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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 43133

Chapter 43133 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

First personal experiences with the antiherpes vaccine, Diamant. Ophthalmologica. Journal International D'ophtalmologie. International Journal of Ophthalmology. Zeitschrift für Augenheilkunde 161(2): 104-107

First pharmacological studies of the properties of bottled Tesorino water. Acta Bio-Medica de L'ateneo Parmense 55(2): 65-84

First phase in objective evaluation of new diagnostic tests. Application to thyroid uptake of 131 I. Investigative Radiology 5(3): 153-163

First phase of serologic reactions studied by method of fluorescent antibodies. Federation Proceedings. Translation Supplement; Selected Translations From Medical-Related Science 25(1): 141-142

First photograph--then grind. Zahntechnik 32(2): 139-142

First physicians of the Middle Volga region. Sovetskoe Zdravookhranenie: 68-70

First place winner of the Conrad Jobst Award in the gold medal paper competition. Nitric oxide synthase inhibitors N-monomethylarginine and aminoguanidine prevent the progressive and severe hypotension associated with a rat model of pancreatitis. American Surgeon 61(1): 7-10

First podiatry hospital in U.S. is clinical-educational resource. Hospital Topics 43(9): 62-65

First practical assay for soluble nitrous oxide reductase of denitrifying bacteria and a partial kinetic characterization. Journal of Biological Chemistry 255(2): 704-707

First premedical aid in penetrating injuries of the eye. Fel'dsher i Akusherka 27(1): 15-17

First president of the Iowa State Dental Association. Dental Radiography and Photography 40(2): 26 Passim-26 Passim

First presidential address of the Singapore Dental Association. Dental Journal of Malaysia & Singapore 7(2): 61-64

First preventive steps for small children a mother's experience. Quintessenz Journal 13(3): 247-250

First priority plan for dental auxiliaries. Journal of the Ontario Dental Association 47(5): 112-115

First prison admissions with juvenile histories and absolute first offenders: frequencies and MMPI profiles. Journal of Clinical Psychology 30(3): 358-360

First prize in C.D.T. Editorial Contest, won second consecutive year, by R. K. Allard, C.D.T. Nacdl Journal 15(8): 15-15

First protein engineering centres meeting at CAPE/GBF on May 22-24, 1991. Foundation of INPEC (International Network of Protein Engineering Centres). Journal of Biotechnology 28(1): 137-163

First psychiatric in-patient department in Bohemia. Ceskoslovenska Psychiatrie 77(3): 204-208

First public health study in Villanueva de Gállego (Zaragoza) Nov-Dec 1967. Provincial Health Office of Zaragoza. I. Dermatology. Revista de Sanidad E Higiene Publica 42(9): 628-629

First public health study in Villanueva de Gállego (Zaragoza) Nov-Dec 1967. Provincial Health Office of Zaragoza. VII. Gynecologic examinations. Revista de Sanidad E Higiene Publica 42(9): 626-627

First public health study in Villanueva de Gállego (Zaragoza) Nov-Dec 1967. Provincial Health Office of Zaragoza. XVII. Other analytical data. First findings. Most outstanding practical results. Revista de Sanidad E Higiene Publica 42(9): 638-647

First public health study in Villanueva de Gállego (Zaragoza) Nov-Dec 1967. Provincial health office of Zaragoza. I. Antecedents and previous data on Villanueva de Gállego. Revista de Sanidad E Higiene Publica 42(9): 553-574

First public health study in Villanueva de Gállego (Zaragoza) Nov-Dec 1967. Provincial health office of Zaragoza. Introduction. Revista de Sanidad E Higiene Publica 42(9): 547-553

First publications on cholera in Turkey. Turk Hijiyen Ve Tecrubi Biyoloji Dergisi 33(2-3): 129-138

First quarrel. Cal Magazine Certified Akers Laboratories 29(9): 6-7

First quarter trends: changing environment. Hospitals 58(15): 37-38

First question in health planning: does the public know what it wants, or not?. Modern Hospital 110(5): 115-7 Passim

First questions. Presidential address. Human Factors Society. Human Factors 10(1): 1-3

First radiocinematographic investigations for functional evaluation of colonic and rectal neobladders after pelvectomy. Rivista di Ostetricia E Ginecologia 20(9): 567-580

