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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 44996

Chapter 44996 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

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Your lawyer. Dental Management 8(4): 59-60 Passim

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Your profession needs you: determining our destiny. Nursing Times 78(42): 1748-1748

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Your right at home. Nursing Mirror 159(15): 18-18

Your rights before a state disciplinary court. Rn 36(12): 44-49

Your rights to compensation. Lamp 30(3): 18-19

Your rights under the new Right-to-Know Law (c. 470). Massachusetts Nurse 53(3): 1, 7-1, 7

Your role as diagnostician. Dental Student 58(5): 35-6, 39-40

Your role in myofunctional therapy. Cds Review 67(10): 24-24

Your role in office decor. Dental Management 12(3): 84 Passim-84 Passim

Your role in valproic acid therapy. Nursing 12(6): 104-106

Your said health food... part 2. L'infirmiere Francaise: 13-19

Your school is being helped by the AFDE. Oral Hygiene 56(5): 27-34

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