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Transcription of the influenza ribonucleic acid genome by a virion polymerase. II. Nature of the in vitro polymerase product

, : Transcription of the influenza ribonucleic acid genome by a virion polymerase. II. Nature of the in vitro polymerase product. Journal of Virology 8(1): 74-80

The properties of the ribonucleic acid (RNA) synthesized by the influenza (WSN) virion polymerase have been investigated. Most of the product RNA is synthesized in association with virion RNA species from which it can be released by heat treatment as single-stranded, ribonuclease-sensitive polynucleotides (average molecular weight, 2-hr sample, about 10(5) daltons). At least 95% of the product is complementary to the viral RNA species. On the basis of the molar ratio of the RNA species isolated from a (3)H-uridine-labeled virus preparation, it was calculated that the WSN genome consists of seven pieces of RNA with a sum molecular weight of about 5 x 10(6) daltons.


PMID: 5106347

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