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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 42959

Chapter 42959 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Effects of ketamine on vascular smooth muscle function. British Journal of Pharmacology 70(2): 257-267

Effects of ketanserin and mepyramine on platelet aggregation and on the uptake of 5-hydroxytryptamine into platelets. Thrombosis Research 30(5): 415-423

Effects of ketazocine, ethylketazocine and phenazocine on schedule-controlled behavior: antagonism by naloxone. Neuropharmacology 21(9): 923-928

Effects of ketocyclazocine alone and in combination with naloxone on schedule-controlled responding in squirrel monkeys. Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Behavior 18(3): 395-400

Effects of ketocyclazocine and ethylketocyclazocine on electric shock titration. European Journal of Pharmacology 94(1-2): 19-26

Effects of ketogenic diet on electroconvulsive threshold and brain contents of adenosine nucleotides. Brain & Development 5(4): 375-380

Effects of ketohexosemia on the ketohexose transport in the small intestine of rats. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 772(3): 259-263

Effects of ketone bodies on insulin release and islet-cell metabolism in the rat. Biochemical Journal 212(2): 371-377

Effects of ketotifen, a benzocycloheptathiophene, on metacholine- and acetylcholine-induced contractions of canine respiratory smooth muscle. Immunopharmacology 4(1): 69-72

Effects of khat on health--a South Arabian stimulant with increasing consumption. Lakartidningen 82(52): 4590-4592

Effects of kidney and pancreas transplantation on streptozotocin-induced malignant kidney tumors in rats. Cancer Research 34(7): 1643-1645

Effects of kinins on isolated blood vessels. Role of endothelium. Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology 60(12): 1580-1583

Effects of kinins, kallikrein and its inhibitor on certain indices of cell-mediated immunity and humoral immunity in rabbits. Acta Physiologica Polonica 31(1): 71-79

Effects of knowledge of isometric strength during performance on recorded strength. Research Quarterly 38(3): 507-507

Effects of knowledge of results and differential monetary reward on six uninterrupted hours of monitoring. Human Factors 7(2): 173-180

Effects of knowledge of results and frame difficulty on inductive reasoning program tasks. Perceptual and Motor Skills 24(3): 823-828

Effects of knowledge of results and spacing of practice trials in training of control of binocular rivalry. Perceptual and Motor Skills 31(3): 827-830

Effects of knowledge of results, feedback in relation to standards, and goals on reaction-time performance. American Journal of Psychology 81(4): 566-574

Effects of knowledge of social learning principles on enhancing treatment outcome and generalization in a parent training program. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology 49(4): 526-532

Effects of knowledge of the ITI on time estimates. Perceptual and Motor Skills 31(2): 392-394

Effects of known and suspected neurotransmitter substances and of some nucleotides on isolated mast cells. Experientia 28(6): 653-655

Effects of krestin and p-aminobenzoic-N-xyloside sodium salt on activities of drug-metabolizing enzymes and glutathione-related enzymes in rat liver. Gan to Kagaku Ryoho. Cancer & ChemoTherapy 11(5): 1032-1036

Effects of l- 1 -tetrahydrocannabinol on temporally spaced responding and discriminated Sidman avoidance behaviour in rats. Nature 232(5311): 498-501

Effects of l- and d-propranolol on the ischemic myocardial metabolism of the isolated guniea pig heart, as studied by 31P-NMR. Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology 4(5): 700-704

Effects of l- and d-timolol on cyclic AMP synthesis and intraocular pressure in water-loaded, albino and pigmented rabbits. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 24(9): 1276-1282

Effects of l-(2-nitro-l-imidazolyl)-3-methoxy-2-propanol and 2-methyl-5-nitroimidazole-l-ethanol against anaerobic and aerobic bacteria and protozoa. Applied Microbiology 18(5): 728-730

Effects of l-azetidine-2-carboxylic acid, a proline analogue, on the in vitro development of mouse tooth germs. Archives of Oral Biology 19(12): 1171-1176

Effects of l-carnitine on action potential of canine papillary muscle during hypoxic perfusion. Journal of Electrocardiology 17(1): 85-89

Effects of l-delta9- and l-delta8-trans-tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabinol on schedule-controlled behavior of pigeons and rats. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 178(1): 241-252

Effects of label distinctiveness and label testing on recognition of complex pictures. American Journal of Psychology 93(3): 505-527

Effects of labels on attitudes of educators toward handicapped children. Exceptional Children 33(6): 399-403

Effects of labels on children's perception: part-of-speech variation of the verbal stimulus. Perceptual and Motor Skills 25(3): 949-952

