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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 43948

Chapter 43948 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Physicochemical characterization of glucagon-containing lipid micelles. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 603(2): 298-312

Physicochemical characterization of high-molecular-weight alpha-crystallin subpopulations from the calf lens nucleus. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 749(3): 227-237

Physicochemical characterization of large unilamellar phospholipid vesicles prepared by reverse-phase evaporation. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 732(1): 289-299

Physicochemical characterization of lens proteins of the squid Nototodarus gouldi and comparison with vertebrate crystallins. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 704(2): 304-320

Physicochemical characterization of renal dipeptidase. Biochemistry 13(8): 1745-1750

Physicochemical characterization of ribonucleoside diphosphate reductase from Escherichia coli. Journal of Biological Chemistry 248(13): 4591-4601

Physicochemical characterization of specific and nonspecific polyaromatic hydrocarbon binders in rat and mouse liver cytosol. Journal of Biological Chemistry 258(22): 13535-13542

Physicochemical characterization of spray-dried phenylbutazone polymorphs. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 73(2): 173-179

Physicochemical characterization of ten fractions of bovine alpha lipoproteins. Journal of Lipid Research 23(3): 371-379

Physicochemical characterization of the 68 000-dalton protein of bovine neurofilaments. Biochemistry 23(13): 2866-2875

Physicochemical characterization of the cytosol glucocorticoid receptors in various lymphoid tissues. Acta Biochimica et Biophysica; Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 15(3): 185-198

Physicochemical characterization of the fifth (C5), sixth (C6), seventh (C7), eighth (C8) and ninth (C9) component of guinea pig complement. European Journal of Immunology 1(5): 372-376

Physicochemical characterization of the ribosomal RNA species of the Mollusca. Molecular weight, integrity and secondary-structure features of the RNA of the large and small ribosomal subunits. Biochemical Journal 189(2): 313-335

Physicochemical characters of a ribonucleoprotein fragment extracted from rat brain, and their modification due to either environmental or chemical influence. Chemico-Biological Interactions 9(6): 435-443

Physicochemical compatibility of 5-fluorouracil (new french preparation) and folinic acid. Bulletin du Cancer 82(3): 189-195

Physicochemical determinants of mucociliary flow. Chest 80(6 Suppl): 846-849

Physicochemical differences between the red- and the far-red-absorbing forms of phytochrome. Biochemistry 20(4): 941-945

Physicochemical factors in maternal-fetal distribution of drugs. Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology 26(2): 218-230

Physicochemical factors in the binding of halogenated hydrocarbons to liver microsomes. Naunyn-Schmiedebergs Archiv für Experimentelle Pathologie und Pharmakologie 263(1): 258-258

Physicochemical factors influencing drug absorption from the intramuscular injection site. Bulletin of the Parenteral Drug Association 28(2): 53-63

Physicochemical fat indices and the fatty acid composition of the lipids in mare's milk and shubath (sour camel's milk). Voprosy Pitaniia: 59-61

Physicochemical features of hemoglobin of the crustacean, Triops longicaudatus. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 161(2): 369-374

Physicochemical form as a determinant of the toxicity of 238Pu in the rat. BNWL-714. Bnwl Reports . U.S. Atomic Energy Commission: 5.5-55+

Physicochemical fractionation of extracellular cornea-damaging proteases of Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Infection and Immunity 9(5): 828-834

Physicochemical heterogeneity of the GABA receptors and the detection of the differences in their structural relation with benzodiazepine receptors. Zhurnal Nevropatologii i Psikhiatrii Imeni S.S. Korsakova 81(11): 1661-1662

Physicochemical incompatibility of injectable drugs: practical considerations. Therapie 50(3): 191-195

Physicochemical interpretation of the pharmacokinetics of percutaneous absorption. Journal of Pharmacokinetics and Biopharmaceutics 11(2): 189-203

Physicochemical investigation of DNP preparations obtained at low ionic strength. Molecular Biology 7(2): 192-200

Physicochemical investigations on DNA isolated from bacteria after photodynamic inactivation. Zeitschrift für Allgemeine Mikrobiologie 13(3): 207-219

Physicochemical investigations on buffalo -lactoglobulin. Studies on sedimentation, diffusion, and hydrogen ion titration. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 144(1): 6-15

Physicochemical measurement of the base composition of mRNA-related sequences of the human alpha and beta globin genes. Molecular Biology Reports 6(3): 179-183

