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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 44821

Chapter 44821 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Tonsils, adenoids and immunity. La Revue du Praticien 33(53): 2881-2886

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Tony Moilin. Ceskoslovenske Zdravotnictvi 19(7): 253-257

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Too bad our patient didn't wait with dying. Sygeplejersken 83(45): 12-12

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Too detailed, too diffuse--but a darned good try. Southampton sets a precedent with unique job discussion. Nursing Mirror and Midwives Journal 129(14): 15-17

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Too many beds?. Texas Medicine 69(3): 87-89

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Too many councils and committees. JAMA 216(7): 1193-1193

Too many dentists don't really know how to take a healthful vacation. Cal Magazine Certified Akers Laboratories 29(1): 1-5

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