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Cure of established, intracerebral rat gliomas induced by therapeutic immunizations with tumor cells and purified APC or adjuvant IFN-gamma treatment

, : Cure of established, intracerebral rat gliomas induced by therapeutic immunizations with tumor cells and purified APC or adjuvant IFN-gamma treatment. Journal of ImmunoTherapy With Emphasis on Tumor Immunology 19(5): 334-345

We have previously reported that immunizations with mutagen-induced immunogenic variants of a weakly immunogenic rat glioma could protect against isografts of the original tumor cells. In this study we show that prolonged survival and cures of rats with established gliomas in their brains can be achieved by therapeutic immunizations with tumor cell mutants, combined with in vitro and in vivo interferon (IFN)-gamma (adjuvant) treatment, or tumor cells admixed with semipurified syngeneic dendritic cells. Cure of rats with established intracerebral gliomas was possible when immunizations were initiated up to 5 days after intracerebral isografting of original tumor cells. Unexpectedly, immunizations combined with in vitro and in vivo IFN-gamma treatment or with admixed semipurified dendritic cells equalized the immunogenic potential of the original tumor cells and that of mutagen-induced immunogenic cell variants (tum-). This demonstrates that effective immunizations against a weakly immunogenic brain tumor can be achieved by different adjuvant concepts. The therapeutic effect of immunizations with tumor cells admixed with semipurified dendritic cells was highly significant in female rats, whereas only occasional cures and prolonged survival were recorded in male rats. The overall results show that therapeutic immunizations can indeed be effective against an established and growing intracerebral tumor.


PMID: 8941873

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