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Cuniculitrema polymorpha (Tremellales, gen. nov. and sp. nov.), a heterobasidiomycete vectored by bark beetles, which is the teleomorph of Sterigmatosporidium polymorphum

, : Cuniculitrema polymorpha (Tremellales, gen. nov. and sp. nov.), a heterobasidiomycete vectored by bark beetles, which is the teleomorph of Sterigmatosporidium polymorphum. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek 80(2): 149-161

In a study of the mycobiota associated with bark beetles, a dimorphic fungus producing longitudinally septate basidia of the Tremella-type and yeast cells budding off from stalks, was collected. Detailed morphological, physiological and molecular studies revealed that this fungus represents the teleomorph of Sterigmatosporidium polymorphum. Consequently, a new genus, Cuniculitrema gen. nov., and a new species, C. polymorpha sp. nov., are proposed. Comparative morphological and molecular studies indicated that the new taxon belongs to a group that also comprises species of the stalk-forming anamorphic genera Fellomyces and Kockovaella. The new family Cuniculitremaceae is proposed for this group.


PMID: 11759048

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