journal of Clinical Investigation 72(3): 1072-1080

Clinical disorders in patients with hyperprolactinaemia. Experience with 59 patients. Medical Journal of Australia 140(2): 64-69

Clinical disorders of acid-base equilibrium. JAMA 205(1): 103-104

Clinical disorders of acid-base regulation. A survey of seventeen years' diagnostic experience. Medical Clinics of North America 50(5): 1325-1350

Clinical disorders of aldosterone metabolism. Disease-A-Month 30(8): 1-55

Clinical disorders of bone and mineral metabolism. Annals of Internal Medicine 99(5): 725-727

Clinical disorders of drug interaction. Advances in Internal Medicine 16: 285-301

Clinical disorders of esophageal motility. Virginia Medical Monthly 93(7): 378-383

Clinical disorders of gastrointestinal hormones. Biochemical Society Transactions 8(1): 22-23

Clinical disorders of leukocyte functions. Contemporary Topics in Immunobiology 14: 345-393

Clinical disorders of phagocyte locomotion. Agents and Actions. Supplements 12: 398-415

Clinical disorders of pituitary and thyroid hyperfunction. Minnesota Medicine 63(7): 459-466

Clinical disorders of sleep. Psychosomatics 14(2): 77-88

Clinical disorders of splenic function: the spectrum from asplenism to hypersplenism. Lymphology 16(2): 101-106

Clinical disorders of vitamin D metabolism. Journal of the South Carolina Medical Association 78(1): 21-26

Clinical dissent: why torticollis is a chronic condition among clinical nurses. Nursing Mirror 154(26): 24-25

Clinical distinction between acute hemorrhagic and acute ischemic stroke by Siriraj stroke score. Zhonghua Yi Xue Za Zhi 55(3): 248-252

Clinical distinctness of myocardial infarction in diabetic patients. Przeglad Lekarski 30(5): 464-465

Clinical distribution and antibiotic sensitivities of staphylococcal strains isolated over an eight-month period. Journal of Clinical Pathology 34(4): 443-447

Clinical disturbances in phosphate metabolism. Virginia Medical 109(2): 96-101

Clinical diversity of sickle cell anemia: genetic and cellular modulation of disease severity. American Journal of Hematology 14(4): 405-416

Clinical documentation concerning cystic formations of the floor of the mouth and of the corpus linguae. Archivii Italiani di Laringologia 73(6): 385-415

Clinical documentation for the registration of drugs. Bollettino Chimico Farmaceutico 110(10): 582-583

Clinical documentation of cerebral palsy. Methods of evaluation and therapeutic applications. Revue de Neuropsychiatrie Infantile et D'hygiene Mentale de L'enfance 16(1): 6-90

Clinical documentation of hemodynamics of the disappearing pulse. Archives of Surgery 97(2): 341-347

Clinical documentation on a new Carlo Erba powdered milk. Introduction. Minerva Pediatrica 22: Suppl 4:1-4

Clinical documentation on the use of FEM-amide + MAM in postoperative analgesia. Minerva Anestesiologica 33(6): 457-461

Clinical dose response curves of human malignant epithelial tumours. British Journal of Radiology 46(542): 151-151

Clinical dose-response curve of subclinical aggregates of epithelial cells. Journal de Radiologie, D'electrologie, et de Medecine Nucleaire 53(3): 201-206

Clinical dosimeter detectors for ionizing radiation based on semiconductor photoelectric transducers. Biomedical Engineering 2(2): 107-112

Clinical dosimetric aspects of the radiation therapy of endometrial cancer. Meditsinskaia Radiologiia 25(3): 24-29

Clinical dosimetric studies of tissue heterogeneity in the pelvic area with irradiation on the Rokus and B5M-25 machines. Voprosy Onkologii 20(9): 10-15

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Clinical dosimetry and radiation technology. Meditsinskaia Radiologiia 15(5): 9-11

Clinical dosimetry and thermoluminescence. Annali Dell'istituto Superiore di Sanita 18(3): 577-586

Clinical dosimetry during cerebral arteriography. Neuroradiology 20(2): 79-81

Clinical dosimetry in radiotherapy--basic radiation dosage. Zhonghua Zhong Liu Za Zhi 5(6): 470-472

Clinical dosimetry in radium 226 and iridium 192 interstitial therapy of oral tongue cancer. La Radiologia Medica 66(11): 819-826

Clinical double blind comparison of diclofensine and placebo in geriatric patients with depressive syndromes. Pharmacopsychiatria 15(6): 205-209

Clinical double blind study of a geriatric combination, UCB 8262 or Geratar. Acta Neurologica et Psychiatrica Belgica 65(9): 711-719

Clinical double-blind trial of topical zinc sulfate for herpes labialis recidivans. Arzneimittel-Forschung 45(5): 624-626