Effects of labels on perceptual transfer: stimulus and developmental factors. Journal of Experimental Psychology 80(1): 73-77

Effects of labetalol and methyldopa on renal function. Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics 30(1): 57-63

Effects of labetalol and phentolamine on plasma catecholamine concentrations in anesthetized dogs. Masui. Japanese Journal of Anesthesiology 32(5): 548-553

Effects of labetalol and propranolol on the peripheral circulation in hypertensive patients. Acta Medica Scandinavica. Supplementum 665: 93-101

Effects of labetalol in chronic two-kidney Goldblatt hypertension (2-KGH) in rats. Archives Internationales de Pharmacodynamie et de Therapie 243(2): 255-260

Effects of labetalol on left ventricular mass and function in hypertension--an assessment by serial echocardiography. International Journal of Cardiology 5(4): 461-473

Effects of labetalol on the arachidonic acid metabolism in human blood platelets, and in lung and aorta of the rat. Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes, and Medicine 12(1): 1-9

Effects of labetalol on the response of arterial blood pressure to exercise in hypertensive patients. Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia 40(1): 65-67

Effects of labetalol, a new alpha- and beta-adrenoreceptor blocking drug, on arterial pressure, renal function and renin activity. La Nouvelle Presse Medicale 9(15): 1087-1090

Effects of labor on plasma dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate and cortisol. Gynecologic Investigation 1(2): 57-68

Effects of labor on the fetus and newborn. Vestnik Akademii Meditsinskikh Nauk SSSR 24(1): 33-41

Effects of laboratory reprocessing on silver phosphate glass microdosimeters. SAM-TR-68-96. Sam-Tr. Usaf School of Aerospace Medicine: 1-5

Effects of labyrinthectomy on optokinetic nystagmus (OKN) and optokinetic after-nystagmus (OKAN). International Journal of Equilibrium Research 3(1): 88-93

Effects of labyrinthine caloric stimulation and drugs micro-iontophoretically applied to brain stem neurones. Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology 27(1): 97-97

Effects of labyrinthine caloric stimulation and stimulation with compounds administered by micro-iontophoresis on single neurons of the brain stem. Rivista di Neurologia 39(1): 52-58

Effects of lacidipine and nifedipine on lower limb veins in nonphlebopathic patients. Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology 23 Suppl 5: S111-S112

Effects of lactase administration in children with lactose malabsorption. Evaluation using the breath hydrogen test. Minerva Pediatrica 36(12): 653-657

Effects of lactate, ammonia, inorganic phosphate, potassium, pH, pCO2 and pO2 on the activities of adenosine and AMP aminohydrolases from skeletal and cardiac muscles. Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine 111(4): 353-360

Effects of lactation on hormonal levels in rural women. International Journal of Gynaecology and Obstetrics: the Official Organ of the International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics 17(5): 437-439

Effects of lactones on the (Na + - K + )-adenosinetriphosphatase activity of human erythrocytes. Comptes Rendus des Seances de la Societe de Biologie et de Ses Filiales 165(2): 301-305

Effects of lactose and mode of sterilization of a lactose diet on mineral metabolism in germ-free and conventional rats. Reproduction, Nutrition, Developpement 20(1a): 119-138

Effects of lactose on intestinal calcium absorption in normal and lactase-deficient subjects. Gastroenterology 84(5 Pt 1): 935-940

Effects of lactulose and other laxatives on ileal and colonic pH as measured by a radiotelemetry device. Gut 15(12): 999-1004

Effects of lambda-phage infection on bacterial synthesis. Journal of Molecular Biology 26(3): 525-535

Effects of laminin, proteoglycan and type IV collagen, components of basement membranes, on platelet aggregation. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 100(1): 233-239

Effects of lansoprazole on ethanol-induced injury and PG synthetic activity in rat gastric mucosa. Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology 20 Suppl 2: S5-S7

Effects of lansoprazole on gastric ulcer healing and mucin content. Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology 20 Suppl 2: S47-S51

Effects of lansoprazole on mucosal regeneration in patients with gastric ulcers: evaluation using an electronic endoscope with a magnifying function. Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology 20 Suppl 2: S59-S61

Effects of lansoprazole with or without amoxicillin on ulcer healing: relation to eradication of Helicobacter pylori. Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology 20 Suppl 2: S107-S111

Effects of lanthanum and calcium on chronically denervated muscle fibers. American Journal of Physiology 220(2): 401-405

Effects of lanthanum and trifluoperazine on [125I]calmodulin binding to rat striatal particulates. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 215(1): 28-34

