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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 42850

Chapter 42850 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Does preoperative treatment with cimetidine increase the risk of postoperative infection?. Annales Chirurgiae et Gynaecologiae 72(6): 312-316

Does prepared childbirth mean pain relief?. Topics in Clinical Nursing 2(1): 19-26

Does prevention of bronchial carcinoma fail?. Schweizerische Rundschau für Medizin Praxis 72(13): 421-425

Does prevention work?. Probe 22(11): 350-353

Does preventive heparin therapy contraindicate peridural anesthesia?. Revista Espanola de Anestesiologia Y Reanimacion 31(1): 36-36

Does primary tuberculosis of the bladder exist? Apropos of a case of cryptogenetic bladder sclerosis. Journal D'urologie et de Nephrologie 73(12): 903-907

Does primary tumor affect the prognosis in postmastectomy locoregional recurrence in breast carcinoma?. Strahlentherapie und Onkologie 171(1): 18-28

Does primary viral encephalitis exist in France?. Le Progres Medical 93(18): 743-747

Does prior antibiotic treatment hamper the diagnosis of acute bacterial meningitis? An analysis of a series of 135 childhood cases. Clinical Pediatrics 11(4): 201-204

Does prior skill reduce alcohol-induced impairment?. Journal of Studies on Alcohol 43(11): 1149-1156

Does prismatic treatment of strabismus cause more frequently than other treatments a small abnormal angle. Bulletin des Societes D'ophtalmologie de France 72(1): 57-63

Does procaine hydrochloride therapy in aging patients affect the serum cholesterol level?. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 21(4): 182-183

Does professional secrecy exist in the future?. Nordisk Medicin 88(3): 73-74

Does professional sports need psychiatry?. Duodecim; Laaketieteellinen Aikakauskirja 110(12): 1178-1181

Does progesterone exert a direct inhibiting effect on the growth of ovarian follicles?. Comptes Rendus des Seances de la Societe de Biologie et de Ses Filiales 168(8-9): 1119-1122

Does progesterone receptor in human breast cancer reflect the mast-cell content of the tumour tissue?. British Journal of Cancer 45(4): 618-620

Does progestogen reduction in oral contraception parallel reduced lipid metabolic effects?. Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica. Supplement 105: 41-44

Does progressive pancreatic insufficiency limit pain in calcific pancreatitis with duct stricture or continued alcohol insult?. Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology 3(3): 241-245

Does prolactin control the blood progesterone level on early dioestrus in rats?. Experientia 38(10): 1253-1254

Does prolactin influence first trimester abortion? A preliminary clinical observation. Gynecologic and Obstetric Investigation 15(6): 362-364

Does prolactin modify testosterone feedback in the hamster? Suppression of plasma prolactin inhibits photoperiod-induced decreases in testosterone feedback sensitivity. Endocrinology 115(6): 2098-2103

Does prolonged insertion of the Redon drain increase the postoperative risk of infection?. Der Chirurg; Zeitschrift für Alle Gebiete der Operativen Medizen 45(3): 137-138

Does prolonged pretreatment with large doses of spironolactone hasten a recovery from juxtaglomerular-adrenal suppression in primary aldosteronism?. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 31(6): 659-664

Does prophylactic endoscopic sclerotherapy prevent variceal bleeding or not? A question of experimental design. Hpb Surgery 8(2): 154-157

Does propofol cause deaths in children?. Anaesthesia 50(10): 916-916

Does proprioceptive innervation of the muscles of the pharynx exist in man?. Archives D'anatomie, D'histologie et D'embryologie Normales et Experimentales 50(5): 273-284

Does prostacyclin (PGI2) regulate human arterial intima smooth muscle cell proliferation in early atherogenesis?. Blood Vessels 17(1): 58-60

Does prostacyclin mediate alpha-adrenergic induced hypotension?. Documenta Ophthalmologica. Advances in Ophthalmology 53(2): 159-171

Does prostacyclin prevent cognitive deficits after open heart surgery?. Psychological Medicine 14(1): 213-214

