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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 42849

Chapter 42849 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Does a diagnosis of sinoatrial block imply atrioventricular nodal disease?. Heart & Lung 9(5): 892-893

Does a dividing line separate the "men without necks"? (Apropos of a case of Sprengel's syndrome). Journal de Radiologie, D'electrologie, et de Medecine Nucleaire 48(3): 194-196

Does a doctor's education expand his mind?. Journal of the Irish Medical Association 65(2): 27-31

Does a drug administered by oral route affect the transfer of maternal antibodies in piglets?. Tijdschrift Voor Diergeneeskunde 105(5): 187-191

Does a feedback mechanism work in acne?. International Journal of Dermatology 20(3): 174-174

Does a femoral neck intramedullary nail have to be removed?. Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift 96(9): 400-400

Does a fetal fibrinogen exist? Statistical study of fibrin formation in a population of premature, term and postmature newborn infants. Pediatrie 28(4): 381-399

Does a functional pulmonary arterial hypertension exist?. Romanian Medical Review 21(1): 21-25

Does a glucoma occur as a result of a general use of corticoids?. Klinische Monatsblatter für Augenheilkunde 154(2): 174-183

Does a graft versus host reaction occur between fetus and mother?. American Journal of Epidemiology 89(5): 508-509

Does a handicapped person disturb the vacation enjoyment of a non-handicapped person? Remarks on the Frankfurt handicapped judgment. Fortschritte der Medizin 99(7): 203-206

Does a history of convulsions increase the amnestic effect of temporal region brain lesions?. Physiology & Behavior 57(1): 193-197

Does a hospital pollute the environment?. Sairaanhoitaja. Sjukskoterskan 46(7): 326-329

Does a lecithin-polypeptide association in bile originate from membrane structural subunits?. Biochimie 56(3): 465-468

Does a limit of the life span really exist?. Biofizika 29(5): 908-911

Does a low-molecular extract of human placenta support ossification?. Archives of Orthopaedic and Traumatic Surgery. Archiv für Orthopadische und Unfall-Chirurgie 97(4): 281-283

Does a massive blood transfusion syndrome due to posttransfusion toxemia exist?. Problemy Gematologii i Perelivaniia Krovi 25(10): 14-17

Does a massive transfusion syndrome exist as the result of posttransfusion toxemia?. Problemy Gematologii i Perelivaniia Krovi 26(3): 47-48

Does a medical treatment of diabetic retinitis exist?. Bulletin des Societes D'ophtalmologie de France 71(1): 127-132

Does a more rational antibiotic policy lead to cost control?. Nederlands Tijdschrift Voor Geneeskunde 124(14): 498-502

Does a mother's knowledge of fetal gender affect attachment?. Mcn. American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing 9(1): 42-45

Does a mutation of the glycine receptor modify GABA metabolism in startle disease?. Acta Paediatrica 84(1): 5-5

Does a myotatic reflex of the diaphragm induced by sudden expiration exist?. Journal de Physiologie 62 Suppl 1: 215-215

Does a narrow tubular collimator produce better dental radiographs?. Dento Maxillo Facial Radiology 10(1): 43-48

Does a natriuretic hormone exist?. La Presse Medicale 76(13): 605-606

Does a network structure in spindles of plant cells exist?. Mikroskopie 24(1): 10-13

Does a neurologic clinic need an inhouse cerebrospinal fluid/neurochemical laboratory? Results of a survey of 289 neurological clinics. Der Nervenarzt 66(10): 770-776

Does a neurology department need its own intensive care unit?. Zeitschrift für Neurologie 201(1): 1-5

Does a newsletter editor get co-authorship?. Nurse Author & Editor 5(2): 8-9

Does a nonacid lumen cause antral G-cell hyperplasia?. Current Surgery 40(4): 281-285

Does a normal isotope perfusion scan exclude pulmonary embolism?. Investigative Radiology 8(2): 97-98

Does a periodontium-conscious patient exist?. Ligament 19(141): 11-12

Does a phenomenon of increased hepatic clearance exist?. Polski Tygodnik Lekarski 38(12): 367-369