Clinical drug information: a case of misinformation. New England Journal of Medicine 306(2): 113-114

Clinical drug testing in the United States. Fortschritte der Medizin 101(22): 1021-2, 1049

Clinical drug tests in swine. Dtw. Deutsche Tierarztliche Wochenschrift 79(14): 348-351

Clinical drug trials. An appraisal of presentations in two medical journals. Nova Scotia Medical Bulletin 49(1): 12-13

Clinical durability of the Hancock porcine bioprosthetic valve. Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery 80(6): 824-833

Clinical durability of the pericardial xenograft valve: ten years experience with mitral replacement. Annals of Thoracic Surgery 34(3): 265-277

Clinical dynamic ECG observations of the physical load tolerance of myocardial infarct patients. Vutreshni Bolesti 20(1): 60-65

Clinical dynamics of a pathocharacter personality development of affective-excitative form in children and adolescents. Zhurnal Nevropatologii i Psikhiatrii Imeni S.S. Korsakova 70(10): 1552-1556

Clinical dynamics of hypochondriacal disorders and mechanisms of their reversal during psychotherapy. Zhurnal Nevropatologii i Psikhiatrii Imeni S.S. Korsakova 83(11): 1716-1720

Clinical dynamics of reactive conditions in the form of a phobic syndrome in children and adolescents. Zhurnal Nevropatologii i Psikhiatrii Imeni S.S. Korsakova 70(10): 1544-1548

Clinical dynamics of the reactive paranoid. Zhurnal Nevropatologii i Psikhiatrii Imeni S.S. Korsakova 67(3): 416-420

Clinical dynamics of the sthenic variant of developing schizoid (autistic) psychopathy. Zhurnal Nevropatologii i Psikhiatrii Imeni S.S. Korsakova 81(10): 1531-1536

Clinical dynamism of chronic bronchopneumopathies. Archivio Monaldi Per la Tisiologia E le Malattie Dell'apparato Respiratorio 26(2): 165-182

Clinical echocardiography characteristics of cardiac myxomas. Terapevticheskii Arkhiv 57(9): 66-71

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Clinical echocardiography: ten most useful patterns. Journal of the Indiana State Medical Association 74(6): 373-377

Clinical echoencephalography. L'union Medicale du Canada 101(6): 1127-1131

Clinical echography in ophthalmology. Nihon Ganka Kiyo 18(9): 941-942

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Clinical ecology as it affects the psychiatric patient. International Journal of Social Psychiatry 12(4): 245-254

Clinical economics through the kaleidoscope. Chest 108(5): 1192-1193

Clinical education and practice in pharmacy. American Journal of Pharmacy and the Sciences Supporting Public Health 145(4): 129-134

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Clinical education: our hope for the future. Radiologic Technology 51(6): 751-754

Clinical educator and resource. Advances in Wound Care 7(2): 6-6

Clinical effect and changes in the indices of immune reactivity in patients with protracted pneumonia treated with levamisole. Terapevticheskii Arkhiv 53(10): 24-29

Clinical effect and hemodynamic changes during the use of Inderal. Kardiologiia 7(10): 67-72

Clinical effect and histopathologic observation of malignant melanoma by intratumoral administration of HuIFN- beta. Gan No Rinsho. Japan Journal of Cancer Clinics 29(6): 603-607

Clinical effect and mechanism of action in the continuous oral therapy using microdosis of chlormadinone acetate for the control of human fertility. Revista Medica de Chile 96(11): 739-746

Clinical effect and transfer into the wound exudate of cefroxadine used in the treatment of soft tissue infection. Japanese Journal of Antibiotics 36(9): 2529-2534

Clinical effect of 2-mercaptopropionyl-glycine (Thiola) for senile cataract. Nihon Ganka Kiyo 20(12): 1173-1182

Clinical effect of Encephabol (pyritinol) in the treatment of cerebrovascular disorders. Journal of International Medical Research 8(2): 118-126

Clinical effect of Epimestrol (Org. 817. Nihon Sanka Fujinka Gakkai Zasshi 22(6): 617-620

Clinical effect of F 6066 on ovulation. Sanfujinka No Jissai. Practice of Gynecology and Obstetrics 18(4): 301-306

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Clinical effect of L-DOPA and electromyographic study of Parkinsonism. No to Shinkei 23(3): 325-332

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Clinical effect of UFT on urogenital tumors. Hinyokika Kiyo. Acta Urologica Japonica 30(1): 81-85

Clinical effect of Viccillin Meiji (mixture of aminobenzyl-penicillin and methylchlorophenyl isoxazolyl-penicillin). Japanese Journal of Antibiotics 23(1): 1-25

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Clinical effect of ampicillin-dicloxacillin combination in chronic complicated urinary tract infections. Japanese Journal of Antibiotics 27(4): 517-521

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