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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 44552

Chapter 44552 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

The abductor digiti minimi muscle flap: a salvage technique for palmar wrist pain. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 72(6): 859-865

The aberrant divisional bile duct: a surgical hazard. Surgery 73(2): 234-239

The aberrant liver. Zentralblatt für Chirurgie 96(41): 1431-1439

The aberrant pancreas. Khirurgiia: 132-133

The aberrant reproductive endocrinology of anorexia nervosa. Research Publications - Association for Research in Nervous and Mental Disease 59: 165-180

The aberrant retino-retinal projection during optic nerve regeneration in the frog. I. Time course of formation and cells of origin. Journal of Comparative Neurology 196(4): 605-620

The aberrant retino-retinal projection during optic nerve regeneration in the frog. II. Anterograde labeling with horseradish peroxidase. Journal of Comparative Neurology 196(4): 621-632

The aberrant retino-retinal projection during optic nerve regeneration in the frog. III. Effects of crushing both nerves. Journal of Comparative Neurology 196(4): 633-643

The aberrant spermatozoa of Hydropsychidae caddisflies (Trichoptera): an electron microscope analysis on spermiogenesis. Journal of Ultrastructure Research 78(1): 84-94

The aberrant, a morphological mutant of Hydra attenuata, has altered inhibition properties. Developmental Biology 89(2): 316-331

The aberrational man--a tour de force of legal psychiatry. I. Psychiatric conditions and resultant responsibility. A. Criminal mental incompetency. Journal of Forensic Sciences 13(1): 1-32 Contd

The aberrational man--a tour de force of legal psychiatry. II. Journal of Forensic Sciences 13(2): 177-222

The aberrational man-a tour de force of legal psychiatry. 3. Psychiatric conditions and resultant responsibility. Journal of Forensic Sciences 13(3): 340-375

The aberrational man-a tour de force of legal psychiatry. IV. Psychiatric aids or tools. Journal of Forensic Sciences 13(4): 470-497

The aberrations of human eyes and their measurements. Optica Acta 15(1): 47-57

The abetalipoproteinemia gene is a member of the vitellogenin family and encodes an alpha-helical domain. Nature Structural Biology 1(5): 285-286

The abilities of human blood platelets to bind extracellular calcium and to be aggregated by adenosine diphosphate are related. British Journal of Haematology 46(1): 115-122

The abilities of partially hearing children. British Journal of Educational Psychology 40(2): 171-178

The ability and attainments of spina bifida patients born in South Wales between 1956-1962. Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology. Supplement 27: 124-131

The ability for dimensional analysis in preschool and retarded children: evidence from comparison, conservation, and prediction tasks. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology 34(3): 469-489

The ability of Ceylonese to taste phenyl thiocarbamide (PTC). Ceylon Medical Journal 11(3): 81-86

The ability of E. coli DNA methylases to modify denatured DNA. Biokhimiia 48(10): 1752-1754

The ability of HCG in the induction of spermination in toads devoid of an endogenous souce of gonadotropin. Endokrinologie 58(1): 119-120

The ability of IgA to inhibit complement consumption by complement-fixing antigens and antigen-antibody complexes. Australian Journal of Experimental Biology and Medical Science 62: 1-10

The ability of IgA to inhibit the complement-mediated lysis of target red blood cells sensitized with IgG antibody. Molecular Immunology 17(9): 1173-1180

The ability of RX 77368 - a stabilised analogue of TRH - to provoke the secretion of prolactin and TSH in vivo. Neuropeptides 3(1): 1-8

The ability of Sendai virus to overcome cellular resistance to vesicular stomatitis virus. I. General characteristics of the system. Annales Medicinae Experimentalis et Biologiae Fenniae 43(2): 57-60

The ability of Sendai virus to overcome cellular resistance to vesicular stomatitis virus. II. The possible role of interferon. Annales Medicinae Experimentalis et Biologiae Fenniae 43(2): 61-64

The ability of Stomoxys calcitrans and mechanical means to transmit Trypanosoma (brucei) evansi from goats to camels in Kenya. Veterinary Research Communications 18(4): 307-312

The ability of Sumah virus of the Ukuniemi group to reproduce in Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. Voprosy Virusologii 16(6): 731-735

The ability of a Self-Administered Alcohol Screening Test (mSAAST) to detect future excessive alcohol consumption in persons on methadone maintenance. Alcoholism, Clinical and Experimental Research 6(3): 362-368

The ability of actinomycin D to increase the clearing-factor lipase activity of rat adipose tissue. Biochemical Journal 93(1): 10c-11c