Does a physiological respiratory flora exist? Can it be spared by use of a local antibiotic?. Therapeutique 47(6): 595-602

Does a plasma level of chlorpromazine help?. Psychological Medicine 11(4): 729-734

Does a point system for hyperthyroidism symptom complex justify rejection of further thyroid diagnosis?. Radiobiologia, Radiotherapia 11(2): 179-187

Does a positive brain CT reflect brain metastases?. Chest 108(1): 295-296

Does a preleukemic syndrome exist?. Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift 107(42): 1579-1580

Does a primary host defense abnormality involving monocytes-macrophages underlie the pathogenesis of lung disease in cystic fibrosis?. Medical Hypotheses 8(5): 527-542

Does a primary vascular pulmonary hypertension exist?. Der Internist 14(9): 434-436

Does a probability of paternity exist?. Medecine Legale et Dommage Corporel 4(4): 348-350

Does a program in research evolve or is it developed?. Florida Nurse 43(3): 3-3

Does a rebound insomnia following benzodiazepine administration exist?. Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift 105(43): 1483-1484

Does a reduction in general practitioners' use of diagnostic tests lead to more hospital referrals?. British Journal of General Practice 45(395): 289-292

Does a relationship exist between chorionic villi sampling and fetal abnormalities?. Nederlands Tijdschrift Voor Geneeskunde 139(27): 1363-1365

Does a relationship exist between spontaneous locomotor activity, fitness and lifespan in Drosophila melanogaster?. Experimental Gerontology 19(3): 205-210

Does a renal vasodilator system mediate racial differences in essential hypertension?. American Journal of Medicine 69(3): 425-429

Does a renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system exist?. Schweizerische Medizinische Wochenschrift 102(32): 1105-1112

Does a rhythmicity of serum concentrations and urinary excretion of dipyridamole exist during long-term treatment?. Polish Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacy 32(3): 289-295

Does a salt-free diet correct allergies?. Revista Brasileira de Medicina 23(11): 814-814

Does a second pregnancy induced by artificial insemination occur more rapidly than the first?. Journal de Gynecologie, Obstetrique et Biologie de la Reproduction 13(5): 583-583

Does a shared name mean shared functions?. Clinical Nurse Specialist Cns 8(3): 157-157

Does a sinobronchial syndrome exist? Lung function measurements in sinusitis. Archiv für Klinische und Experimentelle Ohren- Nasen- und Kehlkopfheilkunde 195(4): 355-361

Does a spasm of cerebral vessels exist?. Der Radiologe 11(11): 429-435

Does a special twin situation contribute to similarity for abilities in MZ and DZ twins?. Acta Geneticae Medicae et Gemellologiae 33(2): 219-222

Does a specific urinary protein in the cancer patient exist? New studies by 2 methods of separation of urinary proteins. Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Seances de L'academie des Sciences. Serie D: Sciences Naturelles 278(2): 349-352

Does a spread of the intraepithelial carcinoma of the cervix exist?. Archiv für Gynakologie 215(1): 1-16

Does a thermogenic defect play a role in the pathogenesis of human obesity?. Clinical Physiology 3(1): 1-7

Does a toxic gas regulate hepatic sinusoidal blood flow?. Journal of Clinical Investigation 96(5): 2099-2099

Does a transverse incision constriction of the nasal lumen have an influence on moisture evaporation of the mucosa? A model study. Zeitschrift für Laryngologie, Rhinologie, Otologie und Ihre Grenzgebiete 46(7): 479-481

Does a true qualitative difference exist in the mode of action of neuroleptics and thymanaleptics on catecholamine neuron systems. Modern Problems of Pharmacopsychiatry 5: 68-70

Does a twin pregnancy have a greater impact on physical and emotional well-being than a singleton pregnancy?. Birth 22(3): 148-152

Does a water soluble contrast enema assist in the management of acute large bowel obstruction: a prospective study of 117 cases. British Journal of Surgery 71(10): 799-801

