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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 42601

Chapter 42601 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Combined surgical and radiation injury. IV. Effect of antimicrobials on the wound healing pattern of the x-irradiated rat. Archives of Surgery 102(2): 132-135

Combined surgical and radiation injury. V. The effect of bone marrow transplantation. Experientia 27(3): 246-247

Combined surgical and radiation injury. VI. Evaluation of wound contraction and wound histology in whole body irradiated and bone marrow shielded rodents. Journal of Nuclear Biology and Medicine 17(1): 30-37

Combined surgical and radiation injury. VII. Trace element studies of the healing wound. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 139(2): 367-371

Combined surgical and radiologic therapy of malignant tumors. Strahlentherapie. Sonderbande 76: 1-330

Combined surgical and radiologic treatment of anal cancer. Der Chirurg; Zeitschrift für Alle Gebiete der Operativen Medizen 53(5): 322-324

Combined surgical and radiological therapy of pancreatic cancer--case report--future aspects. Wiener Klinische Wochenschrift 95(15): 523-525

Combined surgical and radiotherapy treatment in endometrial cancer. Minerva Ginecologica 46(10): 535-543

Combined surgical and specific passive xenogenic immunotherapy in UVT tumor-bearing inbred XVII/Bln mice. Zeitschrift für Experimentelle Chirurgie 14(2): 90-97

Combined surgical and therapeutic treatment of complicated ulcerative necrotic enterocolitis on the background of scleroderma using Salofalk preparation. Klinicheskaia Khirurgiia: 64-65

Combined surgical and x-ray therapy of keloids. Journal of the Louisiana State Medical Society 122(4): 107-109

Combined surgical approach to esthesioneuroepithelioma. Transactions - American Academy of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology. American Academy of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology 75(3): 526-531

Combined surgical correction of venous hemodynamics and lymph outflow in venous diseases of the legs. Klinicheskaia Khirurgiia: 9-12

Combined surgical interventions in surgical practice. Khirurgiia: 63-68

Combined surgical method of treating genital organ ptosis and prolapse in young women. Akusherstvo i Ginekologiia: 47-49

Combined surgical procedures to correct facial deformities: an update. Oral Health 71(10): 37-41

Combined surgical technic for correction of severe palpebral ptosis. Revista de Chirurgie, Oncologie, Radiologie, O. R. L., Oftalmologie, Stomatologie. Seria: Oftalmologie 24(1): 43-46

Combined surgical-orthodontic treatment of follicular cysts in children. Mondo Odontostomatologico 25(6): 43-47

Combined surgical-radiologic treatment of breast neoplasms in the regional hosiptal in Orebro. Nordisk Medicin 84(29): 932-933

Combined surgical-radiological treatment of parotid gland fistulae. Journal of Laryngology and Otology 82(10): 867-870

Combined surgical-sclerosing ambulatory treatment of saphenous vein varices. Schweizerische Rundschau für Medizin Praxis 61(44): 1360-1364

Combined surgical/radiological therapy of carcinomas of the anal canal and the peri-anal skin. Strahlentherapie 158(6): 327-335

Combined surgico-ophthalmologic directives in the management of eyelid angiomas in infancy. Minerva Chirurgica 38(12): 925-929

Combined suture and methyl 2-cyanoacrylate monomer for reanastomosis of the ureter. Transactions of the American Association of Genito-Urinary Surgeons 59: 149-157

Combined suture and methyl 2-cyanocrylate monomer for reanastomosis of the ureter. Journal of Urology 99(5): 564-571

Combined suture technique for corrective otoplasty. Archives of Otolaryngology 92(2): 154-159

Combined suture-glue method of restoring the integrity of the uterine cervix. Pediatriia Akusherstvo i Ginekologiia 3: 61-62

Combined synchronous abdomino-vaginal operation in management of recurrent urinary stress incontinence. British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 88(4): 443-446

Combined synchronous pharyngo-laryngo-oesophagectomy with colonic replacement. Journal of Laryngology and Otology 81(5): 495-502

Combined synchronous voiding ciné-cystourethrography and cystometry in the investigation of vesicoureteral reflux in children. Journal of the Canadian Association of Radiologists 18(2): 342-348

Combined synthesis of internucleotide bond. Nucleic Acids Symposium Series: 129-132

Combined system immunodeficiency with Digeorge syndrome and dissociation of PHA-MLC responses. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 29(0): 327-336

Combined systolic time intervals and M-mode echocardiography in the evaluation of central hemodynamics in primary pulmonary hypertension. Respiration; International Review of Thoracic Diseases 45(4): 422-429