First rank symptoms and diagnosis of schizophrenia in developing countries. Psychopathology 17(5-6): 275-279

First rank symptoms as predictors of ECT response in schizophrenia. British Journal of Psychiatry 142: 280-283

First rank symptoms of schizophrenia. I. The frequnncy in schizophrenics on admission to hospital. II. Differences between individual first rank symptoms. British Journal of Psychiatry 117(536): 15-23

First ranking or last is best?. Nederlands Tijdschrift Voor Geneeskunde 128(27): 1286-1288

First ray joint limitation, pressure, and ulceration of the first metatarsal head in diabetes mellitus. Foot & Ankle International 16(5): 277-284

First record in French Polynesia of an hepatic fluke of the domestic cat, Platynosomum fastosum Kossack, 1910. Annales de Parasitologie Humaine et Comparee 55(5): 615-618

First record of Angiostrongylus costaricensis Morera and Céspedes, 1971 in Ecuador. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 32(6): 1460-1461

First record of a coronary intensive care unit. Revue Medicale de Liege 24(9): 369-376

First record of an hypopus (Acari: Hypoderatidae) from a jaeger (Aves: Charadriiformes: Stercorariidae). Journal of Medical Entomology 32(3): 394-396

First record of the Palaeocene primate Chiromyoides from North America. Nature 244(5417): 517-518

First recorded quintuplets in Africa. Central African Journal of Medicine 14(11): 252-254

First reduce infant mortality, then family planning. Lakartidningen 71(35): 3170-3172

First referrals to out-patient clinics for alcoholics in Aarhus in 1972-73 and 1982. Referral rates, social conditions and significance of the distance of the clinic. Ugeskrift for Laeger 146(51): 4051-4055

First reflections on the use of the Krupin-Denver valve. Bulletin des Societes D'ophtalmologie de France 82(4): 577-578

First remission autologous bone marrow transplantation for Hodgkin's disease--preliminary EBMT data. Leukemia & Lymphoma 15 Suppl 1: 51-53

First report from the committee on sex education. Ugeskrift for Laeger 130(44): 1877-1878

First report in Peru of paralytic bovine rabies transmitted by bats. Boletin de la Oficina Sanitaria Panamericana. Pan American Sanitary Bureau 71(5): 378-386

First report of Hb E in Italy. Acta Haematologica 51(4): 250-255

First report of an experimental study in dogs of cerebrocardiopulmonary resuscitation (CCPR). Resuscitation 10(2): 105-121

First report of asbestos-related diseases in Hong Kong. Tropical and Geographical Medicine 35(3): 225-229

First report of byssinosis in Hong Kong. British Journal of Industrial Medicine 38(3): 290-292

First report of clinical manifestations with suspected immune pathogenesis caused by bromo-acetamide-2-chloro-5-benzophenone (BCB). La Medicina del Lavoro 72(3): 228-230

First report of experiences with interstitial radiation therapy of the prostatic carcinoma using 125-I-seeds: indication, practical performance and radioprotection. Strahlentherapie 156(3): 167-177

First report of glaucoma as a feature of the 3C syndrome. Clinical Dysmorphology 4(2): 156-160

First report of intramyocardial pH in man. II. Assessment of adequacy of myocardial preservation. Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery 86(5): 667-678

First report of intramyocardial pH in man: I. Methodology and initial results. Medical Instrumentation 18(3): 167-171

First report of mosaic trisomy 12 in a liveborn individual. American Journal of Medical Genetics 14(3): 453-460

First report of nine consecutive multiorgan cadaver donor transplants in Iran. Transplantation Proceedings 27(5): 2770-2770

First report of septicaemic melioidosis in Hong Kong. Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 78(4): 456-459

First report of the A.M.A. study group on medical planning. Medical Journal of Australia 2(3): 168-169

First report on a cholesterol granuloma of the urinary bladder (cyst of the urachus). Zentralblatt für Allgemeine Pathologie U. Pathologische Anatomie 124(1-2): 60-64

First report on behaviour of phenylalanine and tyrosine in serum of patients with gynaecological carcinomas. Zentralblatt für Gynakologie 104(3): 175-181

First report on experience with the combined treatment of thrombosis of the central retinal vein or its branches with an aggregation inhibitor (Colfarit). Klinische Monatsblatter für Augenheilkunde 163(6): 765-768

