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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 43934

Chapter 43934 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Phase analysis of the systole of the left ventricle in patients with mitral stenosis, depending on the condition of the bronchial passage. Terapevticheskii Arkhiv 45(1): 53-57

Phase analysis of the systoles of the left and right heart ventricles in children with chronic inflammatory diseases of the hapatobiliary system during treatment. Pediatriia 52(12): 38-38

Phase and amplitude distortions in electromagnetic measurements. Archives Internationales de Physiologie et de Biochimie 82(2): 305-308

Phase and group-delay characteristics of signal-averaged electrocardiograms from patients with ventricular tachycardia. IEEE Transactions on Bio-Medical Engineering 42(1): 29-41

Phase behavior of aqueous systems of monoglycerides. Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society 42(12): 1068-1070

Phase behavior of ether lipids from Clostridium butyricum. Biochemistry 20(10): 2908-2916

Phase behavior of isolated photoreceptor membrane lipids is modulated by bivalent cations. Febs Letters 169(2): 256-260

Phase behavior of large unilamellar vesicles composed of synthetic phospholipids. Biochemistry 23(11): 2353-2362

Phase behavior of mixed phosphatidylglycerol/phosphatidylcholine multilamellar and unilamellar vesicles. Biochemistry 21(18): 4212-4219

Phase behavior of the binary system tetradecyl amine-water. Chemistry and Physics of Lipids 12(3): 176-181

Phase behaviour and rheological properties of aqueous systems of industrial distilled monoglycerides. Chemistry and Physics of Lipids 2(1): 129-143

Phase behaviour in monolayers and in water dispersions of mixtures of dimannosyl diacylglycerol with phosphatidylglycerol. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 644(2): 284-294

Phase change in protein metabolism in rat liver during lead poisoning (histochemical study). Farmakologiia i Toksikologiia 35(2): 242-243

Phase change of calcium and phosphate ions in supersaturated solutions with special reference to nucleability of parotid saliva. Suomen Hammaslaakariseuran Toimituksia 63(2): 70-107

Phase changes and mosaic formation in single and mixed phospholipid monolayers at the oil--water interface. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 323(1): 157-160

Phase changes at the end of a microtubule with a GTP cap. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 81(18): 5772-5776

Phase changes in bacterial batch cultures. Zhurnal Mikrobiologii, Epidemiologii, i Immunobiologii: 24-31

Phase changes in the activity of enzyme systems of metabolism of the active forms of hydrogen during experimental treatment with antitumor preparations. Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR 255(2): 476-479

Phase changes in the function of the thyroid gland in rats exposed to the chronic action of dibromantin. Gigiena i Sanitariia 36(10): 108-109

Phase changes induced by ketamine in the vertical vestibulo-ocular reflex in the rabbit. Brain Research 224(1): 213-217

Phase changes of the value of the right atrioventricular orifice in patients with rheumatic disease of the tricuspid valve. Grudnaia Khirurgiia 13(5): 37-41

Phase characteristic of coagulative-lytic variations in the course of prolonged venous stasis. Rivista Critica di Clinica Medica 65(4): 418-427

Phase characteristics of breathing movements in healthy newborns. Journal of Developmental Physiology 5(5): 289-298

Phase compensation of Fleisch pneumotachographs. Journal of Applied Physiology 36(4): 493-495

Phase contrast MR angiography techniques. Magnetic Resonance Imaging Clinics of North America 3(3): 399-411

Phase contrast and electron microscopic studies of rod-shaped outgrowths in the cls of the stable L form of Proteus mirabilis. Zeitschrift für Allgemeine Mikrobiologie 9(1): 9-16

Phase contrast and electron microscopy studies on the action of colicin G and E2 on the cells of a stable L form of Proteus mirabilis. Zentralblatt für Bakteriologie, Parasitenkunde, Infektionskrankheiten und Hygiene. 1. Abt. Medizinisch-Hygienische Bakteriologie, Virusforschung und Parasitologie. Originale 206(2): 202-211

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Phase contrast device with positive phase rings made of soot layer and dielectric material. Mikroskopie 22(11): 326-336

Phase contrast hematologic studies on blood cells in normal cattle. Monatshefte für Veterinarmedizin 20(22): 903-909

Phase contrast method in the laboratory diagnosis of coniotuberculosis. Vrachebnoe Delo: 70-72

Phase contrast microcinematographic analysis of the intracellular development of Chlamydia psittaci. Archiv für die Gesamte Virusforschung 35(2): 161-176

Phase contrast microscopic evaluation of subgingival plaque in combination with either conventional or antimicrobial home treatment of patients with periodontal inflammation. Journal of Periodontal Research 17(5): 537-540

Phase contrast microscopic observations of the human placenta from six weeks to term. An anatomic and clinical correlation. Obstetrics and Gynecology 32(1): 28-39

Phase contrast microscopic observations on early degenerating process of the cochlear sensory cell. Journal of Dental Education 33(4): 564-565

Phase contrast microscopic studies in experimental hyperthyroidism in animals. Frankfurter Zeitschrift für Pathologie 74(6): 579-586

Phase contrast microscopic studies of living germs, a supplemental method for the study of effect of germicidal substances on microorganisms. Archiv für Experimentelle Veterinarmedizin 21(1): 275-276

Phase contrast microscopic studies of the effect of germicidal substances on microorganisms. 1. Comparative studies of the effect of electrolytes as well as sulfanilamide on E. coli SG 770. Archiv für Experimentelle Veterinarmedizin 21(1): 277-289