Does a wife retire?. Gerontologist 10(1): 54-56

Does a zinc-rich diet have an immunostimulating effect?. Minerva Dietologica E Gastroenterologica 30(1): 55-60

Does abnormal QT interval prolongation reflect autonomic dysfunction in diabetic patients? QTc interval measure versus standardized tests in diabetic autonomic neuropathy. Diabetic Medicine 12(4): 302-306

Does academic preparation make cents?. Canadian Nurse 63(11): 50-50

Does accreditation foster quality assurance. Journal of Dental Education 45(12): 785-785

Does acetylcholine intervene in post-ganglionic adrenergic mechanisms? Study of this problem in dogs with autoperfused posterior chain. Revue Medicale du Moyen-Orient 22(6): 559-561

Does acrolein contribute to the cytotoxicity of cyclophosphamide?. Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology 98(2): 119-126

Does activation of cyclic AMP dependent phosphorylation induced by beta-adrenergic agent control the tone of vascular muscle?. Journal of Physiology 307: 143-161

Does active urea transport exist in cortical nephron segments of mammalian kidney?. Pflugers Archiv 307(2): R72-R73

Does actomyosin catalyze the ATP-Pi exchange reaction?. Journal of Biochemistry 73(6): 1311-1313

Does acupuncture work in asthma?. Asian Pacific Journal of Allergy and Immunology 1(2): 168-169

Does acute L-DOPA increase active release of dopamine from dopaminergic neurons?. Brain Research 273(1): 45-51

Does acute alcoholic pancreatitis always reveal chronic pancreatitis?. Gastroenterologie Clinique et Biologique 19(3): 266-269

Does acute endogenous hyperprolactinemia affect intravenous glucose tolerance in humans?. Metabolism: Clinical and Experimental 33(6): 567-571

Does acute ingestion of large amounts of alcohol cause pancreatic injury? A prospective study. International Journal of Pancreatology 17(2): 155-160

Does acute osteomyelitis still exist?. Le Progres Medical 93(10): 403-407

Does acyclovir have an adjunctive role in plantar wart therapy?. Cleveland Clinic Quarterly 50(2): 213-213

Does acyclovir prevent the diagnosis of herpes encephalitis?. Neuropediatrics 13(3): 168-169

Does adenosine deaminase inhibition protect ischemic myocardium?. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 370: 291-294

Does adrenal cortex influence prolactin secretion? Evaluation in hirsute women. Bollettino Della Societa Italiana di Biologia Sperimentale 59(12): 1872-1876

Does adrenaline act by directly modifying the external membrane surface charge of cardiac Purkinje fibres?. Journal of Physiology 234(2): 37p-39p

Does adrenarche really play a determining role in pubertal development? A study of the dissociations between adrenarche and gonadarche. The failure of dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate treatment in delayed adrenarche. Annales D'endocrinologie 43(6): 465-495

Does adult chronic obstructive lung disease really begin in childhood?. British Journal of Diseases of the Chest 78(1): 1-9

Does advertising get into your hair?. Legal Aspects of Medical Practice 8(6): 31-31

Does affordability affect mental health utilization? A United States-Israel comparison of older adults. Social Science & Medicine 40(5): 669-678

Does age have an effect on the time of occurrence of cardiac arrest of presumed cardiac etiology? Belgian Cardiopulmonary-Cerebral Resuscitation Study Group. Cardiology 86(3): 197-201

Does age lead to a loss of intellectual performance?. Medizinische Klinik 75(2): 50-60

Does aging affect the intestinal transport of 5-methyltetrahydrofolate?. Digestion 30(4): 231-235

Does aircraft noise affect health?. Sozial- und Praventivmedizin 25(3): 103-109

Does alcohol favour the development of Barret's syndrome (endobrachy-oesophagus) ?. Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift 99(10): 434-439

Does alcohol intensify the hemodynamic effects of nitroglycerin?. Clinical Cardiology 7(7): 382-386

Does alcoholism have a genetic etiology?. Revue de L'infirmiere: 28-30

Does allergy protect against cancer?. Lancet 1(7599): 819-820

Does allergy to Candida albicans exist? Apropos of 111 bronchomotor tests. Pediatrie 23(7): 743-745