Effects of lanthanum ions on function and structure of frog neuromuscular junctions. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological Sciences 179(1056): 247-260

Effects of lanthanum on 45 Ca movements and on contractions induced by norepinephrine, histamine and potassium in vascular smooth muscle. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 177(2): 415-425

Effects of lanthanum on 45 Ca movements and oxytocin-induced milk ejection in mammary tissue. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 140(2): 481-484

Effects of lanthanum on contraction, calcium distribution and Ca45 movements in intestinal smooth muscle. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 169(1): 46-55

Effects of lanthanum on potassium contractures of isolated twitch muscle fibres of the frog. Acta Physiologica Scandinavica 90(1): 124-131

Effects of lanthanum on the coupling between membrane excitation and contraction of isolated frog muscle fibres. Acta Physiologica Scandinavica 90(1): 113-123

Effects of lanthanum on the electrical and mechanical activities of frog ventricular muscle. Japanese Journal of Physiology 32(4): 609-625

Effects of large (0.9 micrometers) sulfuric acid aerosols on human pulmonary function. Environmental Research 28(1): 123-130

Effects of large and small T antigens on DNA synthesis and cell division in simian virus 40-transformed BALB/c 3T3 cells. Journal of Virology 44(2): 574-585

Effects of large and small doses of hydrochlorothiazide in hypertensive patients. Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics 11(5): 733-739

Effects of large doses of calciferol on patients with rheumatoid arthritis. A double-blind clinical trial. Scandinavian Journal of Rheumatology 2(4): 173-176

Effects of large doses of colistin sulphomethate sodium on renal function. British Medical Journal 4(5734): 525-527

Effects of large doses of nicotinyl alcohol on serum lipid levels and carbohydrate tolerance. Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and the Journal of New Drugs 8(6): 370-376

Effects of large doses of phenylbutazone administration to horses. American Journal of Veterinary Research 44(5): 774-780

Effects of large granular lymphocytes on malignant lymphoma cells. Japanese Journal of Clinical Hematology 25(4): 512-517

Effects of large increases in pulmonary blood flow on pulmonary venous pressure. Journal of Applied Physiology 27(2): 179-185

Effects of large intramuscular doses of atropine on cardiac rhythm. Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics 12(3): 482-486

Effects of large variations in diet on free catecholamines and their metabolites in urine. Journal of Psychiatric Research 7(4): 263-273

Effects of large vitamin C in guinea pigs and rats. Journal of Nutrition 103(12): 1688-1695

Effects of large-bore middle ear ventilation tubes. Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery 88(5): 581-585

Effects of laser energy on experimental hemorrhage into the vitreous body in rabbits. Klinika Oczna 40(2): 163-166

Effects of laser iridotomy using Abraham lens on the ocular tissue--geometrical optical evaluation. Nippon Ganka Gakkai Zasshi 87(2): 124-128

Effects of laser irradiation delivered by flexible fiberoptic system on the left ventricular internal myocardium. American Heart Journal 106(3): 587-590

Effects of laser irradiation of blood on electrical ventricular instability in patients with progressive angina pectoris. Kardiologiia 33(2): 19-21

Effects of laser irradiation on cardiac valves: transcatheter in vivo vaporization of aortic valve. American Heart Journal 107(2): 394-395

Effects of laser irradiation on hematoporphyrin-treated normal and transformed thyroid cells in culture. Cancer Research 43(5): 2076-2080

Effects of laser irradiation on human erythrocytes: considerations concerning clinical laser angioplasty. Clinical Cardiology 6(8): 396-398

Effects of laser irradiation on human thrombus: demonstration of a linear dissolution-dose relation between clot length and energy density. American Journal of Cardiology 52(7): 876-877

Effects of laser irradiation on the central nervous system. II. The intracranial explosion. Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry 31(1): 43-49

Effects of laser irradiation on the regeneration of the bronchial epithelium in chronic inflammation. Vestnik Rossiiskoi Akademii Meditsinskikh Nauk: 48-53

Effects of laser microirradiation in chromatophore organs of embryonic and juvenile Cephalopods. Mikroskopie 40(1-2): 35-40

Effects of laser photocoagulation on corneal neovascularization in rabbits. Journal of Refractive and Corneal Surgery 10(6): 631-639

Effects of laser radiation on the morphology of human coronary atherosclerotic disease. Cardiology Clinics 2(4): 621-631

Effects of laser sources (argon, Nd:YAG, CO2) on the elastic resistance of the vessel wall: histological and physical study. Lasers in Surgery and Medicine 3(1): 45-54