First report on the informative value of histologic follow-up controls before, during and after cobalt radioteletherapy for urinary bladder carcinomas. Radiologia Diagnostica 12(4): 419-430

First report on victims of chemical warfare in the Gulf-war treated in Vienna. Archives Belges 330-340

First reported case of preoperative ultrasonic diagnosis and laparoscopic treatment of unilateral, twin tubal pregnancy. Revue Francaise de Gynecologie et D'obstetrique 89(3): 134-136

First representations of the gamma alcoholic in the English novel. Quarterly Journal of Studies on Alcohol 30(4): 957-980

First results and consequences of functional methods of treating the so-called congenital hip dislocation. Zeitschrift für Orthopadie und Ihre Grenzgebiete 102(4): 569-584

First results and experiences with our prematurity and dysmaturity prevention program (PDP-program). Journal of Perinatal Medicine 2(1): 45-53

First results and perspectives in scientific research at the Siberian Division of the All-Union Cardiology Research Center, USSR Academy of Medical Sciences. Terapevticheskii Arkhiv 56(1): 28-32

First results apropos of 23 observations on the possibilities of fibrinolytic treatment during retinal venous thrombosis. Bulletin de la Societe Belge D'ophtalmologie 167: 585-592

First results apropos of homolateral somesthesic evoked potentials in the child. Comptes Rendus des Seances de la Societe de Biologie et de Ses Filiales 167(3): 421-426

First results by means of non-ionic contrast medium (Iopamidol) in urography and angiography. La Radiologia Medica 66(4): 215-218

First results following the 2 year application of a new method (MTTC test) for the early diagnosis of cancer of the mouth. Minerva Stomatologica 17(12): 946-952

First results given by a sleep automatic analysis for 2- to 12-months-old infants. Revue D'electroencephalographie et de Neurophysiologie Clinique 10(1): 64-68

First results in deep freezing preservation of ova from mice and rabbits. Dtw. Deutsche Tierarztliche Wochenschrift 81(19): 470-472

First results in gynecologic cancer detection using a mobile unit. Archiv für Geschwulstforschung 38(3): 275-286

First results in prenatal diagnosis. Acta Medica Iugoslavica 36(1): 3-10

First results in rickets prevention using 25-HCC in premature infants. Klinische Padiatrie 184(3): 190-200

First results in the computerized follow-up analysis of heart rhythm disorders. Archives des Maladies du Coeur et des Vaisseaux 65(6): 713-727

First results in the estimation of dosage distribution in tangential stationary-fields using a digital computer. Fortschritte auf dem Gebiete der Rontgenstrahlen und der Nuklearmedizin 114(6): 839-843

First results in the treatment of Dupuytren's disease. Arthritis and Rheumatism 23(12): 1408-1408

First results in the treatment of progressive myopia by means of circumligatio meridionalis. Klinika Oczna 37(6): 831-838

First results in the wet-nurse breeding of piglets from hysterectomized pigs. Schweizer Archiv für Tierheilkunde 115(5): 213-220

First results in tumor scintigraphy with 99mTc-iron-II-complex. Fortschritte auf dem Gebiete der Rontgenstrahlen und der Nuklearmedizin 109(4): 488-494

First results obtained in the Servicio de Diagnóstico Precóz del Cáncer Genital Femenino. Revista Clinica. Lisbon. Instituto Maternal 18(70): 73-78

First results obtained with a new Canon retinograph with 90 degrees angle without corneal contact. Bulletin des Societes D'ophtalmologie de France 84(4): 425-430

First results obtained with the coded voice amplifier of Monsieur Pimonow (engineer at CNET) at the Centre de Rille-Fougeres. Annales D'oto-Laryngologie et de Chirurgie Cervico Faciale 82(6): 519-523

First results of a chemical study of root pectin of the pink. Bulletin de la Societe de Chimie Biologique 48(12): 1439-1442

First results of a further study series on retinoblastoma. Monatsschrift für Kinderheilkunde 118(6): 254-256

First results of a longitudinal survey upon the small airways disease. Le Poumon et le Coeur 38(2): 85-90

First results of a new iron chelating agent in the treatment of post-transfusional hemochromatosis. Archives Francaises de Pediatrie 22(4): 463-468

