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Adhesive capsulitis of the glenohumeral joint with an unusual neuropathic presentation: a case report

, : Adhesive capsulitis of the glenohumeral joint with an unusual neuropathic presentation: a case report. American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation 78(6): 577-581

A 37-yr-old woman presented with a 7-mo history of unilateral shoulder girdle stiffness, pain, and weakness and had already been diagnosed with frozen shoulder. Physical examination revealed scapular winging and suspicious focal paralysis of shoulder girdle muscles. Subsequently, electrodiagnostic studies reported denervation of deltoid, infraspinatus, serratus anterior, and lower cervical paraspinal muscles, in addition to a prolonged long thoracic nerve latency. The history, physical examination, and cervical magnetic resonance imaging scan seemed most consistent with neuralgic amyotrophy, although the electrodiagnostic examination could be interpreted as cervical radiculopathy. Some of the difficulties in identifying neuralgic amyotrophy and distinguishing it from cervical radiculopathy are discussed herein. Historically, frozen shoulder has seemed to develop as a complication of the neuropathic process. Both neuralgic amyotrophy and frozen shoulder have a poorly understood pathogenesis, and their combined presence is presumed to be rare. Because of difficulties inherent in the physical examination of frozen shoulder, a coexistent neuropathic process may go undetected.


PMID: 10574174

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