Physicochemical mechanism of hemolysis under conditions of increased barometric pressure. Problemy Gematologii i Perelivaniia Krovi 17(11): 11-16

Physicochemical mechanisms of biological movement. Vestnik Akademii Meditsinskikh Nauk SSSR 26(9): 33-38

Physicochemical mechanisms of the organotropism of drugs. Vestnik Akademii Meditsinskikh Nauk SSSR: 85-88

Physicochemical methods of studying aconitine and the prospects for utilizing them in toxicological analysis. Farmatsiia 23(4): 77-81

Physicochemical model for dose-dependent drug absorption. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 73(9): 1274-1279

Physicochemical model of Na+ inactivation. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 241(2): 697-699

Physicochemical model of the excitable cell. Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Seances de L'academie des Sciences. Serie D: Sciences Naturelles 266(4): 414-416

Physicochemical modifications of lysosomal hydrolases during intracellular transport. Biochemical Journal 132(2): 267-282

Physicochemical nature of the antibodies to different salmonella antigens. Zhurnal Mikrobiologii, Epidemiologii, i Immunobiologii 49(6): 7-10

Physicochemical processes in human normal immunoglobulin preparations and various related problems. Przeglad Epidemiologiczny 35(4): 437-441

Physicochemical profile of tifluadom, an opioid 1,4-benzodiazepine. Bollettino Chimico Farmaceutico 123(10): 483-488

Physicochemical properties and amino acid composition of the hemoglobin of the beaver Castor fiber. Zhurnal Evoliutsionnoi Biokhimii i Fiziologii 10(3): 305-307

Physicochemical properties and amino acid makeup of the hemoglobin from the frog Rana temporaria L. Ukrains'kyi Biokhimichnyi Zhurnal 45(3): 249-253

Physicochemical properties and antigenic activity of fragments of human gamma-globulin obtained by action of ultrasound. Federation Proceedings. Translation Supplement; Selected Translations From Medical-Related Science 25(5): 868-870

Physicochemical properties and antileukemic activity of crystalline L-asparaginase from Escherichia coli. Voprosy Meditsinskoi Khimii 20(3): 272-276

Physicochemical properties and biological activity of an antitumor substance isolated from Bacillus mesentericus culture broth. Mikrobiologicheskii Zhurnal 42(6): 766-768

Physicochemical properties and biological activity: thermodynamic properties of compounds related to acetylcholine assessed from depression of freezing-point and enthalpies of dilution. British Journal of Pharmacology 51(3): 413-426

Physicochemical properties and chemical structure of hemoglobin of a hare (Lepus europaeus L.). Ukrains'kyi Biokhimichnyi Zhurnal 42(4): 475-479

Physicochemical properties and interactions of Escherichia coli ribonucleic acid polymerase holoenzyme, core enzyme, subunits, and subassembly alpha 2 beta. Biochemistry 19(21): 4808-4814

Physicochemical properties and methods of analysis of phylloquinones, menaquinones, ubiquinones, plastoquinones, menadione, and related compounds. Vitamins and Hormones 24: 349-399

Physicochemical properties and pharmacodynamics of desflurane. Anaesthesia 50 Suppl: 3-8

Physicochemical properties and quantitative determination of bromacetopropylacetate. Meditsinskaia Promyshlennost' SSSR 20(7): 47-49

Physicochemical properties and structure of hemoglobin in the dynamics of acute radiation sickness. Fiziologicheskii Zhurnal 28(3): 327-333

Physicochemical properties and uncoupling activity of 3'-substituted analogues of N-phenylanthranilic acid. Molecular Pharmacology 8(1): 95-103

Physicochemical properties as useful tools for predicting the environmental fate of organic chemicals. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 6(3): 294-301

Physicochemical properties of Agrobacterium tumefaciens phage LV-1 and its DNA. Virology 40(1): 48-54

Physicochemical properties of Ibaraki virus hemagglutinin. Nihon Juigaku Zasshi. Japanese Journal of Veterinary Science 45(5): 637-646

Physicochemical properties of N4 coliphage protein ghosts. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 236(2): 450-457

Physicochemical properties of N4 virus solutions. I. Viscosity--temperature behavior. Biopolymers 8(6): 701-713

Physicochemical properties of N4 virus solutions. The role of formaldehyde and inorganic salts on the ejection of deoxyribonucleic acid. Journal of Biological Chemistry 248(8): 2963-2967