Combined tamoxifen-lynestrenol treatment in benign breast disease. Endocrinologie 23(4): 265-272

Combined tardy palsy of posterior interosseous nerve and ulnar nerve at the elbow. Neurochirurgia 25(4): 143-144

Combined technic for cholecystectomy. Archivos del Colegio Medico de El Salvador 18(2): 135-138

Combined technique for cardiac anaesthesia. Canadian Journal of Anaesthesia 41(12): 1140-1143

Combined technique for surgical correction of pediatric severe flexible flatfoot. Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery 34(2): 183-194

Combined technique of otoplasty. Laryngoscope 79(6): 1118-1131

Combined telecobalt and 5-fluorouracil therapy in carcinoma of the pancreas: a report of 97 cases. South African Medical Journal 44(15): 444-449

Combined telecobalt and surgery. Journal de Radiologie, D'electrologie, et de Medecine Nucleaire 46(10): 649-649

Combined telephone and radiotelemetry of the EEG. Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology 26(3): 323-324

Combined tendon--nerve injuries on the wrist and on the distal third-part of the forearm. Magyar Traumatologia, Orthopaedia Es Helyreallito Sebeszet 25(1): 11-18

Combined terazosin and verapamil therapy in essential hypertension. Hemodynamic and pharmacokinetic interactions. American Journal of Hypertension 8(2): 133-145

Combined test for assessment of anterior pituitary function. British Medical Journal 4(5888): 326-329

Combined test of intestinal absorption of xylose and glucose. Pediatria Polska 58(6): 519-526

Combined testicular and foot lymphangiography in testicular carcinomas. Surgery, Gynecology & Obstetrics 123(1): 10-14

Combined testing of anterior pituitary gland with insulin, thyrotropin-releasing hormone, and luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone. American Journal of Medicine 75(3): 471-475

Combined tetrahydrobiopterin-phenylalanine loading test in the detection of partially defective biopterin synthesis. European Journal of Pediatrics 142(2): 126-129

Combined thalassotherapy in sterility in women with genital hypoplasia. Akusherstvo i Ginekologiia 23(2): 162-163

Combined theophylline/beta-agonists maintenance therapy in chronic asthma. European Journal of Respiratory Diseases 64(3): 172-177

Combined therapeutic approach for extraorbital sebaceous carcinoma in a Torre's syndrome. European Journal of Surgical Oncology 21(3): 321-322

Combined therapeutic method in the treatment of melanoblastoma of the vascular tract of the eye using radiation energy. Vestnik Oftalmologii 78(4): 52-56

Combined therapeutic trial in multiple sclerosis: hydrocortisone hemisuccinate with cyclophosphamide or cytosine arabinoside. Acta Neurologica Belgica 73(4): 209-219

Combined therapeutic use of Adumbran and Auxiloson in itching dermatoses. Zeitschrift für Allgemeinmedizin 48(3): 120-122

Combined therapeutic use of nerobol and potassium salts in ischemic heart disease. Terapevticheskii Arkhiv 44(9): 40-44

Combined therapies in a family group. Canadian Psychiatric Association Journal 12(4): 379-385

Combined therapy as an alternative to exenteration for locally advanced vulvo-vaginal cancer: rationale and results. Cancer 49(6): 1085-1091

Combined therapy by endobronchial and conventional methods of administering antibacterial preparations in disseminated and complicated forms of tuberculosis in children and adolescents. Problemy Tuberkuleza 51(5): 41-45

Combined therapy for advanced carcinoma of the upper and lower gum--with particular reference to radical local cleaning operation--(author's transl). Nihon Gan Chiryo Gakkai Shi 16(1): 44-50

Combined therapy for angioimmunoproliferative lesions. European Journal of Cancer. Part B, Oral Oncology 30b(5): 302-304

Combined therapy for cancer of the anal canal: a preliminary report. Diseases of the Colon and Rectum 17(3): 354-356

Combined therapy for cancer of the laryngopharynx. Archives of Otolaryngology 92(3): 221-225

Combined therapy for cancer of the upper jaw and paranasal sinuses. Journal of Laryngology and Otology 80(2): 105-124

Combined therapy for infiltrating bladder carcinoma. British Journal of Urology 44(6): 726-726

Combined therapy for malignant tumors of the neck. Meditsinskaia Radiologiia 17(9): 78-80

Combined therapy for maxillary sinus carcinoma with special reference to cryosurgery. Rhinology 21(2): 179-184

