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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 42635

Chapter 42635 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Complication of angiography by transcutaneous catheterization. Rinsho Hoshasen. Clinical Radiography 14(11): 858-862

Complication of appendicitis in children. Khirurgiia: 94-94

Complication of aural foreign body. Alaska Medicine 13(3): 91-91

Complication of bone-marrow transplantation. Graft-versus-host disease resulting from chronic-myelogenous-leukaemia leucocyte transfusions. Lancet 2(7668): 338-341

Complication of bronchography using Dionosil aqueous contrast media. Ceskoslovenska Patologie 7(3): 157-164

Complication of celiosurgery during treatment of cholelithiasis: escape of the calculus into the abdominal wall. Journal de Chirurgie 132(2): 106-106

Complication of central venous catheterization for total parenteral nutrition. The role of the nurse. Nita 7(1): 29-35

Complication of central venous catheters used for parenteral nutrition. Journal of Pediatric Surgery 18(5): 657-657

Complication of childhood obesity. Nihon Rinsho. Japanese Journal of Clinical Medicine 53 Suppl: 524-528

Complication of cholecystectomy. Southern Medical Journal 77(9): 1215-1215

Complication of chronic invagination of the appendix in a child. Vestnik Khirurgii Imeni I. I. Grekova 135(10): 100-101

Complication of chronic thyroiditis with diabetes mellitus followed by myxedema. Saishin Igaku. Modern Medicine 21(11): 2520-2526

Complication of circumcision. Medical Journal of Australia 1(1): 15-15

Complication of circumcision done with a plastic bell clamp. American Journal of Diseases of Children 116(4): 381-382

Complication of closed catheter knee irrigation: report of case. Journal of Trauma 13(11): 1018-1020

Complication of closure of the colostomy opening. Orvosi Hetilap 122(25): 1503-1506

Complication of colostomy and its prevention. Shujutsu. Operation 25(5): 565-572

Complication of diabetes mellitus by pulmonary tuberculosis in middle-aged and old patients. Problemy Endokrinologii 20(5): 10-12

Complication of diabetic coma by repeated gastric hemorrhage. Vrachebnoe Delo 11: 145-146

Complication of diphtheria--with a case report. Indian Medical Journal 59(11): 249-251

Complication of dobutamine stress echocardiography. Lancet 345(8943): 201-202

Complication of dosage in fluid therapy. Naika. Internal Medicine 26(4): 623-630

Complication of endocardial stimulation: perforation of the right ventricle. Clinical and electrocardiographic aspects. Bollettino Della Societa Italiana di Cardiologia 18(10): 980-984

Complication of endotracheal narcosis by pneumothorax. Klinicheskaia Khirurgiia 7: 59-60

Complication of enucleation. Transactions - Pennsylvania Academy of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology 26(2): 102-106

Complication of epidemic viral conjunctivitis. Indian Journal of Ophthalmology 31(4): 395-396

Complication of epidural morphine. Anaesthesia and Intensive Care 8(4): 490-491

Complication of erroneous application of an IUD. Rapid hysterographic resolution of diagnostic problems. Minerva Ginecologica 35(9): 601-603

Complication of fiberoptic bronchoscope. Anesthesiology 61(2): 214-215

Complication of hypertonic saline induction of abortion. Heart & Lung 2(1): 116-121

Complication of hysterotomy. British Medical Journal 4(5733): 495-496

Complication of infusions: total responsibility for omissions rests with the treating physician. Fortschritte der Medizin 102(18): 74-75

Complication of internal jugular venepuncture. British Medical Journal 1(5851): 487-487

Complication of intra-uterine device. Canadian Medical Association Journal 107(12): 1164-1164

Complication of intracardiac electrical pacing--knotting together of temporary and permanent electrodes. New England Journal of Medicine 280(12): 650-651

Complication of intubation of gastrointestinal tract. JAMA 221(2): 192-192

Complication of laparoscopic tubal cauterization--small bowel perforation. Obstetrics and Gynecology 41(2): 253-256