Does prostaglandin El (PGE1) help restoration of spontaneous erections?. Journal D'urologie 99(3): 136-138

Does protein synthesis decline in lithium-treated sea urchin embryos because RNA synthesis is inhibited?. Experimental Cell Research 137(2): 427-431

Does proteinuria mean renal disease?. Alabama Journal of Medical Sciences 2(4): 415-417

Does pseudoephedrine increase blood pressure in patients with controlled hypertension?. Journal of Family Practice 40(1): 22-26

Does pseudomonas cross-infection occur between cystic-fibrosis patients. Lancet 2(8300): 688-690

Does psychiatric care reduce the demand for medical care services?. Medical Care 21(11): 1126-1127

Does psychoanalysis have a future in American psychology?. Psychoanalytic Quarterly 41(1): 90-103

Does psychoanalytic theory require specific methodologic criteria?. Psyche 23(11): 842-849

Does psychodiagnosis have a future?. Journal of Personality Assessment 36(6): 534-546

Does psychological stress cause diabetes?. Diabetic Medicine 12(2): 109-112

Does psychology need an object definition? On Robert Kirchhoff's criticism. Zeitschrift für Klinische Psychologie und Psychotherapie 21(4): 292-297

Does psychopharmaca impair automobile driving fitness? Results of an inquiry of the Vienna Kuratorium für Verkehrssicherheit Traffic Psychological Institute. Die Medizinische Welt 32: 1654-1657

Does psychopharmacology have a role to fill in human development?. L' Evolution Psychiatrique 33(3): 395-419

Does psychosomatic medicine exist?. Les Cahiers du College de Medecine des Hopitaux de Paris 6(4): 277-293

Does psychotherapy benefit neurotic patients. Archives of General Psychiatry 38(11): 1203-1208

Does psychotherapy work?. International Journal of Psychiatry 3(3): 153-155

Does publishing the parameters that trigger review of Medicare claims change provider behavior? Results of the parameter release study. Medical Care 33(10): 1022-1034

Does pulp capping solve the problem of devitalized teeth?. Osterreichische Zeitschrift für Stomatologie 63(6): 217-224

Does pulsatile flow improve perfusion during hypothermic cardiopulmonary bypass?. Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery 79(6): 827-832

Does pyridoxal 5'-phosphate function in glycogen phosphorylase as an electrophilic or a general acid catalyst?. Biochemistry 23(24): 5853-5861

Does pyruvate carboxylase interfere with the radioactive bicarbonate fixation assay of acetyl-CoA carboxylase?. Biochemical Journal 208(1): 247-248

Does pyruvate prevent acrylamide neurotoxicity? Implications for disease pathogenesis. Experimental Neurology 82(1): 148-158

Does qualitatively altered fibrinogen contribute to the increased heparin precipitable fraction (HPF) in acute myocardial infarction (AMI)?. Thrombosis Research 33(1): 9-18

Does quality assurance modify clinical research, medical progress and medical graduate education in surgery?. Zeitschrift für Arztliche Fortbildung 89(4): 359-363

Does quantitative tRNA adaptation to codon content in mRNA optimize the ribosomal translation efficiency? Proposal for a translation system model. Biochimie 63(3): 187-195

Does quantity insure quality?. L' Infirmiere Canadienne 11(3): 31-33

Does quinine facilitate AIDS?. Antibiotics and ChemoTherapy 32: 159-160

Does quinine still have its place in malaria therapy?. Semaine des Hopitaux. Therapeutique 49(1): 47-49

Does quiniodochlor have bile--acid binding properties?. Journal of the Association of Physicians of India 42(9): 758-758

Does race have an influence on patients' feelings toward physicians?. Journal of Family Practice 13(3): 383-387

Does race interfere with the doctor-patient relationship?. JAMA 223(13): 1498-1499

Does radiation therapy influence cellular immunity against radiated tissue antigen?. Nordisk Medicin 85(43): 1252-1252