The ability of adenosine to decrease the concentration of fructose 2,6-bisphosphate in isolated hepatocytes. A cyclic AMP-mediated effect. Biochemical Journal 218(1): 157-163

The ability of amine production by argyrophil cell adenocarcinoma of the endometrium. Acta Obstetrica et Gynaecologica Japonica 33(3): 417-419

The ability of antibodies to liberate inhibitors from their combination with viruses. Voprosy Virusologii 15(1): 23-27

The ability of antidepressant drugs to desensitize beta-receptors is inversely correlated with their clinical potency. Journal of Affective Disorders 7(1): 53-58

The ability of ascaris cuticles to adsorb human group A and B antigens. Meditsinskaia Parazitologiia i Parazitarnye Bolezni 41(5): 565-567

The ability of bacterial lipopolysaccharide to modulate the induction of unresponsiveness to a state of immunity. Cellular parameters. Journal of Experimental Medicine 138(6): 1481-1495

The ability of calcium to change cyclic AMP from a stimulator to an inhibitor to thymic lymphoblast proliferation. Journal of Cellular Physiology 81(2): 241-250

The ability of campylobacter media supplements to neutralize photochemically induced toxicity and hydrogen peroxide. Journal of Applied Bacteriology 56(1): 151-157

The ability of certain microorganisms to form fibrinolytic substances. Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR 165(1): 217-223

The ability of chemotactic factors to induce lysosomal enzyme release. I. The characteristics of the release, the importance of surfaces and the relation of enzyme release to chemotactic responsiveness. Journal of Immunology 112(6): 2047-2054

The ability of chemotactic factors to induce lysosomal enzyme release. II. The mechanism of release. Journal of Immunology 112(6): 2055-2062

The ability of counsellors is misused. Nordisk Medicin 88(8): 242-243

The ability of deaf children to use syntactic cues in immediate recall of speechread material. Exceptional Children 36(10): 735-741

The ability of dental therapists to perform oral prophylaxes. Journal of the American Dental Association 84(3): 611-615

The ability of fibrinogens, FI and FII, to support ADP-induced platelet aggregation. Thrombosis and Haemostasis 50(2): 527-529

The ability of foods to stain two composite resins. Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry 43(5): 542-545

The ability of human mothers to identify the hunger cry signals of their own new-born infants during the lying-in period. Experientia 23(9): 768-769

The ability of interspecies crossreactive anti-Ia murine alloantibodies to eliminate a subpopulation of human adherent cells responsible for induction of alloimmunity. Transplantation 35(4): 368-373

The ability of isolated closing of the eyes in normal and squinting children. Ceskoslovenska Oftalmologie 26(3): 151-156

The ability of laparoscopic clips to withstand high intraluminal pressure. Archives of Surgery 130(4): 439-441

The ability of localized implants of whole or minced dermis to disrupt pattern formation in the regenerating forelimb of the axolotl. American Journal of Anatomy 162(4): 315-326

The ability of macrophages from head and neck cancer patients to kill tumor cells. Effect of prostaglandin inhibitors on cytotoxicity. Cancer 54(11): 2403-2408

The ability of macrophages to provoke antibody synthesis in an in vivo lymphocyte culture. Zhurnal Mikrobiologii, Epidemiologii, i Immunobiologii 47(1): 70-75

The ability of maternal antibody to increase the immune response in infants. Immunology 16(2): 145-148

The ability of melanoma B-16 cells to form colonies in the lungs of alloxan-diabetic mice. Biomedicine / 33(5): 135-136

The ability of microorganisms of the genus Shigella and Salmonella to inactivate antibitics. Laboratornoe Delo 11: 648-649

The ability of milk fermentation bacteria to use vitamin B 12 - 58 Co. Annales de la Nutrition et de L'alimentation 25(1): 91-97

The ability of nonspecific T-cell stimulators to induce helper-cell-dependent increases in either polyclonal or isotype-restricted Ig production in vivo. Cellular Immunology 61(2): 416-424

The ability of participant laboratories to detect penicillin-resistant Pneumococci. A report from the microbiology portion of the College of American Pathologists (CAP) surveys. American Journal of Clinical Pathology 78(4 Suppl): 659-663

The ability of patients to swallow capsules. Journal of Clinical and Hospital Pharmacy 6(3): 207-208

The ability of patients with herdopathia atactica polyneuritiformis to alpha-oxidize and degrade several isoprenoid branch-chained fatty structures. Scandinavian Journal of Clinical and Laboratory Investigation 18(2): 141-150

The ability of pepsin to form a covalent compound with substrate fragment (reaction product). Biokhimiia 36(3): 604-614

The ability of phage containing 5-iodo-2'-deoxyuridine-subsituted deoxyribonucleic acid to induce enzymes. Journal of Biological Chemistry 243(18): 4750-4756