Complication of laparoscopy in Japan. Gastroenterologia Japonica 15(2): 140-143

Complication of laparoscopy: two cases of perforated urinary bladder. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 120(8): 1121-1122

Complication of liver cirrhosis with cholelithiasis. Nihon Rinsho. Japanese Journal of Clinical Medicine 31(10): 2957-2962

Complication of long hair. Lancet 1(7694): 350-350

Complication of lymphangiography. Archives of Dermatology 101(6): 702-703

Complication of methotrexate-maintained remission in lymphoblastic leukemia. British Medical Journal 4(5785): 467-468

Complication of myelography--transection and withdrawal of a nerve filament by the needle. New England Journal of Medicine 285(3): 156-157

Complication of myocardial infarction: interventricular septal perforation after myocardial infarction. Journal of the Kansas Medical Society 68(7): 285-288

Complication of nasal endotracheal intubation. Journal of Pediatrics 103(1): 166-166

Complication of peritoneovenous shunt. Pennsylvania Medicine 86(6): 36, 38-36, 38

Complication of pharyngeal suction. Anaesthesia and Intensive Care 8(3): 375-376

Complication of prolonged peridural anesthesia. Vestnik Khirurgii Imeni I. I. Grekova 113(7): 100-100

Complication of proximal gastric vagotomy. British Medical Journal 3(5922): 42-42

Complication of psoriasis. JAMA 224(5): 629-629

Complication of pyonephrosis. Khirurgiia: 91-92

Complication of radiation therapy. Gan No Rinsho. Japan Journal of Cancer Clinics 30(9 Suppl): 1225-1230

Complication of renal artery embolization in kidney sarcoma. Arkhiv Patologii 44(1): 70-72

Complication of selective vagotomy. Lancet 2(7721): 434-434

Complication of septorhinoplasty. Benign or malignant?. Archives of Otolaryngology 109(7): 489-491

Complication of snakebite successfully treated with streptokinase. Injury 5(4): 350-352

Complication of spinal tap. Journal of Neurosurgery 57(2): 297-297

Complication of stomach phytobezoars. Vrachebnoe Delo: 86-88

Complication of the Eder-Puestow treatment of esophageal stricture. Ugeskrift for Laeger 142(28): 1822-1824

Complication of the Jackson esophageal bougie. Chest 62(4): 452-453

Complication of the catheterization of vena cava superior by sepsis. Vestnik Khirurgii Imeni I. I. Grekova 111(8): 113-114

Complication of the neck phlegmon. Vestnik Khirurgii Imeni I. I. Grekova 113(11): 128-128

Complication of the reuse of flow-directed pulmonary artery catheters. British Medical Journal 284(6311): 258-259

Complication of the surgical treatment of aortic coarctation: painful abdominal syndrome. Revista Espanola de Cardiologia 19(3): 346-347

Complication of the use of the slimming-wheel?. Lancet 1(7688): 45-45

Complication of therapeutic transcatheter hepatic artery embolization for hepatoma--case of developing an extensive acute gastric ulcer. Gan No Rinsho. Japan Journal of Cancer Clinics 29(2): A-11, 164-7

Complication of total prosthesis. Acta Orthopaedica Belgica 39(1): 337-338

Complication of treatment with contrical. Khirurgiia: 59-60

Complication of trocar cystostomy simulating strangulated inguinal hernia. Khirurgiia: 78-79

Complication of typhoid fever in children: anasarca. A case report and review of the literature. Revista de Gastroenterologia del Peru 15(1): 79-86

Complication of unrecognized dislocation of Charnley-Müller hip prosthesis. Importance of early roentgen diagnosis. Radiology 108(2): 323-324

Complication outcomes based on preoperative admission and length of stay for primary palatoplasty and cleft lip/palate revision in children aged 1 to 6 years. Annals of Plastic Surgery 33(6): 576-580

Complication possibilities in the healing process of multiple fractures. Report of 490 cases. Langenbecks Archiv für Chirurgie 322: 1070-1073

Complication possibilities of percutaneous, paranasal, transphenoidal implantation of radiogold in pituitary neoplasms. Neurochirurgia 14(4): 150-156