Does radiotherapy using cobalt 60 represent progress?. Sbornik Vedeckych Praci Lekarske Fakulty Karlovy University V Hradci Kralove 9(4): 449-452

Does raised temperature prevent cancer?. Munchener Medizinische Wochenschrift 111(18): 1051-1052

Does random collisional cross-linking occur?. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 603(2): 371-374

Does rapid-eye-movement sleep play a role in brain development?. Progress in Brain Research 53: 347-356

Does rate of processing determine ease of target detection?. Journal of Experimental Psychology. Human Perception and Performance 10(1): 108-118

Does recanalisation of chronic right coronary occlusion improve long-term quality of life and the return to work?. Archives des Maladies du Coeur et des Vaisseaux 88(4): 437-442

Does receptor memory exist and is it inherited?. Orvosi Hetilap 123(8): 451-455

Does recollection error threaten the validity of cross-sectional studies of effectiveness?. Medical Care 33(4 Suppl): As77-As88

Does reduced colloid oncotic pressure increase pulmonary dysfunction in sepsis?. Current Surgery 37(2): 123-125

Does reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate have a dual function in steroid hydroxylation reactions in adrenal mitochondria?. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 41(3): 737-740

Does reduction of intraocular pressure (IOP) prevent visual field loss in glaucoma?. American Journal of Optometry and Physiological Optics 60(8): 705-711

Does regenerative capacity decrease with age?. Soviet Journal of Developmental Biology 4(6): 495-503

Does regional anaesthesia reduce postoperative morbidity?. Intensive Care Medicine 10(4): 165-167

Does removal of hydrogen change the electron energy-loss spectra of DNA bases?. Ultramicroscopy 5(2): 147-151

Does renal blood flow rise or fall in response to diatrizoate?. Investigative Radiology 4(5): 327-328

Does renal tubular dysfunction account for the enhanced CAm/CCr ratio in acute pancreatitis?. Gastroenterology 78(5 Pt 1): 986-990

Does renin play a rôle in the pathogenesis of renal hypertension?. Acquisitions Medicales Recentes: 23-52

Does repetition change the performance of Fukuda's test?. Agressologie: Revue Internationale de Physio-Biologie et de Pharmacologie Appliquees Aux Effets de L'agression 25(12): 1311-1314

Does research contribute to nursing practice?. Japanese Journal of Nursing 35(9): 4-12

Does reserpine increase prolactin and exacerbate cancer of prostate? Case control study. Urology 2(5): 525-529

Does reserpine stimulate the medullary vasomotor centers?. Pathologie-Biologie 17(23): 1079-1082

Does restricted housing space protect against allergy? Hypotheses on low frequency of allergies in Eastern Europe. Lakartidningen 92(42): 3908-3912

Does rheumatoid arthritis have a clinicopathological spectrum similar to that of leprosy?. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 41(1): 102-103

Does rhinoplasty make the nose more susceptible to fracture?. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 93(2): 313-317

Does rifampicin increase serum levels of testosterone and oestradiol by inducing sex hormone binding globulin capacity?. British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 12(3): 431-433

Does rifampin prophylaxis prevent disease caused by Hemophilus influenzae type b?. JAMA 251(18): 2408-2409

Does rigidity in structure of muscarinic agonists and antagonists reflect drug specificity?. Monographs in Neural Sciences 7: 41-54

Does role dictate response of chiefs and chairmen?. International Journal of Cardiology 6(5): 639-644

Does rolling of the eye occur in the anaesthetized paralysed cat?. Vision Research 12(5): 1045-1050

Does routine child health surveillance reach children most at risk of accidental injury?. Journal of Public Health Medicine 17(1): 39-45

Does rupture of cystic carcinoma during operation influence the prognosis?. Annales Chirurgiae et Gynaecologiae Fenniae 57(5): 615-617

Does sacral agenesis predispose to spina bifida?. Journal of Medical Genetics 20(4): 313-313