Does allergy to anesthetic agents exist?. Revue de L'infirmiere 34(6): 26-27

Does almitrine bismesylate improve V/Q matching? An animal study. European Journal of Respiratory Diseases. Supplement 126: 209-214

Does almitrine restore halothane-induced depression of hypoxic respiratory drive?. Anesthesiology 61(5): 627-628

Does alpha 1 microglobulin in urine predict renal function after transplantation?. Transplantation Proceedings 26(3): 1766-1767

Does alpha-actinin promote contraction of actomyosin fibers?. Journal of Biochemistry 69(5): 983-985

Does alpha-bungarotoxin inhibit motor endplate acetylcholinesterase?. Nature 247(5441): 480-480

Does altitude or exercise induce fibrin degradation in mountaineers?. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine 88(4): 239-239

Does amiodarone affect heart rate by inhibiting the intracellular generation of triiodothyronine from thyroxine?. British Journal of Pharmacology 82(1): 275-280

Does amnesia after transection of the fornix in monkeys reflect abnormal sensitivity to proactive interference?. Behavioural Brain Research 14(3): 183-192

Does amrinone reduce the need for other positive inotropes?. Journal of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesia 9(3): 351-352

Does amylopectin sulfate work in duodenal ulcer or not?. Gastroenterology 62(1): 141-142

Does an active digestive viscera possess an electric axis?. Comptes Rendus des Seances de la Societe de Biologie et de Ses Filiales 165(7): 1704-1710

Does an additional administration of acetylsalicylic acid reduce the requirement of betamimetics in tocolytic treatment?. Geburtshilfe und Frauenheilkunde 41(4): 293-296

Does an allergic reaction to serotherapy still occur?. Marseille Medical 106(3): 223-226

Does an aortopulmonary shunt before repair of tetralogy of Fallot limit exercise tolerance in long-term survivors?. Cardiovascular Surgery 3(4): 369-374

Does an endogenous digoxin-like immunoreactive factor participate in the development of cardiomegaly?. Cor et Vasa 24(4): 228-232

Does an enthesopathic diasthesis exist?. Acta Chirurgiae Orthopaedicae et Traumatologiae Cechoslovaca 34(5): 440-443

Does an extract from Harongana madagascariensis influence the exocrine pancreatic function?. Arzneimittel-Forschung 18(6): 763-764

Does an ideal reconstructive method exist for the treatment of occlusions of the superficial femoral artery?. Sbornik Lekarsky 86(2-3): 37-42

Does an impacted tooth cause root resorption of the adjacent one?. Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, and Oral Pathology 51(3): 221-224

Does an increase in the price of a necessity reduce welfare more than an increase in the price of a luxury?. Inquiry 9(2): 77-79

Does an increase in the ratio of cytoplasmic NADPH to NADP+ accompanied by a decrease in the ratio of cytoplasmic NADH to NAD+ mediate the actions of insulin?. Medical Hypotheses 9(2): 183-192

Does an indistinct form of protein malnutrition exist in preadolescents and adolescents in Switzerland?. Revue Medicale de la Suisse Romande 92(3): 163-170

Does an intensive care burn unit really make a difference? A follow-up study. Journal of the Florida Medical Association 69(10): 858-859

Does an interferonopathy underlie a severe combined immunodeficiency disease (SCID) syndrome?. Birth Defects Original Article Series 19(3): 109-114

Does an obturation in colorectal cancer also modify the behavior of the serum CEA level?. Zentralblatt für Chirurgie 108(15): 967-973

Does an optimal strategy exist for patients with unresectable cholangiocarcinoma?. Mayo Clinic Proceedings 70(5): 503-504

Does an osteoplastic graft give sufficient protection in cases of large postoperative cranial defects?. Neuro-Chirurgie 13(5): 634-639

Does an "asthenic" vaccination reaction lead to post-vaccinal encephalitis?. Munchener Medizinische Wochenschrift 110(6): 313-316