Complication rate associated with central venous catheters. Annals of Surgery 200(5): 683-684

Complication rate in various therapy forms of corpus carcinoma. Archiv für Gynakologie 214(1): 284-285

Complication rates as a measure of quality of care. JAMA 274(21): 1674-1675

Complication rates associated with abortion. Medical Journal of Australia 1(23): 1165-1165

Complication rates of transfemoral and transaortic catheterization. Surgery 63(4): 594-596

Complication resulting from an intramuscular injection. Journal of Pediatrics 70(6): 1011-1013

Complication risk using the pulmonary catheter in abdominal infections. Anasthesie, Intensivtherapie, Notfallmedizin 17(4): 228-231

Complication with feeding of infant. Vardfacket 4(20): 50-50

Complication with use of flow-directed catheter. American Journal of Cardiology 32(1): 125-125

Complication-free Achilles tendon repair. British Journal of Sports Medicine 16(4): 230-235

Complications & emergencies. Special problems in children. Dental Anaesthesia and Sedation 12(1): 23-25

Complications (except peritonitis) of the patient with CAPD. Nursing Technique 30(4): 529-533

Complications about the glenohumeral joint related to the use of screws and staples. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. American Volume 66(2): 175-180

Complications accompanying teething in children in the light of the treatise of Jean Claude de la Courvée, physician to Maria Ludwika, queen of Poland. Czasopismo Stomatologiczne 20(8): 881-887

Complications affecting the distinction between Mendelian and maternally inheritd characters in Neurospora crassa. Nature 226(5244): 468-469

Complications affecting the organs of the abdominal cavity in the course of typhoid and paratyphoid fevers. Przeglad Epidemiologiczny 26(1): 41-48

Complications affecting the prognosis of myocardial infarct. Nihon Rinsho. Japanese Journal of Clinical Medicine 41(12): 2868-2874

Complications after Torkildsen drainage. Acta Neurochirurgica 14(3): 246-253

Complications after abdominal and vaginal sterilization operation. Journal of the Indian Medical Association 80(2): 25-27

Complications after alloplasty of the heart wall. Vestnik Khirurgii Imeni I. I. Grekova 97(11): 49-50

Complications after appendectomy in pregnancy. Der Landarzt 42(1): 13-15

Complications after cesarean section. Report of 2 cases. Ceskoslovenska Gynekologie 36(2): 93-94

Complications after change of vasodilators in the treatment of hypertension. Lakartidningen 80(50): 4895-4896

Complications after closure of temporary colostomy. Causes and prevention. Minerva Chirurgica 37(5): 385-389

Complications after combination of chemotherapy and radiation for malignant brain tumours. Acta Neurochirurgica 65(3-4): 167-173

Complications after construction of the artificial anus in extirpation of the rectum. Vestnik Khirurgii Imeni I. I. Grekova 111(9): 133-136

Complications after continence resection and anus praeternaturalis re-anastomosis. Der Chirurg; Zeitschrift für Alle Gebiete der Operativen Medizen 53(1): 40-43

Complications after corneal transplantation. American Journal of Ophthalmology 61(5 Pt 2): 1171-1176

Complications after delivery. Nursing Times 63(51): 1715-1716

Complications after dental-surgical interventions. Zahnarztliche Praxis 16(16): 185 Passim-185 Passim

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Complications after electrocoagulation of the vaginal portion of the uterus. Wiadomosci Lekarskie 21(23): 2165-2167

Complications after emergency tracheotomy. Der Anaesthesist 19(4): 155-156

Complications after exchange transfusion using the umbilical vein in relation to preventive antibiotic administration. Kinderarztliche Praxis 38(2): 52-58

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Complications after glaucoma surgery. Oftalmologicheskii Zhurnal 23(1): 16-22

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Complications after intradermal BCG vaccination. Problemy Tuberkuleza: 83-84

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Complications after intravenous administration of anti-arrhythmia agents. Kardiologiia 22(11): 19-22

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Complications after kidney transplantation and urinary tract infection. Bratislavske Lekarske Listy 61(4): 400-403

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