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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 42639

Chapter 42639 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Compression of the deep palmar branch of the ulnar nerve. Case report and anatomical study. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. British Volume 51(3): 469-472

Compression of the deep palmar branch of the ulnar nerve: clinical and electromyographic findings after a new method of decompression. Hand 15(1): 106-109

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Compression of the extrarenal blood vessels in kidney dystopia. Khirurgiia 36(1): 77-78

Compression of the femoral nerve by retroperitoneal hematoma or tumor. Der Nervenarzt 51(8): 483-487

Compression of the gallbladder during ERCP. Gastrointestinal Endoscopy 29(4): 324-325

Compression of the hepatic pedicle with icterus due to tubercular adenopathys. Actualites Hepato-Gastro-Enterologiques 5(7): B315-B323

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Compression of the inferior vena cava as the primary momentum in the development of late pregnancy toxemias. Shock theory of late pregnancy toxemia. Zentralblatt für Gynakologie 95(15): 481-490

Compression of the internal carotid artery and thrombosis of the anterior cerebral artery caused by chromophobe pituitary adenoma with cavernous spreading. Rivista Oto-Neuro-Oftalmologica 44(6): 573-591

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