Does an "ordinary nervous breakdown" exist?. Die Medizinische Welt 45: 2489-2490

Does anencephaly cause pre-eclampsia?. Irish Medical Journal 73(9): 350-350

Does anesthesia alter hemoglobin dissociation?. Anesthesiology 32(1): 5-10

Does anterior (non-polarizing region) tissue signal in the developing chick limb?. Developmental Biology 97(2): 424-432

Does anti-Jra cause hemolytic disease of the newborn?. Vox Sanguinis 41(1): 40-44

Does antibacterial ointment applied to urethral meatus in women prevent recurrent cystitis?. Scandinavian Journal of Urology and Nephrology 15(2): 81-83

Does antihypertensive drug therapy have to be continued the rest of one's life?. Duodecim; Laaketieteellinen Aikakauskirja 109(20): 1725-1729

Does antihypertensive treatment of the elderly prevent cardiovascular events or prolong life? A meta-analysis of hypertension treatment trials. Archives of Family Medicine 4(11): 943-9; Discussion 950

Does antihypertensive treatment reduce the incidence of coronary disease?. Cardiologia 29(1-2): 19-25

Does antimicrobial therapy of streptococcal pharyngitis or pyoderma alter the risk of glomerulonephritis?. Journal of Infectious Diseases 124(2): 229-231

Does antimony therapy cause bleeding in kala-azar patients and why?. Tropical Doctor 25(4): 188-189

Does anybody care?. American Journal of Nursing 73(9): 1562-1565

Does anybody know than man waiting out by the elevators? A consideration for practical nursing in obstetrics. Journal of Practical Nursing 24(5): 24-8 Passim

Does anybody really know how to treat hypertension?. Hospital Practice 30(8): 24q, 24t-24q, 24t

Does anyone have an answer?. Oncology Nursing Forum 9(4): 7-7

Does anyone out there know I'm here?. Nursing Management 14(6): 16-17

Does anyone really know what you're doing?. Journal of the Colorado Dental Association 49(2): 36-36

Does anyone still want to talk about Alfred Kinsey?. Transactions & Studies of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia 16(5): 107-113

Does aortic insufficiency influence Doppler-derived calculation of the valvular area in patients with mitral stenosis?. Giornale Italiano di Cardiologia 24(11): 1371-1378

Does aortocoronary saphenous vein bypass surgery change the native coronary arteries? An angiographic follow-up of 60 patients. Acta Medica Scandinavica 207(3): 189-193

Does appendectomy predispose to inguinal hernia? A retrospective study and electrophysiological investigations. American Surgeon 40(6): 349-351

Does aprotinin influence endothelial-associated coagulation in cardiac surgery?. Journal of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesia 8(5): 527-531

Does arachidonic acid interfere with measurements of thromboxane (TXB2)?. Thrombosis and Haemostasis 47(2): 185-185

Does arthrography of the knee joint support the indication for meniscectomy. Beitrage Zur Orthopadie und Traumatologie 15(4): 246-251

Does asparaginase therapy lead to consumption coagulopathy?. Verhandlungen der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Innere Medizin 75: 484-487

Does aspirin heal leg ulcers?. Journal of Family Practice 40(1): 93-93

Does aspirin prolong bleeding from gastric biopsies in man?. Gastrointestinal Endoscopy 27(1): 1-5

Does asymptomatic bacteriuria really exist?. Pediatriia: 12-13

Does atherosclerosis caused by dialysis limit this treatment?. Proceedings of the European Dialysis and Transplant Association. European Dialysis and Transplant Association 19: 168-174

Does atrial fibrillation cause false-positive late potentials?. Pacing and Clinical Electrophysiology 16(12): 2222-2226

Does atrial fibrillation confer a hypercoagulable state?. Lancet 346(8986): 1313-1314

Does atropine block antigen-induced contraction in canine bronchial rings? A preliminary report. European Journal of Respiratory Diseases 64(8): 588-590

Does autocrine growth factor secretion form part of a mechanism which paradoxically protects against tumour development?. British Journal of Cancer 71(6): 1136-1141