Does saline "correct" the abnormal mass balance in metabolic alkalosis associated with chloride depletion in the rat?. Clinical and Investigative Medicine. Medecine Clinique et Experimentale 17(5): 448-460

Does salivary IgA play a role in caries and periodontal disease?. Actualites Odonto-Stomatologiques 34(132): 573-581

Does saving the pylorus in pancreatoduodenectomy for periampullary cancer have a value?. Langenbecks Archiv für Chirurgie 379(1): 58-63

Does second-line therapy affect the radiological progression of rheumatoid arthritis?. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 43(1): 18-23

Does secondary cardioplegia provide long-term recovery from ischemic injury?. Annals of Thoracic Surgery 35(1): 79-86

Does seizure activity produce Purkinje cell loss?. Epilepsia 25(6): 747-751

Does selective peroperative cholangiography result in missed common bile duct stones?. Journal of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh 38(4): 220-224

Does selectivity in radical adenomectomy in invasive hypophyseal adenomas increase the risk of recurrence?. Bratislavske Lekarske Listy 95(8): 349-353

Does selenium protect against tumors?. Nordisk Medicin 86(50): 1531-1532

Does self mutilation make any sense?. Neuropsychiatrie de L'enfance et de L'adolescence 32(4): 171-181

Does self-regulation of breathing need a feedback from the respiratory muscles?. Experimental Neurology 38(1): 177-179

Does septic arthritis occur in human immunodeficiency virus infection?. Revue du Rhumatisme 61(5): 343-347

Does serological penicillin resistence to lues exist?. Dermatologica 141(2): 65-68

Does serum HCV-RNA-positive hepatitis C differ from serum HCV-RNA-negative hepatitis C?. Schweizerische Medizinische Wochenschrift 125(40): 1855-1863

Does sex hormone-binding globulin play a role in the transport of estradiol in vivo?. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 148(5): 643-648

Does sex influence laterality differences in recognition of visually-presented kana or kanji words?. Folia Psychiatrica et Neurologica Japonica 35(4): 417-423

Does sex make a difference? Gender, age, and stimulus realism in perception and evaluation of aggression. American Journal of Psychology 93(1): 53-78

Does sexuality fade over time? A look at the question and the answer. Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry 17(2): 149-159

Does short-term fasting lower the cardiovascular risk in obesity? Effects of the composition of the reducing diet. Fortschritte der Medizin 101(35): 1550-1553

Does silent reading involve articulation? Evidence from tongue twisters. American Journal of Psychology 95(3): 409-419

Does silver impregnate normal and degenerating boutons? A study based on light and electron microscopical observations of the inferior olive . Brain Research 31(1): 47-65

Does simian virus 40 T antigen unwind DNA?. Journal of Biological Chemistry 256(19): 10156-10160

Does single Kanji process dominantly in the right hemisphere? Some implication from Stroop-test results. International Journal of Neuroscience 18(1-2): 67-71

Does slight brain damage in early childhood have significance for adult psychiatry? Results of a catamnestic study. Psychiatrie, Neurologie, und Medizinische Psychologie 35(7): 433-439

Does slow-reacting substance of anaphylaxis mediate hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction?. American Review of Respiratory Disease 127(5): 566-571

Does smokeless tobacco cause hypertension?. Southern Medical Journal 88(7): 716-720

Does smoking affect taste sensitivity to phenylthiourea?. Eugenics Quarterly 15(1): 51-54

Does smoking cause low back pain? A review of the epidemiologic literature for causality. Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics 18(4): 237-243

Does smoking increase medical care expenditure?. Social Science & Medicine 17(23): 1907-1914

Does smoking influence serum alpha-fetoprotein levels in mid-trimester pregnancies?. British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 91(12): 1188-1191

Does smoking influence the lead body burden in workers?. Danish Medical Bulletin 27(1): 55-58

Does sobriety and self-fulfilment always necessitate total and permanent abstinence?. British Journal of Addiction 75(1): 55-63

Does social position change the degree of inebriation?. Das Deutsche Gesundheitswesen 21(23): 1081-1089

