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Effects of nimodipine and dexamethasone on low-level CO2 laser-induced release of 51chromium from canine 2C5 gliosarcoma cells

, : Effects of nimodipine and dexamethasone on low-level CO2 laser-induced release of 51chromium from canine 2C5 gliosarcoma cells. Lasers in Surgery and Medicine 15(4): 390-394

Low-energy penumbral irradiation of surgical lasers may produce undesirable effects on surrounding tissues. This study used a 51Cr cell labeling technique to determine if gliosarcoma cells could be therapeutically protected prior to their exposure to low-power laser irradiation. Canine 2C5 gliosarcoma cells with intracellular 51Cr were treated with nimodipine and/or dexamethasone and then exposed to low-power levels of CO2 laser. The 51Cr was released from the cells in a dose-dependent fashion following exposure to laser energy. Correlative analysis of the data indicated that a strong direct relationship between laser fluence and 51Cr release did exist for controls and drug-treated groups with coefficients of correlation r > or = +0.90 and coefficients of determination r2 > or = 0.82. However, comparison of the data from the drug-treated and control groups found that there was no significant difference between them (P > .05). Therefore, no protective or detrimental effects were observed with the use of nimodipine and/or dexamethasone on the gliosarcoma cells as tested in this system. Further investigation is necessary in order to define the mechanisms by which low-power level lasers affect these cells. These effects do not appear to be mediated through localization of mechanisms to the cell membranes or their constituent Ca2+ channels.


PMID: 7885173

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