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Ventilatory responses to static handgrip exercise

, : Ventilatory responses to static handgrip exercise. Journal of Applied Physiology: Respiratory, Environmental and Exercise Physiology 54(6): 1457-1462

Previous research indicates that fatiguing static exercise causes hyperventilation and a decrease of end-tidal CO2 partial pressure PETCO2. The objectives of this study were 1) to examine the changes in pattern of breathing during static exercise, and 2) to define the isocapnic ventilatory response. Six healthy males were studied once a week at one of three levels of static handgrip exercise: 15, 25, or 30% maximum voluntary contraction (MVC) was sustained for 5 min while holding PETCO2 constant or allowing it to run free. During 25 and 30% MVC, we observed 1) progressive increases in mean tidal volume (VT), inspiratory ventilation (VI), VT/TI, heart rate (HR), and arterial BP, 2) increased breath-to-breath variability of VT, 3) no significant changes in respiratory frequency (f), and 4) progressive decreases in PETCO2. Keeping PETCO2 constant at preexercise levels did not change the pattern or magnitude of the ventilatory response to exercise. The time course and magnitude of the subjects' perceived effort resembled the time course and magnitude of the ventilatory response. The variability of VT during the response to static exercise suggests an element of control instability. The identical ventilatory responses during hypocapnic and isocapnic conditions may result from the slow response of the central chemoreceptors; an overriding influence of muscle afferents; and/or increased central command arising with fatigue.


PMID: 6409857

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