Does social support have an impact on the prognosis in cancer?. Tidsskrift for den Norske Laegeforening 115(24): 3022-3025

Does social work in HMOs measure up to professional standards?. Health & Social Work 9(4): 305-313

Does society want a well-educated nurse?. Sygeplejersken 80(17): 24-24

Does sodium pentobarbital anesthesia compromise clearance of bacteria or survival of dogs in lethal E coli shock?. Circulatory Shock 8(1): 59-67

Does sodium pentobarbital anesthesia compromise phagocytosis of E coli in vitro?. Circulatory Shock 7(4): 425-433

Does spasmophilia (chronic idiopathic tetany) exist?. La Revue du Praticien 31(45): 3183-4, 3187-8

Does specialization bring status?. Health & Social Work 5(1): 4, 70-4, 70

Does specialization enhance social work as a profession?. Health & Social Work 7(3): 237-240

Does speech output control lateralize over time? Evidence from verbal-manual time-sharing tasks. Brain and Language 10(2): 215-223

Does splenectomy decrease the incidence of hyperacute rejection?. Surgical Forum 22: 239-240

Does sport protect against myocardial infarct?. Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift 107(11): 403-405

Does squinting matter?. Special Education 55(2): 23-26

Does staff representation equal active participation?. Hospitals 46(24): 51-55

Does staphylococcal allergy exist?. Lille Medical 12(4): 467-470

Does staphylococcal toxic shock exist?. La Revue du Praticien 32(49-50): 3155-6, 3161-2

Does stereopsis have a fusional component?. Perception & Psychophysics 34(6): 599-603

Does sterilization cause psychic faulty development? Reply to the article by W. Mende: Forensic-psychiatric problems in sterilization and castration. (Nervenarzt 40, 463-6, 1969). Der Nervenarzt 41(6): 287-289

Does stimulation of Na+-K+-Mg2+-activated ATP-ase inhibit acetylcholine release from nerve terminals?. British Journal of Pharmacology 48(2): 346p-347p

Does stopping tobacco smoking affect long-term prognosis after myocardial infarction?. Wiadomosci Lekarskie 37(8): 569-576

Does strain NK-Ly exist?. Voprosy Onkologii 20(10): 90-92

Does stress control our lives?. Zwr 91(3): 26-29

Does strychnine block inhibition post-synaptically?. Nature 223(5211): 1168-1169

Does subclinical hypothyroidism predispose to tricyclic-induced rapid mood cycles?. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry 43(7): 290-291

Does subclinical pancreatic inflammation occur after parathyroidectomy?. Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons of England 77(2): 102-106

Does subcuticular green polyglycolic acid suture tattoo?. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology 22(3): 153-154

Does substance P comediate with acetylcholine in nerves of opossum esophageal muscularis mucosa?. American Journal of Physiology 245(1): G19-G28

Does substance P participate in water transport and excretion?. Medical Hypotheses 7(3): 311-314

Does sulphinpyrazone prevent recurrence of myocardial infarction?. Lancet 1(8274): 735-736

Does summer smog damage the nasal mucosa and contribute to bacterial rhinitis?. Hno 43(4): 257-260

Does superficial thrombophlebitis cause thrombophlebitis of the deep veins?. Phlebologie 25(3): 309-310

Does superoxide anion participate in 2-oxoglutarate-dependent hydroxylation?. Biochemical Journal 205(2): 339-344

Does surface heparinisation reduce bacterial colonisation of central venous catheters?. Lancet 345(8942): 130-130

Does surgery correct esophageal motor dysfunction in gastroesophageal reflux. Annals of Surgery 194(3): 290-296

Does surgery disseminate or accelerate cancer?. Lancet 346(8989): 1506-1507

Does surgical glove powder decrease the inoculum of bacteria required to produce an abscess?. Journal of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh 28(4): 219-222

Does switching to an ultra-low nicotine cigarette induce nicotine withdrawal effects?. Psychopharmacology 84(1): 120-123