Does availability of health services ensure their use?. Nursing Outlook 22(8): 496-498

Does backache show a particularly poor rehabilitation prognosis?. Nordisk Medicin 96(1): 16-18

Does bacteremia follow upper gastrointestinal endoscopy?. American Journal of Gastroenterology 76(5): 420-422

Does balneology still have gynecologic indications?. Revue Francaise de Gynecologie et D'obstetrique 90(4): 236-239

Does basal cholinergic activity potentiate exogenous secretin for stimulation of pancreatic bicarbonate output in dogs?. Digestion 24(4): 209-214

Does behavior evolve?. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 223: 113-119

Does behavior therapy normalize the classroom behavior of hyperactive children?. Archives of General Psychiatry 41(5): 449-454

Does behavioral regulation of extracellular liquid volume exist?. Journal de Physiologie 67(3): 356a-356a

Does being urban, poor, black, or female affect youth's knowledge and-or attitudes relating to drugs?. Journal of School Health 43(3): 185-188

Does benoxaprofen permit the prevention of acetylsalicylic acid asthma. La Nouvelle Presse Medicale 11(49): 3654-3655

Does beta-blockade directly reduce myocardial oxygen consumption?. Cardiovascular Research 15(5): 254-261

Does beta-endorphin modulate basal and dopamine-inhibited prolactin release by an action at the anterior pituitary?. Neuroendocrinology 39(6): 489-495

Does better knowledge of family dynamics lead to the demytholization of the MCD syndrome. Acta Paedopsychiatrica 45(4): 185-192

Does betterment follow innovations in hospital planning? A positive response with centralized surgery/obstetrics. Journal of Reproductive Medicine 6(4): 167-170

Does bladder neck disease really exist in children?. Journal D'urologie et de Nephrologie 76(12): 182-191

Does blood donation prolong life expectancy?. Vox Sanguinis 45(5): 398-399

Does blood ferritin permit diagnosis of iron deficiency in Basedow's disease?. Presse Medicale 13(38): 2327-2327

Does blood pressure usually rise with age? ... Or with stress?. Journal of Human Stress 9(3): 4-12

Does blood transfusion induce a nonspecific suppression of cell-mediated immunity?. Transplantation Proceedings 14(2): 325-328

Does blood-pressure rise with age?. Lancet 2(8244): 468-468

Does breast cancer grow slower in elderly patients?. Voprosy Onkologii 40(7-12): 298-302

Does breast milk unleash gonadotropins?. JAMA 244(7): 634-635

Does brightness contrast really affect the Mueller-Lyer illusion. Perceptual and Motor Skills 52(2): 623-629

Does bromocriptine act through the autonomic nervous system?. La Nouvelle Presse Medicale 9(28): 1958-1958

Does bromocriptine block thyrotropin-releasing hormone-induced prolactin release during pregnancy?. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 50(3): 600-602

Does bromocriptine enhance the effect of drugs that reduce intraocular pressure?. Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift 108(43): 1656-1657

Does bromocriptine have a cytocidal effect on prolactinoma cells? Report of a case. Neurologia Medico-Chirurgica 23(1): 61-65

Does bromocriptine jeopardise the response to later yttrium-90 irradiation for macroprolactinemias?. Lancet 2(8307): 1099-1099

Does brown adipose tissue of the European hamster (Cricetus cricetus) store and synthetesize corticosteroids? The isolation of a corticosteroid-like compound. Archives des Sciences Physiologiques 26(1): 85-100

Does budgeting modify quality and efficiency of ambulatory drug therapy? Use of indicators exemplified by the prescribing behavior of established physicians of a North German region with predetermined quality deficits before introduction of the Health Structural Law. Gesundheitswesen ) 57(3): 171-176

Does business friendship still exist?. Dental Dienst; Fachzeitschrift für den Dental-Markt; Technisches Fachblatt für Prothetik 21(5): 5-5

Does cadmium contribute to human hypertension. Science of the Total Environment 26(3): 223-232