Combined therapy for middle ear rhabdomyosarcoma. American Journal of Diseases of Children 124(3): 401-402

Combined therapy for otalgia of dual origin. Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat Monthly 45(3): 61-63

Combined therapy for pyriform sinus cancer using postoperative irradiation. Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery 88(6): 738-744

Combined therapy for stage III-IV head and neck cancer: preliminary results. Journal of Clinical Oncology 2(7): 804-810

Combined therapy for the resolution of an orthodontic case of notable complexity. Parodontologia E Stomatologia 23(1): 191-197

Combined therapy in anxiety-depressive syndromes. I. Comparative effects of limbitrol (chlordiazepoxide-amitriptyline) and placebo. Diseases of the Nervous System 31(4): 269-273

Combined therapy in anxiety-depressive syndromes. II. Comparative effects of amitriptyline and limbitrol (chlordiazepoxide-amitriptyline). Diseases of the Nervous System 31(6): 421-426

Combined therapy in childhood rhabdomyosarcoma: an analysis of 42 cases. Journal of Pediatric Surgery 4(6): 637-645

Combined therapy in chronic schizophrenics stabilized on phenothiazine tranquilizers and given BL-KR140 or imipramine or placebo concurrently. Current Therapeutic Research, Clinical and Experimental 9(11): 576-578

Combined therapy in endodontics. New York State Dental Journal 31(10): 435-438

Combined therapy in endogenous depression. Neurologia, Neurochirurgia i Psychiatria Polska 16(10): 1153-1157

Combined therapy in post-operative gas gangrene. Journal of Medical Microbiology 3(2): 325-332

Combined therapy in the oral treatment of diabetes mellitus. Journal of the Louisiana State Medical Society 117(11): 351-353

Combined therapy of 2d and 3d stage cervical cancer. Sovetskaia Meditsina 33(12): 94-100

Combined therapy of Alcopar 4-ethylene cloride for hookworm infections. Nihon Ishikai Zasshi. Journal of the Japan Medical Association 63(5): 754-756

Combined therapy of E.C.T. and amitriptyline and L-tryptophan in the treatment of severe depression. British Journal of Psychiatry 120(554): 127-128

Combined therapy of G-CSF and prednisolone for neutropenia in a patient with Felty's syndrome. American Journal of Hematology 48(2): 130-131

Combined therapy of L1210 leukemia with cyclophosphamide and lycurim. Neoplasma 27(1): 33-36

Combined therapy of Pseudomonas infection and severe malnutrition. Harefuah 80(11): 608-610

Combined therapy of acute obstruction of the vessels of the retina and optic nerves. Oftalmologicheskii Zhurnal: 392-395

Combined therapy of advanced gastric cancer. Revista Medica de Chile 110(3): 293-293

Combined therapy of amoebic dysentery. Bulletin of the Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine 14(1): 22-22

Combined therapy of bronchial carcinoma. Chemotherapeutic review. Der Chirurg; Zeitschrift für Alle Gebiete der Operativen Medizen 44(8): 357-362

Combined therapy of bronchial carcinoma. Radiological review. Der Chirurg; Zeitschrift für Alle Gebiete der Operativen Medizen 44(8): 352-356

Combined therapy of bronchial carcinoma. Surgical review. Der Chirurg; Zeitschrift für Alle Gebiete der Operativen Medizen 44(8): 348-352

Combined therapy of cancer of the esophagus (a review of the literature). Khirurgiia 49(3): 125-132

Combined therapy of carcinoma of the head and neck. Journal of the Medical Society of New Jersey 67(9): 527-529

Combined therapy of chronic noncalculous cholecystitis at Truskavets health resort. Vrachebnoe Delo: 44-46

Combined therapy of colonic and rectal neoplasms in an advanced phase. Minerva Chirurgica 35(22): 1757-1762

Combined therapy of destructive pulmonary tuberculosis using a permanent magnetic field. Problemy Tuberkuleza: 19-22

Combined therapy of diabetes mellitus using sulfanilamide hypoglycemic preparations and biguanides. Terapevticheskii Arkhiv 44(5): 86-88

Combined therapy of experimental endotoxin shock in monkeys. Acta Universitatis Carolinae. Medica 26(3-4): 141-160

Combined therapy of extra-abdominal desmoids. Meditsinskaia Radiologiia 28(10): 18-22

Combined therapy of gingivitis and periodontosis in pregnant women with rhesus factor isoimmunization. Stomatologiia: 19-21

Combined therapy of inflammatory diseases of the female genitalia with prodigiozan. Antibiotiki 16(2): 175-177

