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Effects of nifedipine on resistance vessels, arteries and veins in man

, : Effects of nifedipine on resistance vessels, arteries and veins in man. British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 10(5): 433-438

1 The effect of nifedipine on peripheral blood vessels has been studied in man. 2 Nifedipine induced dilatation of the forearm resistance vessels when given either by local intra-arterial infusion or sublingually (10 mg). 3 Local infusion of the drug did not relax hand veins preconstricted by infusion of noradrenaline and neither local infusion nor sublingual administration prevented constriction mediated by the sympathetic nervous system. Nifedipine was, however, a potent inhibitor of hand vein contractions induced by high concentrations of potassium provided that the noradrenergic component of the response was suppressed by simultaneous infusion of phentolamine. 4 Sublingual nifedipine (10 mg) did not dilate the elbow collateral arteries. 5 The effects of nifedipine on peripheral blood vessels are similar, but not identical, to those of verapamil. The pattern of action, with dilatation of resistance vessels but not capacitance, resembles that of hydralazine rather than glyceryl trinitrate and this suggest that nifedipine may prove useful in the treatment of hypertension.


PMID: 7437254

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