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Effects of multiple, chronic and early hashish exposure on mating behavior, nest-building and gestation in mice

, : Effects of multiple, chronic and early hashish exposure on mating behavior, nest-building and gestation in mice. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. C: Comparative Pharmacology 72(2): 363-368

1. The effects of hashish extract on social behavior were investigated in pairs of mice living together from mating to parturition. The drug was administered orally to both animals at a dose of 20 mg delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol/kg three times a week, either (I) during the 3 weeks from mating to parturition, (II) during the 12 weeks from weaning to mating and parturition, or (III) only during the 3 weeks after weaning. 2. In the mating tests, an acute administration (I) caused a general sedation. Chronically treated animals (II) showed decreased sexual behavior and lower social investigations despite significantly more non-social activities. Early drug treatment (III) had no effect on mating behavior. In all three series of experiments the females had conceived by the next morning. 3. The nest-building behavior during pregnancy was suppressed after multiple (I) and chronic (II) drug administration. In early drug-treated animals (III) the transport of nesting material was only slowed down. Non-social activities were normal or increased in all three series. 4. Parturition was significantly delayed by one day after multiple (I) and chronic (II) drug administration. The birth weight was not affected, but the litter size was decreased after chronic drug treatment. Early drug administration (III) had no effects on these parameters. 5. In conclusion, whereas tolerance to the sedative effects of hashish developed very rapidly, the drug influences on social behavior were stable. Therefore, discussions on legalization of cannabis should pay attention to the drug effects on social behavior.


PMID: 6128158

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