Phase contrast microscopic studies of the effect of germicidal substances on microorganisms. 3. Effect of nifurantin on E. coli SG 770. Archiv für Experimentelle Veterinarmedizin 21(1): 291-297

Phase contrast microscopic studies on liver, kidney and placental cell suspensions of guinea pigs after thyroxin application. Gegenbaurs Morphologisches Jahrbuch 109(2): 232-235

Phase contrast microscopic study of vaginal exfoliative cytology. Technic and indications. Bruxelles Medical 52(3): 189-198

Phase contrast microscopic way of germ-counting in the urine, a screening test for ambulatory consulting hours. Das Deutsche Gesundheitswesen 26(20): 931-935

Phase contrast microscopical studies on original live odontoblast cell. Journal of Osaka Dental University 2(1): 137-146

Phase contrast microscopy for identifying epidermal margins in unstained cryosections for Mohs micrographic surgery. Journal of Dermatologic Surgery and Oncology 19(9): 869-874

Phase contrast microscopy in hematuria. Journal of Pediatrics 105(1): 177-178

Phase contrast microscopy of antigen-antibody aggregates in conditions of point heating of the medium under study. Biulleten' Eksperimental'noi Biologii i Meditsiny 76(7): 119-121

Phase contrast microscopy of human liver cells under normal and pathologic condition (methods and results of studies). Laboratornoe Delo 2: 78-81

Phase contrast microscopy of microbial aggregates in the gingival sulcus of Macaca mulatta. Subgingival plaque bacteria in macaca mulatta. Journal of Clinical Periodontology 10(4): 412-421

Phase contrast microscopy of semithin epoxy sections. Acta Histochemica 41(2): 376-378

Phase contrast microscopy of the duodenal contents in diseases of the biliary tracts in children. Pediatriia: 14-16

Phase contrast microscopy of the placenta. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 112(8): 1140-1141

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Phase contrast observation of the motions of cell nuclei. Sbornik Vedeckych Praci Lekarske Fakulty Karlovy University V Hradci Kralove 9(3): 393-398

Phase contrast optical and ultrastuctural studies of the forms of degeneration of skeletal muscle fibers in laboratory ainimals and man. Zeitschrift für Zellforschung und Mikroskopische Anatomie 84(1): 24-43

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Phase correlation between 2 sources formed on a rough surface. Application to the human retina. Vision Research 12(10): 1631-1645

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Phase difference haploscopy. A new method for the separation of optic impressions of both eyes. Klinische Monatsblatter für Augenheilkunde 148(4): 540-544

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Phase effects in a three-component signal. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 55(2): 297-303

Phase effects on the yields of HI and I-2 in the radiolysis of alkyl iodides. Radiation Research 30(2): 204-207

Phase equilibria in binary mixtures of phosphatidylcholine and cholesterol. Biochemistry 20(15): 4505-4510

Phase equilibria of nafcillin sodium-water. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 71(1): 105-109

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Phase identification and incipient melting in a cast Co--Cr surgical implant alloy. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research 16(1): 63-79

Phase identification and quantitative metallographic procedures for dental amalgams. Journal of Dental Research 50(3): 551-558

Phase identification in dental amalgam. Australian Dental Journal 11(2): 105-113

Phase image characterization of ventricular contraction in left and right bundle branch block. American Journal of Cardiology 50(1): 95-105

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Phase imaging: a new, noninvasive method for diagnosis, localization of accessory pathways, and serial assessment of therapy in patients with Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome. Cleveland Clinic Quarterly 49(2): 61-72

Phase in helping patients' sexual problems. Kango Tenbo. Japanese Journal of Nursing Science 8(9): 790-796

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Phase lock for correlation detection of a periodic pulse. IEEE Transactions on Bio-Medical Engineering 18(6): 424-426

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Phase method of analyzing vectorcardiograms in physiological and toxicologic experiments. Kardiologiia 11(5): 120-123

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Phase microscopic studies of neural elements from rat superior cervical sympathetic ganglia maintained in long-term cultures. Archives D'anatomie, D'histologie et D'embryologie Normales et Experimentales 49(1): 359-380

Phase nature of the rheological disorders in diffuse suppurative peritonitis. Khirurgiia: 67-71

Phase of resistance following non-specific stress or ACTH administration. Zentralblatt für Veterinarmedizin. Reihe B. Journal of Veterinary Medicine. Series B 19(9): 776-778

Phase of synthesis of the neurosecretory cycle and quantitative evaluation of the activity of the neurons of supraoptic nucleus of the rat's hypothalamus. Arkhiv Anatomii, Gistologii i Embriologii 67(7): 83-89

Phase of the menstrual cycle and self-referrals to a suicide prevention service. British Journal of Psychiatry 119(552): 523-524

Phase one clinical trial of a new composite artificial kidney: a single unit combining dialysis with hemoperfusion. Transactions - American Society for Artificial Internal Organs 28: 43-48

Phase one of consumer participation in policies of 22 voluntary hospitals in New York City. American Journal of Public Health 62(10): 1370-1378

Phase oriented diplogram of the heart. Radiologia Austriaca 18(4): 291-298

Phase oriented treatment of stress response syndromes. American Journal of PsychoTherapy 27(4): 506-515

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Phase plane modeling of human jaw movement: reproducibility and rhythm dependency of the RMS error. Journal of Dental Research 59(1): 29-34

Phase polycardiographic changes in the mechanical systole of the left ventricle and their interrelationship with blood gas content in pulmonary and liver diseases. Vutreshni Bolesti 13(3): 32-38

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