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Studies on structure and function of rhodopsin by use of cyclopentatrienylidene 11-cis-locked-rhodopsin

, : Studies on structure and function of rhodopsin by use of cyclopentatrienylidene 11-cis-locked-rhodopsin. Biochemistry 23(24): 5826-5832

The photochemical reaction of cyclopentatrienylidene 11-cis-locked-rhodopsin derived from cyclopentatrienylidene 11-cis-locked-retinal and cattle opsin was spectrophotometrically studied. The difference absorption spectrum between the cyclopentatrienylidene 11-cis-locked-rhodopsin and its retinal oxime had its maximum at 495 nm (P-495). Irradiation of P-495 at -196 degrees C with either blue light or orange light caused no spectral change, supporting the cis-trans isomerization hypothesis for formation of bathorhodopsin. Upon irradiation of P-495 at 0 degree C with orange light, however, its absorption spectrum shifted to a shorter wavelength owing to formation of a hypsochromic product. The difference absorption spectrum between this product (P-466) and its retinal oxime showed its maximum at 466 nm. Analysis of retinal isomers by high-performance liquid chromatography showed that this spectral shift was not accompanied by photoisomerization of the chromophore. P-466 could almost completely be photoconverted to the original pigment (P-495) by irradiation at 0 degree C with blue light with little formation of the other isomeric form of its chromophore. The alpha-band of the circular dichroism spectrum of P-495 was very small in comparison with that of rhodopsin, while that of P-466 was comparable to it. These facts suggest that P-495 has a planar conformation in the side chain of the chromophore and that P-466 has a twisted one, probably at the C8-C9 single bond. Cyclic-GMP phosphodiesterase in frog rod outer segment was activated by neither P-495 nor P-466. This result suggests that the isomerization of the retinylidene chromophore of rhodopsin is indispensable in the phototransduction process.


PMID: 6098298

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