Does caeruloplasmin dismute superoxide? No. Febs Letters 118(1): 127-129

Does caesarean section delivery improve neurological outcome in open spina bifida?. European Journal of Pediatric Surgery 4 Suppl 1: 32-34

Does caffeine induce dominant lethal mutations in mice?. Humangenetik 7(2): 137-148

Does caffeine influence reproduction?. Mcn. American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing 7(4): 240-244

Does calcifediol replace vitamin D as a preventive and therapeutic agent?. Monatsschrift Kinderheilkunde 132(7): 556-557

Does calciferol have a liquifying action on caseum?. Le Poumon et le Coeur 23(7): 841-851

Does calcitonin cause hypocalcaemia after thyroidectomy?. British Journal of Surgery 69(8): 456-458

Does calcium contribute to the effectiveness of a coagulum for pyelolithotomy?. British Journal of Urology 56(2): 131-134

Does calcium potentiate the bone-preserving effect of oestrogen treatment in early post-menopausal women by a change in vitamin D metabolism?. Maturitas 6(1): 65-70

Does calmodulin mediate stimulus-secretion coupling in the parotid gland? Studies using trifluoperazine. Biochemistry International 7(4): 511-518

Does calmodulin play a role in the regulation of cardiac sarcolemmal adenylate cyclase activity?. Cell Calcium 5(4): 365-375

Does cancer of the uterus still belong in the district hospital?. Revue Medicale de la Suisse Romande 94(5): 399-409

Does cantharides blister fluid provide access to the peripheral compartment?. European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 23(4): 327-330

Does captivity influence the morphogenesis of the animal skull and teeth?. Nederlands Tijdschrift Voor Tandheelkunde 74(Suppl 4): 17-42

Does carbon dioxide play a role in retrolental fibroplasia?. Pediatrics 70(3): 500-501

Does cardiac dysfunction cause pulmonary restriction?. Chest 107(1): 6-7

Does cardiac transplantation prolong life? A reassessment. Annals of Internal Medicine 76(5): 815-817

Does cardioplegic arrest compromise long-term left ventricular function?. Annals of Thoracic Surgery 29(6): 539-545

Does cardiopulmonary bypass temperature correlate with postoperative central nervous system dysfunction?. Journal of Cardiac Surgery 10(4 Suppl): 493-497

Does cartilage compliance reduce skeletal impact loads? The relative force-attenuating properties of articular cartilage, synovial fluid, periarticular soft tissues and bone. Arthritis and Rheumatism 13(2): 139-144

Does catalase play a role in Adriamycin induced cardiotoxicity?. Pharmacological Research Communications 13(2): 205-211

Does celiac disease appear in your differential diagnosis?. Nederlands Tijdschrift Voor Geneeskunde 127(28): 1225-1228

Does central binocular vision really exist as a stable dominant function?. Revista de Chirurgie, Oncologie, Radiologie, O. R. L., Oftalmologie, Stomatologie. Seria: Oftalmologie 24(3): 181-183

Does central venous pressure accurately reflect hemodynamic and fluid volume patterns in the critical surgical patient?. American Journal of Surgery 126(3): 415-418

Does cessation of the negative stimulus lead to activation of emotionally positive zones in the brain?. Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR 204(4): 1017-1020

Does chest physical therapy move airway secretions?. American Review of Respiratory Disease 130(5): 701-702

Does chewing gum clean the teeth?. Tandlakartidningen 65(10): 582-584

Does childhood sexual abuse cause fibromyalgia?. Arthritis and Rheumatism 38(2): 161-163

Does chloramphenicol (levomycetin) induce cleft palate at the beginning stages of embryogenesis in rats?. Arkhiv Anatomii, Gistologii i Embriologii 60(5): 25-29

Does chlordesmethyldiazepam have a specific anti-erotic effect? Report on five observations. Acta Psychiatrica Belgica 82(6): 555-564

Does chlorpromazine facilitate recovery of emotional behaviour in septal forebrain lesioned rats?. Folia Biologica 21(4): 411-418

