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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 42602

Chapter 42602 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Comment on George Zito's "a note on the population of seventeenth century London". Demography 10(4): 659-662

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Comment on Hartl WH, Jauch K-W: Post-aggression metabolism: attempt at determining current status. Infusionstherapie und Transfusionsmedizin 22(1): 44-46

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Comment on Kraus, H. K.: Microalbuminuria in application examination ("A case from general insurance medicine practice"). Versicherungsmedizin 47(3): 102-102

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Comment on M. V. Bührmann's "The Xhosa healers of Southern Africa". Journal of Analytical Psychology 27(2): 175-178

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Comment on November article: "Cost comparison of decentralized unit dose and traditional pharmacy services in a 600-bed community hospital". American Journal of Hospital Pharmacy 30(3): 198-198

Comment on PRN 1981-66. Journal of the Medical Society of New Jersey 79(1): 64-64

Comment on Page & Miles' "Validation of CT targeting for functional stereotaxis with postoperative magnetic resonance imaging". British Journal of Neurosurgery 9(2): 239-239

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Comment on Roy's "Alcohol misuse and posttraumatic stress disorder (delayed): an alternative interpretation of the data". Journal of Studies on Alcohol 45(3): 283-284

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Comment on altruism: the comparative evidence. Psychological Bulletin 76(6): 409-410

Comment on aminoglycoside evaluation. Drug Intelligence & Clinical Pharmacy 16(12): 956-961

Comment on aminoglycoside program. Drug Intelligence & Clinical Pharmacy 17(5): 375-375

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