First results of a preventive ophthalmologic examination in a large chemical factory. Bericht Uber die Zusammenkunft. Deutsche Ophthalmologische Gesellschaft 70: 446-448

First results of a regional neonatal thyroid screening programme in Hungary. European Journal of Pediatrics 143(1): 76-76

First results of a study with the gastrocamera GFB. Zeitschrift für die Gesamte Innere Medizin und Ihre Grenzgebiete 26(5): Suppl:44-5

First results of an auxologic study done with the de Toni method in 935 minors of a state high school. Minerva Pediatrica 17(25): 1366-1366

First results of an electron microscopic study of the yaws papilloma. Archives Belges de Dermatologie et de Syphiligraphie 29(2): 129-134

First results of an epidemiological survey on juvenile hypertension. Panminerva Medica 22(4): 211-214

First results of an intensive care unit in the medical clinic. Zeitschrift für die Gesamte Innere Medizin und Ihre Grenzgebiete 22(20): 616-620

First results of an investigation on the state of nutrition of Neopolitan children. Acta Medica Italica di Medicina Tropicale E Subtropicale E di Gastroenterologia 18(12): 351-354

First results of bone marrow transplantation in acute and chronic leukemia at the Byelarus Center for Bone Marrow Transplantation. Gematologiia i Transfuziologiia 40(2): 43-46

First results of chronic electrical stimulation with a round-window electrode in totally deaf patients. Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology 239(3): 191-196

First results of combined trabeculectomy and cataract surgery. Bulletin des Societes D'ophtalmologie de France 74(1): 13-18

First results of comparative studies of the auxologic development and the psychomotor development of healthy infants. La Clinica Pediatrica 50(4): 224-234

First results of comparative tests for sulfite-reducing Clostridium in sterilized milk. Quaderni Sclavo di Diagnostica Clinica E di Laboratorio 9(4): 882-886

First results of complex treatment of acute central retinal artery occlusion with the use of laser coagulation. Oftalmologicheskii Zhurnal 36(5): 277-278

First results of conjunctival impression. Bulletin des Societes D'ophtalmologie de France 82(12): 1515-1517

First results of cryotherapy in vulvar precanceroses. Zentralblatt für Gynakologie 96(36): 1130-1134

First results of developing diagnostic criteria for rheumatism suitable for epidemiological research. Voprosy Revmatizma 13(4): 14-21

First results of early speech readiness program in cleft palate children. Cleft Palate Journal 7: 156-160

First results of emergency treatment in massive fulminant lung embolism by means of a rapidly injected streptokinase in a high initial dose. Der Anaesthesist 29(1): 39-45

First results of endogastric photography by gastro-camera. Archives Francaises des Maladies de L'appareil Digestif 56(5): 421-428

First results of evaluation of blood lipoproteins in subjects with a prevalently milk diet, in high mountains. Minerva Medica 56(95): 4161-4162

First results of experimental ureteroileoplasties performed in a group of 18 dogs. Journal D'urologie et de Nephrologie 73(1): 133-137

First results of fast neutron therapy for advanced head and neck cancer in Kraków. Radiobiologia, Radiotherapia 23(1): 15-19

First results of immunotherapy with immunoglobulin G in multiple sclerosis patients. European Neurology 22(3): 205-212

First results of in vitro fertilization in the human. Geburtshilfe und Frauenheilkunde 41(1): 62-67

First results of measles vaccination in Poland. Pediatria Polska 43(7): 805-811

First results of medical radiology installation inspections for approval by the Ministry of Public Health. Journal Belge de Radiologie 55(2): 285-292

First results of monomedicamentous therapy with morphazinamide in pulmonary tuberculosis. Minerva Medica 56(71): 2920-2927

First results of routine cytologic diagnosis of uterine cervical carcinoma in one clinic in Israel. Four case reports. Acta Cytologica 16(6): 523-526

First results of stepwise straining of the human urinary bladder and human bladder strips. Investigative Urology 19(1): 58-61

First results of symptom statistical studies on the characterization of the clinical effect profile of the antidepressive agent noxiptilin. Arzneimittel-Forschung 19: Suppl 5a:889+-Suppl 5a:889+