The ability of placental extracts to modulate a direct PFC response to SRBCs in mice. Immunology Letters 6(1): 21-24

The ability of prsonality variables in discriminating among three intellectual groups of preadolescent boys and girls. Child Development 41(4): 1173-1181

The ability of rat transplantable lymphosarcoma cells to synthesize immunoglobulins. Neoplasma 29(3): 249-256

The ability of reduced nicotinamide mononucleotide to function as a hydrogen donor in the glutamic dehydrogenase reaction. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 34(5): 627-632

The ability of rubber impression materials in reproducing undercuts. A laboratory technical investigation on silicone and thiokol materials. Svensk Tandlakare Tidskrift. Swedish Dental Journal 58(8): 403-418

The ability of schizophrenic patients to interpret intonation. Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica 41(2): 218-226

The ability of six-year-olds, eight-year-olds, and adults to abstract visual patterns. Child Development 45(3): 626-632

The ability of the chromatid bridges of C. capillaris and Vicia faba to break during the first hours following gamma-irradiation. Radiobiologiia 10(3): 404-408

The ability of the latex-binding lymphocyte assay to predict in vivo efficacy of antilymphocyte sera. Transplantation 13(4): 408-413

The ability of the lens cell nucleus to promote complete embryonic development through to metamorphosis and its applications to ophthalmic gerontology. Experimental Gerontology 7(6): 427-431

The ability of the oligodeoxyribonucleotides complementary to the 3'-terminal segment of 16s-rRNA in Mollicutes to suppress translation in their ribosomes in an in-vitro system. Mikrobiolohichnyi Zhurnal 57(3): 30-36

The ability of the rat epididymis to concentrate spermatozoa. Responsiveness to aldosterone. Journal of Andrology 4(3): 197-202

The ability of the skin to change its insensible perspiration. Dermatologica 134(5): 364-370

The ability of three-, four-, and five-year-old children to distinguish fantasy from reality. Journal of Genetic Psychology 122(2d Half): 315-318

The ability of thymus and bone marrow cells from immunized donors to restore antibody formation to BSA in irradiated mice. Immunology 23(4): 651-654

The ability of tumor cells of the lymphoreticular system to grow in vitro. Cancer Research 32(5): 1057-1065

The ability of various nicotinic agents to release acetylcholine from synaptic vesicles. Archives Internationales de Pharmacodynamie et de Therapie 187(1): 88-96

The ability of vascular tissue to produce prostacyclin decreases with age. Prostaglandins 21(3): 483-490

The ability of volatile fractions of certain phytoncide-forming compounds to increase the chemiluminescence of oleic acid. Biofizika 11(1): 175-177

The ability of young people to differentiate between non-addictive and addictive stages of the development of alcoholism. Ceskoslovenska Psychiatrie 76(1): 55-58

The ability of zinc phosphate and hydro phosphate cements to seal band spaces. Angle Orthodontist 42(4): 395-398

The ability to concentrate iodide as a marker of hormone dependence in GR mouse mammary tumors. International Journal of Cancer 34(1): 127-131

The ability to develop conditioned reflexes and the activity of dopamine beta-hydroxylase in the brain-stem. Acta Physiologica Polonica 24(6): 803-808

The ability to distinguish which eye was stimulated by light. Investigative Ophthalmology 8(3): 317-331

The ability to eliminate an administered fluid and weight dynamics in healthy full-term newborns. Akusherstvo i Ginekologiia 47(10): 67-68

The ability to grow old. Schwestern Revue 6(3): 26-27

The ability to look into the future (probabilistic prognosis). Pavlovian Journal of Biological Science 15(3): 135-138

The ability to predict weight gain, individual organ weight, and corresponding food intake in the rat by the four-parameter model for physiological responses. Anatomical Record 202(1): 131-136

The ability to prove blood group antigens Gm(1,2,4,10) and InV (1) in blood stains independently of the protein concentration in the stain extract. Archiv für Kriminologie 165(1-2): 35-39

The ability to secrete ABH antigen in the saliva and its relation to the Gc serum system. Acta Genetica et Statistica Medica 18(5): 475-478

The ability to see a pedestrian at night: the effects of clothing, reflectorization and driver intoxication. American Journal of Optometry and Archives of American Academy of Optometry 45(4): 246-258

The ability to see solid form in early infancy. Perception 11(6): 677-684

The ability to stop smoking is our mutual concern. Katilolehti 85(10): 340-340

The abject gaze and the homosexual body: Flandrin's Figure d'Etude. Journal of Homosexuality 27(1-2): 161-188