Does switching to low tar/nicotine/carbon monoxide-yield cigarettes decrease alveolar carbon monoxide measures? A randomized controlled trial. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology 51(2): 234-241

Does syndrome X exist?. Archives des Maladies du Coeur et des Vaisseaux 87(12): 1739-1743

Does synthetic Delta Sleep-Inducing Peptide possess hypnogenic properties?. Neuroscience and Behavioral Physiology 13(4): 243-244

Does syphilis still erode the spine?. La Semaine des Hopitaux 46(37): 2354-2357

Does systemic morphine increase descending inhibitory controls of dorsal horn neurones involved in nociception?. Brain Research 202(1): 223-228

Does systems engineering have a future in health care facilities?. Hospital Progress 55(9): 71-73

Does tamoxifen induce endometrial hyperplasia, carcinoma and polyps?. South African Medical Journal 84(6): 367-368

Does tar belong in the Goeckerman regimen?. International Journal of Dermatology 21(6): 331-332

Does tardive dyskinesia exist?. Modern Problems of Pharmacopsychiatry 21: 206-219

Does taurine have a function? Introduction. Federation Proceedings 39(9): 2678-2679

Does taurine have clinical significance?. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 139: 513-532

Does teacher really know best?. Journal of Nursing Education 6(1): 3-11 Passim

Does team care give better patient care? Research starting in Lidingö hospital. Tidskrift for Sveriges Sjukskoterskor 40(22): 10-11

Does technetium-99m bicisate image local brain metabolism in late ictal temporal lobe epilepsy?. European Journal of Nuclear Medicine 21(11): 1247-1251

Does television violence cause aggression?. American Psychologist 27(4): 253-263

Does tenotomy of skeletal muscle alter Z-line width in older animals?. Experientia 37(12): 1300-1301

Does testing of brainstem auditory response aid diagnosis in progressive spastic paraparesis?. Acta Neurologica Scandinavica 69(2): 107-111

Does testing pass the test?. Journal of Rehabilitation 39(4): 31-33

Does tetanus confer immunity?. Bulletin de la Societe Medicale D'afrique Noire de Langue Francaise 10(3): 422-423

Does tetracycline deter ticks?. New England Journal of Medicine 307(18): 1152-1152

Does tetrahydroparaveroline contribute to the cardiovascular actions of dopamine?. Biochemical Pharmacology 17(9): 1873-1880

Does that CBC spell trouble?. Rn 47(7): 48-51

Does that disposable really save money?. Canadian Hospital 45(2): 30-30

Does the '(Imminent) miscarriage standard of the Dutch College of Family Physicians correspond to the management by gynecologists?. Nederlands Tijdschrift Voor Geneeskunde 139(18): 930-934

Does the (imminent) miscarriage standard of the Dutch College of Family Physicians correspond to its management by gynecologists?. Nederlands Tijdschrift Voor Geneeskunde 139(27): 1404-1404

Does the ADA provide protection against discrimination on the basis of genotype?. Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 23(2): 167-172

Does the Association for Catholic Nurses in Canada have a future?. Bulletin des Infirmieres Catholiques du Canada 34(2): 8-16

Does the Billroth II operation have an effect on the cholesterol content of the blood serum?. Die Medizinische Welt 52: 2912 Passim-2912 Passim

Does the C-terminal tetrapeptide of gastrin and CCK exist as an entity?. Nature 286(5774): 742-742

Does the CO2 laser spread viable brain-tumor cells outside the surgical field?. Journal of Neurosurgery 60(4): 819-820

Does the Council of State affect the pharmacy monopoly?. Annales Pharmaceutiques Francaises 30(12): 73-76

Does the D-galactose receptor on Kupffer cells recycle?. Biochemical Journal 200(2): 445-448

Does the DNA methylase Eco dam pair nucleotide sequences to form site-specific duplexes?. Febs Letters 168(1): 166-168

Does the Danish Cardiologic Society dare to explore acupuncture?. Ugeskrift for Laeger 157(3): 301-302

