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Effects of nialamide on responses of dog isolated arteries to tyramine and transmural electrical stimulation

, : Effects of nialamide on responses of dog isolated arteries to tyramine and transmural electrical stimulation. General Pharmacology 15(1): 19-24

In dog mesenteric arteries, nialamide (10(-5) M), a monoamine oxidase inhibitor, potentiated contractile response to tyramine but not to noradrenaline or transmural electrical stimulation (TES). Bretylium, desipramine or prior reserpinization inhibited the potentiating action of nialamide on the tyramine-induced contraction. Contractions induced by octopamine were not reduced by prior reserpinization. In the coronary artery, relaxing responses to tyramine were potentiated but those to noradrenaline and TES were not potentiated by nialamide. In the cerebral artery, nialamide failed to potentiate tyramine-induced contraction. The functional role of intraneuronal monoamine oxidase in sympathomimetic effects is discussed.


PMID: 6421649

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