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Measurement of alpha-keto acids in plasma using an amino acid analyzer

, : Measurement of alpha-keto acids in plasma using an amino acid analyzer. Analytical Biochemistry 142(1): 24-27

A method for measuring keto acid concentrations in physiological fluids using an amino acid analyzer was developed. After preliminary deproteinization and removal of amino acids, reduction with sodium cyanoborohydride at 105 degrees C resulted in efficient conversion of the keto acids to their corresponding amino acids. In applying the technique to plasma samples, the use of MeOH for deproteinization was necessary to avoid the large losses of keto acids that occurred during precipitation of proteins with perchloric acid. The method was used to follow plasma ketoisocaproate concentrations in rat plasma after administration of leucine, and was sufficiently sensitive to detect concomitant changes in other branched-chain keto acid concentrations.


PMID: 6517318

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