Does chlorpromazine interfere with the Porter-Silber reaction?. Clinica Chimica Acta; International Journal of Clinical Chemistry 35(1): 79-82

Does chronic allergic pharyngitis exist?. Annales D'oto-Laryngologie et de Chirurgie Cervico Faciale 83(6): 485-489

Does chronic aspirin treatment increase blood pressure in man?. Klinische Wochenschrift 59(6): 297-299

Does chronic bronchitis exist in children, excluding asthma, mucoviscidosis and bronchial dilatation?. Les Bronches 23(5): 325-329

Does chronic cerebral vasospasm precede development and rupture of intracranial aneurysms?. Mayo Clinic Proceedings 59(11): 797-797

Does chronic fatigue syndrome have physiological or psychological causes? A wrongly formulated question may result in information. Lakartidningen 92(3): 150-153

Does chronic halothane exposure alter brain electrical activity? Sensory evoked potentials recorded from cortex, diencephalon, and mesencephalon in freely behaving rats. Substance and Alcohol Actions/Misuse 1(1): 35-42

Does chronic hepatitis due to phenindione really exist?. Medecine & Chirurgie Digestives 9(8): 725-6, 729-30

Does chronic hypercapnia entain an adaptive improvement of extra-cellular space buffering against acute PCO2 changes?. European Journal of Clinical Investigation 3(4): 295-298

Does chronic hypoxemia cause brain injury?. Archives of Internal Medicine 143(10): 1866-1867

Does chronic kidney failure lead to mental failure? A neuropsychologic survey of self-sufficient outpatients. Archives of Neurology 38(12): 757-758

Does chronic prostatitis exist?. Revue Medicale de la Suisse Romande 103(8): 657-660

Does chronic respiratory acidosis change the buffer properties of the extracellular space?. Journal de Physiologie 65: Suppl 3:445a-Suppl 3:445a

Does cigarette smoking cause coronary heart disease. Canadian Medical Association Journal 126(2): 102, 104, 107-102, 104, 107

Does cimetidine act as a chelator?. Therapie 35(5): 656-657

Does cimetidine impair nitroreduction?. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 73(8): 1187-1188

Does cimetidine induce dizziness?. Gastroenterology 79(1): 179-179

Does circumcision of the newborn require an anesthetic?. Clinical Pediatrics 7(3): 128-129

Does clinical practice offer a challenge after graduate school?. Physical Therapy 53(9): 997-999

Does clofazimine have any value in the management of reversal reaction?. Leprosy Review 51(1): 92-93

Does closed circuit TV increase the depth or rate of learning?. Canadian Hospital 46(4): 34-34

Does closed circuit television still apply? A utilization and management study. Journal of Biocommunication 7(3): 23-27

Does closely monitored control and therapy adjustment improve the prognosis in patients with severe heart insufficiency?. Schweizerische Medizinische Wochenschrift 115(50): 1820-1823

Does clozapine cause dependence?. Agressologie: Revue Internationale de Physio-Biologie et de Pharmacologie Appliquees Aux Effets de L'agression 21(A): 19-21

Does coal workers' pneumoconiosis predict to lung cancer? Some evidence from a case-control study. Journal of the Society of Occupational Medicine 33(3): 141-144

Does cobalt pretreatment of mice induce a phenobarbitone-type cytochrome P-450?. Xenobiotica; the Fate of Foreign Compounds in Biological Systems 12(5): 273-282

Does coexistence of involvement of the right dominant coronary artery differentiate clinical features of disease of the common trunk from disease of 3 coronary vessels?. Cardiologia 39(11): 773-776

Does coffee consumption increase the risk of reproductive adversities?. Journal of the American Medical Women's Association 50(1): 20-22

Does coffee increase the risk of pancreas cancer?. Lakartidningen 78(16): 1656-1657

Does coffee influence the blood sugar level?. Hippokrates 42(4): 524-524

Does coitus embarrass the fetus?. Lancet 1(8373): 374-375

Does coitus have an effect on the course of pregnancy?. Duodecim; Laaketieteellinen Aikakauskirja 110(18): 1681-1685

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