Combined therapy of intra-arterial injection of hydrogen peroxide solution and irradiations in maxillary cancer. Nihon Jibiinkoka Gakkai Kaiho 74(2): 398-399

Combined therapy of irradiation and regional chemotherapy for cancer of the maxilla. Gan No Rinsho. Japan Journal of Cancer Clinics 14(12): 1030-1035

Combined therapy of laryngeal cancer. Nihon Jibiinkoka Gakkai Kaiho 74(2): 414-415

Combined therapy of leprosy in Bhutan. Indian Journal of Leprosy 56(3): 647-652

Combined therapy of lip, tongue and laryngeal neoplasms with fast electrons (6 to 17.5 MeV). Strahlentherapie 137(3): 264-266

Combined therapy of lung carcinoma with 5-fluorouracil and 60Co irradiation. Gan No Rinsho. Japan Journal of Cancer Clinics 14(5): 438-443

Combined therapy of lymphogranulomatosis. Problemy Gematologii i Perelivaniia Krovi 26(8): 3-7

Combined therapy of male subfertility with HMG and HCG. Fortschritte der Andrologie 3: 202-203

Combined therapy of malignant melanoma of the external ear and the surrounding area. Ceskoslovenska Otolaryngologie 29(2): 110-113

Combined therapy of mange and round worms with Neguvon in the weaning age of suckling pigs. Deutsche Tierarztliche Wochenschrift 72(22): 521-525

Combined therapy of methacolimycin (sodium colistin methanesulfonate) and Wintomylon (nalidixic acid) in bacillary dysentery. Nihon Densenbyo Gakkai Zasshi 41(12): 445-449

Combined therapy of multiple antibiotics for malignant tumors (METT-therapy). Saishin Igaku. Modern Medicine 23(3): 631-645

Combined therapy of neuroblastoma. Annals of Surgery 167(6): 856-866

Combined therapy of niacin, colestipol, and fat-controlled diet in men with coronary bypass. Effect on blood lipids and apolipoproteins. Arteriosclerosis 3(6): 568-573

Combined therapy of nitroglycerin and nifedipine in myocardial revascularization. Rinsho Kyobu Geka 4(5): 581-586

Combined therapy of oral kanendomycin, azobenzene and phosphatidylcholine in bacillary dysentery and other infectious diarrheal diseases. Kansenshogaku Zasshi. Journal of the Japanese Association for Infectious Diseases 44(4): 236-241

Combined therapy of orofacial malignancies with radiotherapy and cytostatic agents. Zeitschrift für Stomatologie 81(3): 171-177

Combined therapy of parkinsonism using amantadine. Munchener Medizinische Wochenschrift 115(14): 604-607

Combined therapy of patients with sepsis resulting from peritonitis. Khirurgiia: 57-60

Combined therapy of primary hepatoma with mitomycin C and radiation. Rinsho Hoshasen. Clinical Radiography 16(5): 374-380

Combined therapy of speech disorders due to jaw deformities at Szeged. Fogorvosi Szemle 64(12): 439-444

Combined therapy of thrombangitis obliterans atherosclerotica of the lower extremities by means of lumbar sympathectomy and a vascular active drug. Arzneimittel-Forschung 18(2): 156-164

Combined therapy of thyroid neoplasm. Sbornik Lekarsky 72(11): 281-287

Combined therapy of tropic ulcer. Rozhledy V Chirurgii 44(11): 787-788

Combined therapy of tubular fistulae of the digestive canal using ultrasound. Klinicheskaia Khirurgiia: 11-13

Combined therapy of ventriculo-cisternal irrigation with external decompression in acute ruptured aneurysm. Hokkaido Journal of Medical Science 59(3): 281-285

Combined therapy using actovegin and instenon in encephalopathies of different origins. Zhurnal Nevrologii i Psikhiatrii Imeni S.S. Korsakova 94(4): 46-51

Combined therapy using antibiotic combinations in septic burns in childhood. Magyar Traumatologia, Orthopaedia Es Helyreallito Sebeszet 25(1): 48-53

Combined therapy with 5-fluorouracil and 60CO teletherapy for locally advanced breast cancer. Gan No Rinsho. Japan Journal of Cancer Clinics 14(5): 406-411

Combined therapy with 5-fluorouracil and irradiation in the treatment of lung cancer. Gan No Rinsho. Japan Journal of Cancer Clinics 13(10): 850-854

Combined therapy with AMSA and etoposide (VP 16-213) in refractory acute myeloid leukemia. A phase I study. Onkologie 7(4): 214-216

