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Dipole moment of acetylcholine and its relevance to the chemical synaptic transmission

, : Dipole moment of acetylcholine and its relevance to the chemical synaptic transmission. Biophysical Journal 11(6): 550-557

The dipole moment of acetylcholine (AcCh) has been measured in chloroform and a value of 8.49 D was obtained. Such a value actually represents the total dipole moment of the ion pair (AcCh)(+)(Cl)(-). The dipole moment of the (AcCh)(+) cation alone turned out to be 2.65 D whereas its theoretical value obtained after a vectorial calculation was 1.65 D. The discrepancy was related to an interaction between AcCh and the solvent. The meaning of the measured value is discussed on the basis of a recent theory of chemical synaptic transmission based on the assumption of a much higher dipole moment value for the AcCh molecule.


PMID: 4326884

DOI: 10.1016/S0006-3495(71)86234-3

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