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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 44657

Chapter 44657 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

The impact of credentialing on nursing. Medical Instrumentation 16(5): 237-238

The impact of crime on urban women. Issues in Mental Health Nursing 5(1-4): 139-156

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The impact of culture change on Mistassini Cree youth. Canadian Psychiatric Association Journal 19(4): 331-342

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The impact of cybernetics on the philosophy of biology. Progress in Biocybernetics 2: 141-156

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The impact of decategorizing federal programs: before and after 314 (d). American Journal of Public Health 62(1): 24-29

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The impact of deinstitutionalization on a community based service system. Mental Retardation 18(6): 305-307

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The impact of delayed fatherhood on the father-child relationship. Journal of Genetic Psychology 155(4): 511-530

The impact of demographic trends on hospital surgical care. Alabama Journal of Medical Sciences 20(3): 302-303

The impact of dental sepsis on systemic disease. Journal of the Indian Dental Association 54(1): 11-13

The impact of depression on self-perceived health status. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 43(2): 198-199

The impact of dermatology journals. Archives of Dermatology 131(9): 1059-1060

The impact of developments in surgery on nursing in the seventies. Lamp 29(3): 22-24

The impact of diabetic day care centres on hospital utilization. Nova Scotia Medical Bulletin 52(6): 200-204

The impact of different antimicrobial agents on the normal gastrointestinal microflora of humans. Reviews of Infectious Diseases 6 Suppl 1: S270-S275

The impact of different levels of muscular force on the contingent negative variation (CNV). Progress in Brain Research 54: 195-202

The impact of different motor activity on body composition, density of capillaries and fibers in the heart and soleus muscles, and cell's migration in vitro in male rats. Internationale Zeitschrift für Angewandte Physiologie, Einschliesslich Arbeitsphysiologie 30(3): 207-216

The impact of different ventilation levels and fluorescent lighting types on building illness: an experimental study. Canadian Journal of Public Health 74(6): 385-392

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The impact of diltiazem on aminophylline serum concentration--a clinical study. Zhonghua Nei Ke Za Zhi 33(11): 773-775

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The impact of direct refinement against proton chemical shifts on protein structure determination by NMR. Journal of Magnetic Resonance. Series B 107(3): 293-297

The impact of disability on the child. Physical Therapy 46(2): 153-159

The impact of disaster support work. Journal of Traumatic Stress 7(4): 587-600

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The impact of disease on civilization. Medical Journal of Australia 141(6): 377-379

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The impact of early and comprehensive social work services on length of stay. Social Work in Health Care 7(1): 1-9

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The impact of early training on young female athletes: an Olympic Committee perspective. Women's Health Issues 4(4): 188-190

The impact of early use of prescription contraceptives on reducing premarital teenage pregnancies. Family Planning Perspectives 13(2): 72-74

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The impact of elective curricula and community responsibilities on medical school psychiatry. Seminars in Psychiatry 2(2): 189-193

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The impact of euglycemia and hyperglycemia on stimulated pituitary hormone release in insulin-dependent diabetics. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 52(6): 1230-1234

The impact of examinations on medical student time utilization. Proceedings of the ... Annual Conference on Research in Medical Education. Conference on Research in Medical Education 22: 25-31

The impact of example (the intensive utilization of cows). Veterinariia 9: 6-10

The impact of exercise on the immune system: NK cells, interleukins 1 and 2, and related responses. Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews 23: 215-241

The impact of experience with the aged upon the time perspective of young adults. Journal of Genetic Psychology 110(2d Half): 159-167

The impact of extended insurance benefits on octogenarian medical experience. Social Science & Medicine 5(4): 375-390

The impact of external examinations on medical education programs and students. Journal of Medical Education 58(4): 300-308

The impact of extramarital relationships on the continuation of marriages. Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy 21(2): 100-115

The impact of extraperitoneal surgical staging on morbidity and tumor recurrence following radiotherapy for cervical carcinoma. American Journal of Clinical Oncology 7(3): 245-251

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The impact of fatigue on exercise performance. Arthritis Care and Research 7(4): 176-180

The impact of federal legislation and declining financial resources on dental education. Journal of Dental Education 45(10): 646-651

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The impact of fluoridation. Oral Health 57(9): 601 Passim-601 Passim

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The impact of genetic counseling on the fertility of couples. Journal de Genetique Humaine 32(4): 257-263

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The impact of harvest center on quality of marrows collected from unrelated donors. Journal of HematoTherapy 3(1): 65-70

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The impact of hemostasis disorders in septic shock. Padiatrie und Grenzgebiete 20(1-2): 131-138

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The impact of implantable cardioverter-defibrillators on mortality among patients on the waiting list for heart transplantation. Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery 110(2): 532-539

The impact of imprisonment on selected attitudes of recidivists and first offenders. Journal of Clinical Psychology 26(4): 435-436

The impact of increased agricultural activities on the infection rates and densities in an endemic area of onchocerciasis. East African Medical Journal 48(8): 433-437

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