First results of the CBH (Comité Belge de Lutte contre Hypertension) on the frequency of hypertension in the Belgian population. Acta Clinica Belgica 29(5): 270-275

First results of the Luque operation. Zeitschrift für Orthopadie und Ihre Grenzgebiete 120(3): 333-337

First results of the analysis of ventilatory function of single pulmonary lobes. Giornale Italiano Delle Malattie del Torace 20(4): Suppl:59-69

First results of the application of a new type of vertebral traction in cervicoarthrosis. Il Policlinico. Sezione Medica 72(3): 177-189

First results of the application of isodensitometry in the study of dental radiographies. Archivio Stomatologico 10(2): 123-129

First results of the application of resuscitation methods im emergencies, as taught at the University Hospital Center of Toulouse. Bulletin de L'institut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale 23(4): 985-992

First results of the application of the indirect immunofluorescence method of the study of toxoplasmosis in Abidjan. Lyon Medical 225(3): 199-200

First results of the application to cardiovascular diseases of a new preventive medicine concept using automatic treatment of the information by computer. Archives des Maladies du Coeur et des Vaisseaux 64(4): 538-552

First results of the campaign against tabagism. Bulletin de L'academie Nationale de Medecine 156(16): 488-488

First results of the catheter recanalization by Dotter in arterial occlusive disease. Fortschritte auf dem Gebiete der Rontgenstrahlen und der Nuklearmedizin 111(3): 345-352

First results of the clinical use of injectable lysine acetylsalicylate. Minerva Medica 63(83): 4510-4512

First results of the computerization of palatine marks for identification. Acta Medicinae Legalis et Socialis 32: 475-486

First results of the surgical treatment of congenital heart defects in infants under 3 months of age. Vestnik Akademii Meditsinskikh Nauk SSSR: 72-76

First results of the treatment of acute leukemia with L-asparaginase. Haematologica 55(9): 593-596

First results of the use in surgery of a new phenothiazine derivative: 1317 AN. Lyon Chirurgical 63(5): 760-768

First results of the use of iodine phospholine in the management of esotropias. Revista Brasileira de Oftalmologia 27(2): 99-105

First results of the use of mathematical models and methods of identification for the treatment of acute circulatory disorders. Vestnik Akademii Meditsinskikh Nauk SSSR: 18-32

First results of therapy of acute cardiac infarct with glucose-insulin-potassium polarizing solution. Bollettino Della Societa Italiana di Cardiologia 10(3): 230-236

First results of total hypophysectomy in general metastasizing breast cancer. (Preliminary report on 11 total hypophysectomies peformed using the transethmoidal-transsphenoidal method. Zeitschrift für Arztliche Fortbildung 63(20): 1081-1087

First results of treatment of leprosy with Rifadin. Leprosy Review 41(1): 25-30

First results of treatment with ampicillin of some acute and chronic bronchopneumopathies. Minerva Medica 56(73 Suppl): 3103-3107

First results of use of indomethacin in rheumatology in Morocco. Maroc Medical 47(501): 335-338

First results on electrophoresis of proteins from the epididymis of immature rats. Comptes Rendus des Seances de la Societe de Biologie et de Ses Filiales 166(8): 1174-1175

First results on the effect of vincristine on brain glucose and energy metabolism in rats. Mechanisms of Ageing and Development 14(1-2): 223-231

First results on the effects of MAO inhibition on cognitive functioning in elderly depressed patients. Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics 2(3): 249-254

First results using a modified instrument for trephining of the pelvic rim. Das Deutsche Gesundheitswesen 28(8): 341-344

First results using a new laxative. Medizinische Monatsschrift 27(7): 325-326

First results using the Siwasch total endoprosthesis. Beitrage Zur Orthopadie und Traumatologie 19(12): 731-740

First results wih extralemniscal myelotomy. Acta Neurochirurgica. Supplementum 30: 377-381

First results with Calbion in the psychosomatic treatment of exceptional children. Hospital 72(3): 765-770

First results with a spectrum of diagnostic tests for cancer. Wiener Klinische Wochenschrift 82(4): 68-71

First results with isotope myelography. Nuclear-Medizin 2: 299-304

First results with non-pulsating perfusion of cadaver kidneys. Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift 99(46): 2325-2331

First results with the clinical use of albumin microspheres. Casopis Lekaru Ceskych 112(31): 948-950