Effects of laser therapy on immunity in patients with bronchial asthma and pulmonary tuberculosis. Problemy Tuberkuleza: 23-26

Effects of laser trabeculoplasty on the human aqueous humor dynamics: a fluorophotometric study. Annals of Ophthalmology 16(6): 540-2, 544

Effects of laser, scalpel, and electrosurgical excision on wound contracture and graft "take". Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 65(6): 729-731

Effects of laser-puncture therapy in threatened abortion on the hormone content of the blood. Akusherstvo i Ginekologiia: 32-33

Effects of lasix on intraocular pressure. Nihon Ganka Kiyo 18(3): 326-328

Effects of latamoxef and methyltetrazolethiol on gamma-glutamylcarboxylase activity. Japanese Journal of Pharmacology 35(3): 330-333

Effects of late coronary artery reperfusion after myocardial necrosis is complete. American Heart Journal 107(4): 623-629

Effects of late thymectomy on production of serum proteins and anti-bovine serum albumin antibodies in rats deficient in proteins and re-fed following this deficiency. Comptes Rendus des Seances de la Societe de Biologie et de Ses Filiales 161(2): 264-268

Effects of late-onset depression and recovery on autobiographical memory. Journals of Gerontology. Series B, Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences 50(2): P74-P81

Effects of latency time on the type of bronchial response in specific provocation tests. Respiration; International Review of Thoracic Diseases 45(3): 243-254

Effects of later housing on both scent marking behavior and brain cholinergic activities in Mongolian gerbils. Experientia 37(2): 163-164

Effects of lateral and dorsomedial thalamic lesions on retention of active avoidance tasks. Journal of Comparative and Physiological Psychology 64(2): 256-261

Effects of lateral hypothalamic lesions on placentophagia in virgin, primiparous, and multiparous rats. Journal of Comparative and Physiological Psychology 84(1): 53-62

Effects of lateral inhibition on fluctuations of the impulse rate. Journal of General Physiology 57(5): 557-575

Effects of lateral recumbency and sitting on the first stage of labor. Journal of Reproductive Medicine 29(7): 477-481

Effects of lateralized brain damage on factor scales of the MMPI. International Journal of Neuroscience 23(2): 127-130

Effects of lathyrogens on the mechanical properties of the periodontium in the rat mandibular incisor. Tsurumi Shigaku. Tsurumi University Dental Journal 8(3): 345-356

Effects of laurusin (formycin B) on tobacco mosaic virus multiplication and its symptom development. Journal of Antibiotics 19(2): 75-77

Effects of lay groups on weight reduction. British Medical Journal 284(6309): 117-117

Effects of lead acetate on sensitivity to shock, intravascular carbon and endotoxin clearances, and hepatic endotoxin detoxification. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 142(2): 471-475

Effects of lead in vivo and in vitro on GABAergic neurochemistry. Journal of Neurochemistry 34(6): 1712-1718

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Effects of lead on the erythrocyte system. Medycyna Pracy 31(6): 483-488

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Effects of lead, cadmium and methylmercury on immunological memory. Journal of Environmental Pathology and Toxicology 4(5-6): 47-52

Effects of lead, copper, and zinc on the rat's lactate dehydrogenase in vivo and in vitro. Archives of Toxicology 48(1): 21-27

Effects of leadership and other inputs on group processes and outputs. Journal of Social Psychology 80(2): 157-169

Effects of leadership style upon group performance as a function of task structure. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 3(2): 238-242

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Effects of lecture information density on medical student achievement. Journal of Medical Education 59(11 Pt 1): 881-889

Effects of leech and ground beetle powder on hemorheology and blood lipid of ischemic stroke. Zhongguo Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Za Zhi Zhongguo Zhongxiyi Jiehe Zazhi 15(3): 150-152

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Effects of leg cooling on peak isokinetic torque and endurance. American Corrective Therapy Journal 37(4): 109-115

Effects of legal abortion on gynaecology. British Medical Journal 3(5818): 99-102

Effects of legal interventions on the program for the recognition of disease in children. Fortschritte der Medizin 101(34): 1517-1519

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Effects of length of hospitalization, frequency of penalty, and amount of penalty on the probability learning of schizophrenics. Journal of Abnormal Psychology 82(2): 357-362

Effects of length of imprisonment on self description of delinquents: reference group effects?. Zeitschrift für Experimentelle und Angewandte Psychologie 30(3): 474-499

Effects of lens removal on the eye of embryos of Leuciscus bergi from the lake Issyk-Kul'. Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR 167(1): 232-234

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