Does the Danish Dental Association want to set a goal. Tidsskrift for Praktiserende Tandlaeger 1(2): 13-18

Does the Fränkel appliance produce forward movement of mandibular premolars?. European Journal of Orthodontics 4(3): 173-183

Does the Golgi apparatus participate in steroidogenesis? Cytological studies in Leydig cells of viviparous lizard testis. Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Seances de L'academie des Sciences. Serie D: Sciences Naturelles 270(3): 525-527

Does the HIV-1 coat protein gp120 produce brain damage?. Trends in Pharmacological Sciences 15(10): 362-363

Does the HLA region contain the equivalents of the H-2 I-A, I-J, I-E and I-C genes?. Scandinavian Journal of Urology and Nephrology. Supplementum 54: 156-157

Does the Hawksley random zero sphygmomanometer underestimate blood pressure, and by how much?. Journal of Human Hypertension 9(5): 337-343

Does the Hyde Amendment violate religious freedom? Harris v. McRae and the First Amendment. American Journal of Law & Medicine 6(3): 361-372

Does the Jirasek-Zulzer-Wilson disease exist?. Vestnik Khirurgii Imeni I. I. Grekova 98(2): 100-101

Does the Krukenberg operation still have its justification?. Hefte Zur Unfallheilkunde 100: 33-34

Does the Kyungrak explain ulcers of the stomach and duodenum?. Anais Paulistas de Medicina E Cirurgia 89(6): 167-173

Does the MMPI differentiate chronic illness from chronic pain?. Pain 13(4): 333-341

Does the Maria law satisfy the need of the present time?. Lakartidningen 63(40): 3752-3763

Does the Mauthner cell conform to the criteria of the command neuron concept?. Brain Research 204(1): 21-27

Does the NIH statement fill the bill on hip replacement?. American Family Physician 51(8): 1808, 1810, 1812-1808, 1810, 1812

Does the National Board of Health adn Welfare support worthless research on alternative therapy?. Ugeskrift for Laeger 157(49): 6889-6890

Does the National Safety Council really do anything?. Journal of Trauma 8(2): 298-299

Does the Norwegian Nurses' Association come under one large umbrella?. Sykepleien 69(15): 16-17

Does the Pierre Robin syndrome still have its justification as an etiological entity?. Archiv der Julius Klaus-Stiftung für Vererbungsforschung, Sozialanthropologie und Rassenhygiene 43-44: 75-89

Does the Q angle reflect the force on the patella in the frontal plane?. Physical Therapy 75(1): 24-30

Does the Schiötz-tonometer have to be dismantled after each measurement of intraocular tension?. Klinische Monatsblatter für Augenheilkunde 157(1): 65-69

Does the Silastic Eustachian Tube prosthesis improve eustachian tube function?. Laryngoscope 90(9): 1413-1428

Does the U.S. need a new health system?. Journal of the American Osteopathic Association 68(11): 1179-1192

Does the UN World Assembly on Aging continue to help? (Short report and critical personal impressions on the UN World Assembly on Aging, Vienna, July 26-August 6, 1982). Aktuelle Gerontologie 13(2): 75-78

Does the United States have a science policy?. Nature 217(5125): 225-231

Does the Victorian Order of Nurses have a future?. Canadian Medical Association Journal 129(6): 625-626

Does the Wholesome Meat Act of 1967 really protect the consumer?. Veterinary Medicine, Small Animal Clinician 63(7): 639-42 Passim

Does the ability to catabolize and eliminate alcohol rise with increased alcohol consumption?. Beitrage Zur Gerichtlichen Medizin 29: 365-370

Does the absence of immunologic surveillance affect the tumor incidence in "nude" mice? First recorded spontaneous lymphoma in a "nude" mouse. Journal of the National Cancer Institute 51(2): 707-711

Does the absence of thrombi in the transesophageal echocardiogram justify cardioversion without anticoagulant prophylaxis in patients with atrial fibrillation?. Giornale Italiano di Cardiologia 24(12): 1626-1629