Physicochemical properties of Neisseria meningitidis group X polysaccharide antigen. Infection and Immunity 6(5): 773-778

Physicochemical properties of T-cell-activating monokines in guinea pigs. Cellular Immunology 81(1): 118-125

Physicochemical properties of Teschen disease virus RNA. Voprosy Virusologii: 80-83

Physicochemical properties of a Pseudomonas wieringae lipopolysaccharide. Mikrobiologicheskii Zhurnal 44(6): 12-16

Physicochemical properties of a new bactericidal factor, Ra-reactive factor. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 107(4): 1185-1190

Physicochemical properties of a novel Mr-21 000 Ca2+-binding protein of bovine brain. Biochemical Journal 232(2): 569-575

Physicochemical properties of a tryptic fibrinogen fragment--an inhibitor of fibrin polymerization. Ukrains'kyi Biokhimichnyi Zhurnal 44(4): 418-423

Physicochemical properties of bovine kininogen-II. Journal of Biochemistry 62(5): 591-598

Physicochemical properties of cartilage. Application to the study of arthrosis. Lyon Medical 226(13): 73-80

Physicochemical properties of complexes between deoxyribonucleic acid and antibiotics which affect ribonucleic acid synthesis (actinomycin, daunomycin, cinerubin, nogalamycin, chormomycin, mithramycin, and olivomycin). Biochemistry 5(1): 236-244

Physicochemical properties of degradation products of 6-aminopenicillanic acid. D-4-carboxy-5,5-dimethyl-2-aminomethylthiazolidine. Antibiotiki 17(4): 313-316

Physicochemical properties of detergent-solubilized photochemical reaction centers from two strains of Rhodopseudomonas spheroides. Biochemistry 19(13): 2943-2950

Physicochemical properties of diazepam-modified DNP. Izvestiia Akademii Nauk Sssr. Seriia Biologicheskaia: 436-439

Physicochemical properties of extracellular (1-->4)-beta-D-glucuronan produced by the Rhizobium meliloti M5N1CS strain during fermentation: evidence of degradation by an exoenzyme activated by Mg2+. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 16(6): 301-305

Physicochemical properties of field and cell culture-attenuated strains of swine transmissible gastroenteritis (TGE) coronavirus. Acta Veterinaria Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 28(4): 341-350

Physicochemical properties of hemoglobin of intact and irradiated dogs. Radiobiologiia 11(4): 499-503

Physicochemical properties of highly purified kidney cultured plasminogen activator (single chain urokinase). Nihon Ketsueki Gakkai Zasshi 45(1): 119-128

Physicochemical properties of human reaginic antibodies. 8. Effect of reduction and alkylation on gamma E antibodies. Journal of Immunology 102(1): 69-76

Physicochemical properties of intermediary subunits of broad bean 11S globulin. Phytochemistry 33(5): 989-994

Physicochemical properties of intra- and extracellular media at low temperatures. Effect of ions. Biofizika 19(2): 285-289

Physicochemical properties of kidney-specific antigen. Biulleten' Eksperimental'noi Biologii i Meditsiny 97(1): 68-71

Physicochemical properties of lymph node tissue proteins with isoelectric points corresponding to serum gamma G-globulin. Biokhimiia 37(2): 283-288

Physicochemical properties of maltosyl and glucosaminyl derivatives of beta-lactoglobulin. International Journal of Peptide and Protein Research 23(5): 467-476

Physicochemical properties of medicinal agents. 3. Partition coefficients and acid dissociation constants of N2-substituted-N1-arylsulfonylurea derivatives. Yakugaku Zasshi 94(1): 80-87

Physicochemical properties of medicinal agents. II. Relationship between acid dissociation constants of arylsulfonylurea derivatives and the Hammett equation. Yakugaku Zasshi 93(12): 1647-1654

Physicochemical properties of nucleosides. II. Optic properties of some arabinosides (beta-D-arabinofuranosides). Bulletin de la Societe de Chimie Biologique 51(10): 1511-1520

Physicochemical properties of phospholipid monomolecular layers. Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine 66(4): 383-385

Physicochemical properties of plasma renin substrate in normal, binephrectomized, and estrogen-treated rats. American Journal of Physiology 226(6): 1434-1437

Physicochemical properties of polyhedral protein in Borrelinavirus bombicis. Ukrains'kyi Biokhimichnyi Zhurnal 44(4): 429-433