Combined therapy with Ca-antagonists and beta-adrenergic receptor blocking agents in chronic stable angina. Acta Medica Scandinavica. Supplementum 681: 83-90

Combined therapy with a new drug, Elavil (amitriptyline) and Trilafon (perphenazine) in a medical office setting . Psychosomatics 6(5): 322-326

Combined therapy with azithromycin and omeprazole for the eradication of Helicobacter pylori. Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift 120(39): 1339-1339

Combined therapy with beta-adrenergic blockers and calcium-antagonists in patients with ischemic heart disease. Herz 7(4): 243-249

Combined therapy with cytosine arabinoside (NSC-63878) and 1,3-bis(2-chloroethyl)-1-nitrosourea (BCNU; NSC-409962) for advanced solid tumors. Cancer ChemoTherapy Reports 56(1): 53-59

Combined therapy with isoniazid and ethionamide in ulcero-caseous tuberculosis. Therapia Hungarica 14(1): 24-29

Combined therapy with methotrexate and prednisone in polyarteritis nodosa. Canadian Medical Association Journal 123(9): 893-894

Combined therapy with microwave hyperthermia and adriamycin in MM2-bearing mice. Gan to Kagaku Ryoho. Cancer & ChemoTherapy 11(12 Pt 1): 2563-2567

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Combined therapy with tricyclic and MAOI antidepressants in the treatment of resistant major depression. Acta Psiquiatrica Y Psicologica de America Latina 40(4): 314-320

Combined therapy with vasodilator and lipid-clearing drugs in cerebrovascular insufficiency in advanced old age. La Clinica Terapeutica 58(3): 243-253

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Combined therapy with verapamil and propranolol in chronic stable angina. American Journal of Cardiology 49(1): 125-132

Combined therapy, at the Belokurikha health resort, of rheumatoid arthritis including radon baths and collargol in small doses. Voprosy Kurortologii, Fizioterapii, i Lechebnoi Fizicheskoi Kultury: 56-57

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Combined thermography and isotope scanning in thyroid pathology. Acta Radiologica: Diagnosis 15(6): 656-661

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Combined thrombolysis with low-dose streptokinase and angioplasty in the treatment of renal artery occlusion. Urologic Radiology 5(2): 113-116

Combined thrombolytic and Dotter treatment in arterial occlusive disease. Journal of the Oslo City Hospitals 22(9): 141-148

Combined thyroid (triiodothyronine)-tricyclic antidepressant treatment in depressive states. Folia Psychiatrica et Neurologica Japonica 28(3): 179-186

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Combined tissue plastic surgery in the treatment of chronic osteomyelitis. Zentralblatt für Chirurgie 91(3): 40-47

Combined titre and fluorescent pattern of IgG antinuclear antibodies using cultured cell monolayers in evaluating connective tissue diseases. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 33(5): 465-472

Combined topical and subconjunctival anesthesia in cataract surgery. Ophthalmic Surgery 26(3): 205-208

Combined topical and systemic antibiotic prophylaxis in experimental wound infection. American Journal of Surgery 147(6): 753-756

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Combined topical use of difluoromethyl ornithine and methylglyoxal bis (guanylhydrazone) in UV-irradiated mouse skin. British Journal of Dermatology 107(4): 415-421

Combined touching and palpation in parathyroid surgery. La Nouvelle Presse Medicale 11(45): 3345-3346

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Combined trabeculostomy and trabeculocyclostomy operation. Vestnik Oftalmologii: 9-10

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Combined tracheotomy tube. Zhurnal Ushnykh, Nosovykh i Gorlovykh Boleznei 33(5): 113-115

Combined traditional Chinese and Western medicine in residual extra- and intrahepatic choledocholithiasis. Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine 3(4): 283-288

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Combined traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine in the classification and treatment of vulval dystrophy--clinical analysis of 101 cases. Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Za Zhi 4(4): 207-208

Combined traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine in the treatment of 356 cases of scrofula of the neck and axilla. Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Za Zhi 4(2): 90-92

Combined traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine in the treatment of ectopic pregnancy. Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Za Zhi 4(4): 249-251

Combined traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine in the treatment of inflammatory diseases in gynecology. Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Za Zhi 4(4): 231-233

Combined transfusion therapy in the preoperative preparation of patients with specific pleural empyema. Problemy Tuberkuleza: 27-31

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Combined transpleural exploration and extraserous drainage of subphrenic abscess. British Journal of Surgery 61(6): 453-455

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