Does the acetylcholine-induced potassium current in rabbit cardiac Purkinje fibers show relaxation?. Archives Internationales de Pharmacodynamie et de Therapie 262(2): 322-323

Does the addition of ketotifen to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs confer any additional benefit in rheumatoid arthritis?. British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 17(2): 157-159

Does the administration of the calcium-antagonist verapamil in tocolysis with beta-sympathicomimetics still make sense?. Journal of Perinatal Medicine 9(5): 235-247

Does the adrenaline preparation Eppy possess pupillomotor properties?. Klinische Monatsblatter für Augenheilkunde 152(5): 705-709

Does the amniotic fluid index reflect actual amniotic fluid volume?. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 172(1 Pt 1): 239-240

Does the amount of edema in patients affect the magnitude of response to a dose of a diuretic acting on the renal tubules?. Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and the Journal of New Drugs 9(6): 374-383

Does the amount of thyroglobulin antigen influence the severity and genetic control of murine autoimmune thyroiditis?. Immunology Letters 6(3): 155-159

Does the anemic patient have a lesion in the gastrointestinal tract?. Radiology 91(4): 824-825

Does the antibacterial action of Madagascar chewing tobacco justify its use against dental caries?. Dakar Medical 29(2): 295-301

Does the antidiuretic effect of polythiazide (Renese) in diabetes insipidus depend on hypokalemia?. Polski Tygodnik Lekarski 23(35): 1311-1314

Does the antisecretory agent used affect the evolution of upper digestive hemorrhage?. Revista Espanola de Enfermedades Digestivas 87(6): 427-430

Does the association between skin tests positive for housedust and negative for Pteronyssinus fit a special clinical entity?. Larc Medical 2(8): 645-648

Does the autonomic nervous system regulate whole-body lymph flow?. American Journal of Physiology 245(5 Pt 1): R695-R700

Does the average size of a cistron evolve?. Zhurnal Evoliutsionnoi Biokhimii i Fiziologii 10(2): 189-190

Does the avoidance of nasogastric decompression following elective abdominal colorectal surgery affect the incidence of incisional hernia? Results of a prospective, randomized trial. Diseases of the Colon and Rectum 38(6): 604-608

Does the baroreceptor-heart rate reflex indicate the capacity of the arterial baroreceptors to control blood pressure?. Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology & Physiology 7(5): 499-503

Does the basement membrane control the mitotic activity of the inner dental epithelium of the embryonic mouse first lower molar. Developmental Biology 93(2): 301-307

Does the basic therapy affect the development of secondary amyloidosis in rheumatoid arthritis?. Terapevticheskii Arkhiv 67(5): 47-49

Does the benefit of aggressive potassium replacement in diuretic-treated patients outweigh the risk?. Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology 6 Suppl 3: S488-S492

Does the beta TG/PF4 ratio have any value in myeloproliferative diseases?. Thrombosis and Haemostasis 51(3): 411-411

Does the beta blockade decrease mortality after acute myocardial infarction?. Lakartidningen 79(13): 1226-1229

Does the beta-TG/PF4 ratio have any value?. Thrombosis and Haemostasis 49(2): 147-147

Does the binding of clusters of basic residues to acidic lipids induce domain formation in membranes?. Molecular Membrane Biology 12(1): 69-75

Does the biological availability of acetylcholine assure intellectual functioning? Risks of anticholinergics. Casopis Lekaru Ceskych 123(40-41): 1246-1247

Does the bullous eruption of lichen planus pemphigoides recur when the LP relapses?. Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology 10(2 Pt 1): 290-291

Does the calcium antagonist verapamil protect from myocardial damage during tocolysis with beta-sympathicomimetics?. Geburtshilfe und Frauenheilkunde 40(6): 500-507

Does the calcium current modulate the contraction of the accompanying beat? A study of E-C coupling in mammalian ventricular muscle using cobalt ions. Circulation Research 49(3): 576-583

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