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Automobile driving fitness of patients with nystagmus

, : Automobile driving fitness of patients with nystagmus. Der Ophthalmologe 95(4): 247-252

By law, applicants for driver's licenses not only have to have sufficient vision, but also have to use this sight reliably. The nystagmus patient takes advantage of ocularly induced head turns and other forms of compensation. In the approved test procedures he is deprived of such compensations. The eye movements of a nystagmus patient were recorded oculographically. He was allowed to use compensatory mechanisms of body posture and movement for stabilization of vision. The nystagmus patient can achieve better visual performance when he is allowed to utilize complex segmental body movements for stabilization of vision. It is proposed that test procedures for visual performance in traffic be altered as follows: nystagmus and abnormal head postures are admittable if sufficient binocular vision is achieved. The test may use illustrations of traffic situations containing relevant details such as traffic signs. These are to be understood by the test person on triplicate presentation.


PMID: 9623262

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