First rib fractures: incidence of vascular injury and indications for angiography. Surgery 89(1): 42-47

First rib hypoplasia in Patau's disease. Pediatric Radiology 2(1): 65-67

First rib resection for neurovascular syndromes of the thoracic outlet. Surgical Clinics of North America 54(6): 1277-1289

First rib resection for the treatment of thoracic-outlet syndrome. Rinsho Kyobu Geka 4(3): 257-260

First rib resection for thoracic outlet compression syndrome. American Family Physician 9(3): 140-146

First rib resection in the treatment of the thoracic outlet syndrome. Tokai Journal of Experimental and Clinical Medicine 6(3): 285-295

First rib resection in the treatment of thoracic outlet syndrome: transaxillary and posterior thoracoplasty approaches. Annals of Surgery 178(1): 49-52

First round table discussion. Definition of failures of artificial ventilation and of inadaptations to respirators. Anesthesie, Analgesie, Reanimation 29(5): 617-641

First round-table. A. Mass screening for simple glaucoma. B. The differentiation between ocular hypertension and early glaucoma with normal fields. Documenta Ophthalmologica. Advances in Ophthalmology 33(1): 221-244

First row carpectomy. Annales de Chirurgie 35(4): 269-274

First sanitorium admissions for pulmonary tuberculosis in the adolescent age. Lotta Contro la Tubercolosi 36(7): 285-294

First scatter to off-axis points and the Clarkson method. Physics in Medicine and Biology 18(3): 444-451

First scientific session of Turkestan physicians. Zhurnal Mikrobiologii, Epidemiologii, i Immunobiologii 49(12): 16-19

First seminar-workshop on graduate education in nursing in the Philippines. Proceedings. Anphi Papers 16(3-4): 2-21

First seminars in pediatric oncology. Revue de L'infirmiere: 14-17

First septal artery: direct or indirect grafting. Circulation 62(2 Pt 2): I116-I118

First serologic findings of neorickettsial diseases in monkeys (M.Rhesus)and in donkeys (E. Asinus). Revista de Investigacion en Salud Publica 27(2): 111-116

First serologic verification of the incidence of Wesselsbronn's disease and Rift Valley Fever in sheep and wild ruminants in Chad and Cameroon. Revue D'elevage et de Medecine Veterinaire des Pays Tropicaux 20(3): 395-405

First seven years of a new NHS mental handicap service 1974-81. British Medical Journal 285(6337): 269-273

First several months of a medico-psychological service at an institution for children. Acta Psychiatrica Belgica 73(1): 101-111

First sexual intercourse in women. Zentralblatt für Gynakologie 117(1): 29-31

First sexual intercourse: motivations and consequences. Pielegniarka i Polozna: 3-5

First sign in Italy of Nematodirus roscidus, Apteragia quadrispiculata and Ostertagia drozdzi, found in Dama dama. Parassitologia 25(1): 13-15

First sociomedical studies of the Cluj school of hygiene. Viata Medicala; Revista de Informare Profesionala Si Stiintifica A Cadrelor Medii Sanitare 31(7): 165-168

First somatosensory cortical columns and associated neuronal clusters of nucleus ventralis posterolateralis of the cat: an anatomical demonstration. Journal of Comparative Neurology 198(3): 515-539

First stage care of maxillofacial trauma. Medical Times 98(12): 101-108

First stage of hippotherapy at Oletta for the students of the nursing school. L'infirmiere Francaise: 32-32

First stage redevelopment at St. James's Hospital, Leeds. Nursing Mirror and Midwives Journal 122(27): Ix-Ix

First stages in the development of the gonads in rats. Comptes Rendus des Seances de la Societe de Biologie et de Ses Filiales 167(11): 1629-1634

First stages of iron(3)-hydroxide deposition on Gallionella stalks. Zeitschrift für Allgemeine Mikrobiologie 11(8): 679-682

First stages of morphogenesis in Opisthotricha monspessulana Ch. and S. 1940, ciliata hypotricha Oxytrichidae. Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Seances de L'academie des Sciences. Serie D: Sciences Naturelles 270(2): 366-368

First stages of neuromuscular regeneration following crushing of the sciatic nerve in the rat. Electrophysiological and histological study. Acta Neurologica Belgica 73(6): 383-383