The ablation of a choroidal melanoma. Annals of Ophthalmology 4(6): 510-513

The ablation of sensitization to bone marrow allografts. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 141(2): 731-734

The ablation of the carotid glomus in asthmatics. Les Bronches 16(3): 166-168

The able-stable model: an approach to building effective mental health teams. Hospital & Community Psychiatry 24(12): 845-846

The abnormal ECG and the appearance of methacholine-induced arrhythmias in SART mice and effects of beta-blockers, oxprenolol, propranolol, and carteolol. Nihon Yakurigaku Zasshi. Folia Pharmacologica Japonica 83(5): 413-424

The abnormal Pap smear--what to do next?. Cancer 48(2 Suppl): 515-522

The abnormal aorta: a statistical definition and strategy for monitoring change. European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery 10(1): 95-100

The abnormal azygogram--an index of inoperability. American Journal of Roentgenology, Radium Therapy, and Nuclear Medicine 97(4): 933-938

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The abnormal carbohydrate composition of the dysfibrinogenemia associated with liver disease. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 408: 388-396

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The abnormal dermis in pyogenic granuloma. Histochemical and ultrastructural observations. Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology 2(2): 132-142

The abnormal desire for compensation in the light of prevention and rehabilitation. Zeitschrift für Arztliche Fortbildung 60(19): 1134-1142

The abnormal economy of cholesterol in the bile-fistula dog. Surgical Forum 19: 310-312

The abnormal exercise electrocardiogram in apparently healthy men: a predictor of angina pectoris as an initial coronary event during long-term follow-up. Circulation 70(4): 547-551

The abnormal fetus. Seminars in Roentgenology 17(3): 198-209

The abnormal frenum and its surgical correction. Chronicle 32(4): 112-113

The abnormal function of T cells in chronically anti-mu-treated mice with no mature B lymphocytes. European Journal of Immunology 14(5): 476-482

The abnormal haemoglobins in homozygous alpha-thalassaemia. British Journal of Haematology 19(1): 27-31

The abnormal hand and genetic diseases. Journal of the Singapore Paediatric Society 24(1-2): 13-22

The abnormal heart rate response to a deep breath in borderline labile hypertension: a sign of autonomic nervous system dysfunction. American Heart Journal 99(4): 487-493

The abnormal inclinations of the alveolar processes: distinction between total and partial clinical forms. Revue de Stomatologie et de Chirurgie Maxillo-Faciale 69(1): 54-60

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The abnormal labial frenum. Journal of the Missouri Dental Association 46(8): 9-12

The abnormal lipoprotein of cholestasis. New England Journal of Medicine 285(27): 1538-1538

The abnormal lipoprotein of cholestasis. New England Journal of Medicine 285(10): 578-579

The abnormal lower oesophageal sphincter in pernicious anaemia. Gut 14(10): 767-772

The abnormal lymphocyte in schizophrenia. International Journal of Neuropsychiatry 4(1): 4-5

The abnormal mammogram in clinically normal breasts: a challenge for surgeons. Canadian Journal of Surgery. Journal Canadien de Chirurgie 38(2): 110-111

The abnormal mammogram in women with clinically normal breasts. Canadian Journal of Surgery. Journal Canadien de Chirurgie 38(2): 168-172

The abnormal morphology of polyoma-transformed baby hamster kidney cells is due to a failure to respond to 70K spreading factor. Journal of Cell Science 55: 301-316

The abnormal outpatient chemistry panel serum alkaline phosphatase: analysis of physician response, outcome, cost and health effectiveness. Journal of Chronic Diseases 35(2): 81-88

The abnormal proteins of cholestasis: the extractibility of their phospholipids. Revue Internationale D'hepatologie 16(2): 169-178

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The abnormal radiorenogram. B. The renogram in urinary tract obstruction. Progress in Nuclear Medicine 2: 259-273

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The abolition of tolerance of skin homografts in rats with isoantiserum. Journal of Immunology 104(5): 1236-1241

The abomasal histology of worm-free sheep given primary and challenge infections of Haemonchus contortus. Veterinary Parasitology 16(1-2): 43-54

The aborigene of the Chaco. Boletin de la Oficina Sanitaria Panamericana. Pan American Sanitary Bureau 69(6): 469-489

The aborted abortion counselor. Psyche 37(5): 470-473

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The absence of an effect of vitamin B6 deficiency on L-alanine transport across rabbit ileum in vitro. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 183(1): 244-246

The absence of an isotope effect on the stability of the poly- -benzyl-L-aspartate -helix in aprotic solvents. Biopolymers 11(8): 1745-1763

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The absence of change does not mean the absence of change. Ophthalmic Surgery 26(3): 186-187

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