Physicochemical properties of progesterone binding protein (PBP) from the plasma of pregnant guinea pigs. Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Seances de L'academie des Sciences. Serie D: Sciences Naturelles 275(15): 1707-1710

Physicochemical properties of prostaglandin F2 alpha (tromethamine salt): solubility behavior, surface properties, and ionization constants. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 62(10): 1680-1685

Physicochemical properties of reaginic antibody. 1. Association of reaginic activity with an immunoglobulin other than gammaA- or gammaG-globulin. Journal of Allergy 37(3): 169-185

Physicochemical properties of reaginic antibody. 3. Further studies on the reaginic antibody in gamma-A-globulin preparations. Journal of Allergy 38(2): 108-119

Physicochemical properties of reaginic antibody. V. Correlation of reaginic activity wth gamma-E-globulin antibody. Journal of Immunology 97(6): 840-853

Physicochemical properties of salt-soluble, unsheared chromatin. Molecular weight studies. Molecular Biology Reports 8(3): 137-142

Physicochemical properties of salt-soluble, unsheared chromatin. Salt-dependent structural changes. Molecular Biology Reports 7(4): 231-234

Physicochemical properties of salt-soluble, unsheared chromatin. The mass per unit length by light scattering. Molecular Biology Reports 8(1): 3-6

Physicochemical properties of some acyl derivatives of -casein. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 243(2): 259-272

Physicochemical properties of some glycopeptides released from human erythrocyte membranes by trypsin. Biochemistry 11(1): 44-49

Physicochemical properties of some semisynthetic penicillins. Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology 50(10): 976-985

Physicochemical properties of spray-dried agglomerated particles of salicylic acid and sodium salicylate. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 24(7): 505-512

Physicochemical properties of the DNA of herpes viruses. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 259(1): 13-23

Physicochemical properties of the DNA of virulent and moderate Erwinia carotovora phages. Mikrobiologicheskii Zhurnal 42(5): 609-614

Physicochemical properties of the H2-receptor antagonist cimetidine. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 32(12): 863-866

Physicochemical properties of the Newcastle group bacteriophages. Voprosy Virusologii: 728-731

Physicochemical properties of the active fragments of M and N group mucoproteins from human erythrocytes. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 222(3): 680-683

Physicochemical properties of the cytoplasmic glucocorticoid receptor complex in HeLa S3 cells. Journal of Steroid Biochemistry 16(3): 419-428

Physicochemical properties of the degradation products of 6-aminopenicillanic acid. Penicieic acid. Antibiotiki 17(4): 308-312

Physicochemical properties of the diphosphopyridine nucleotide-specific isocitrate dehydrogenase of pig heart. Journal of Biological Chemistry 249(24): 7942-7949

Physicochemical properties of the elastolytic enzyme complex of Bacillus subtilis. Mikrobiologicheskii Zhurnal 44(4): 8-11

Physicochemical properties of the hemoglobin of the coelocanth Latimeria chalumnae. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 154(1): 96-105

Physicochemical properties of the hemoglobins from the common blood worm Glycera dibranchiata. Journal of Biological Chemistry 246(17): 5391-5397

Physicochemical properties of the hoof horn in healthy highly productive cows and in those with hoof diseases. Veterinarno-Meditsinski Nauki 18(3): 46-52

Physicochemical properties of the pKMR plasmids controlling antibiotic resistance and the capacity to produce colonization antigen. Antibiotiki 29(1): 24-28

Physicochemical properties of the serum proteins of rats with transplated Shvet's leukemia. Ukrains'kyi Biokhimichnyi Zhurnal 45(6): 655-658

Physicochemical properties of the thymic lymphocytotropic factor. Ukrains'kyi Biokhimichnyi Zhurnal 46(3): 358-363

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Physicochemical property modification strategies based on enzyme substrate specificities III: carboxypeptidase A hydrolysis of aspirin derivatives. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 70(12): 1307-1309

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Physicochemical research methods in hygiene. Gigiena i Sanitariia: 56-58

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Physicochemical stability of pharmaceutical phosphate buffer solutions II. Complexation behavior of Al(III) with additives in phosphate buffer solutions. Journal of Parenteral Science and Technology 36(4): 168-173

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Physicochemical stability of pharmaceutical phosphate buffer solutions V. Precipitation behavior in phosphate buffer solutions. Journal of Parenteral Science and Technology 37(2): 38-44

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Physicochemical study of drug binary systems. 2. Khellin-urea system. Die Pharmazie 29(6): 400-404

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