First stages of the formation of the pelvic fin anlage in the trout (Salmo fario and Salmo gairdneri). I. Anatomical study. Journal of Embryology and Experimental Morphology 29(1): 221-237

First statistical data about elderly craftsmen from Salento urgently hospitalized in the space of two years owing to labour accidents: some suggestion for precautionary measures. Giornale di Gerontologia 18(7): 589-622

First step in care of cardiac patients: let the nursing staff know the problem. Modern Nursing Home 22(2): 63-64

First step in vision: proton transfer or isomerization?. Revue Canadienne de Biologie 39(4): 247-258

First steps in computer technology. Revue D'orthopedie Dento-Faciale 18(1): 97-100

First steps in developing health protection services for the peoples of the Arctic Regions. Sovetskoe Zdravookhranenie 32(2): 70-75

First steps in the development of a computer-based laboratory information system. Minnesota Medicine 52(7): 1083 Passim-1083 Passim

First steps in the management of multiple injuries. Journal of the American Osteopathic Association 69(8): 744-751

First steps in the organization of Soviet public health service in the Kurganskiĭ district (1918-1923). Sovetskaia Meditsina 30(4): 137-140

First steps of medical mycology in Germany. Mykosen 24(11): 654-667

First steps to genetic engineering?. Nature: New Biology 231(26): 257-258

First steps towards community health accreditation. Australian Clinical Review: 19-21

First steps towards value for money: the first report from the European Collaborative Hospital Study. Community Medicine 3(3): 226-234

First stereotaxic apparatus created by Russian scientists in the 19th century. Biomedical Engineering 7(2): 121-124

First studies on alginates in Wood's light. Archivio Stomatologico 9(1): 79-84

First studies on desacetyl-lanatoside C labeled with tritium: concentration of glycoside in tissues, blood and urine in experimental animals (dog). Cardiologia 48(3): 349-352

First studies on foetal organotropism of cephalosporin, streptomycin and rifamycin SV under physiological conditions. Biochemical Pharmacology 15(2): 200-204

First studies on the addition of fluoride to milk. Minerva Medica 56(95): 4155-4157

First studies on the effect of an anti-5HT(serotonin) substance in pruritus associated with a malignant disease. Anales de la Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de la Republica, Montevideo, Uruguay 51(1): 208-211

First studies with Isuprel. Annals of Allergy 30(6): 367-368

First successful case of intentional laparotomy. Nihon Geka Hokan. Archiv für Japanische Chirurgie 49(1): 1-2

First successful resection of an aneurysm of the abdominal aorta with restoration of the continuity by a human arterial graft. World Journal of Surgery 6(2): 256-257

First successful transplantation of a gene into human cells with hereditary disease. Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift 96(48): 1901-1901

First succesul nephrectomy performed by Gustav Simon 1869. Wiener Medizinische Wochenschrift 119(40): 663-664

First suicide note?. British Medical Journal 281(6235): 284-285

First survey on polymorphism of 5 enzymes used as genetic markers in Moroccan cattle of the Brown Atlas type. Revue D'elevage et de Medecine Veterinaire des Pays Tropicaux 34(4): 417-420

First symposium on dietary proteins. Boletin de la Sociedad Estomatologica Argentina 10: 3-7

First symposium on immunization. Journal of the Arkansas Medical Society 63(8): 286-287

First symposium on the problems of foreign medical graduates. JAMA 213(13): 2241-2246

First symptoms in retinoblastoma. Bulletin de la Societe Belge D'ophtalmologie 207: 45-51

First symptoms of retinal detachment. Bulletin de la Societe des Sciences Medicales du Grand-Duche de Luxembourg 105(1): 59-62

First synthesis of a flavanone-triglycoside, the 4'-beta-D-glucosyl-7-beta-rutinosyl-naringenin. Chemische Berichte 103(5): 1578-1581

First synthesis of the 3'-sulfated Lewis(a) pentasaccharide, the most potent human E-selectin ligand so far. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 2(11): 1143-1151

First tests of glycinate of thiophenicol injections in urology. La Revue Lyonnaise de Medecine 15(7): 331-337

First tests with anti-human globulin on the red cells of patients suffering from haemolytic anaemia. Vox Sanguinis 46(3): 183-184

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