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Diphtheria in Ukraine. The current aspects of diphtheria epidemiology (1)

, : Diphtheria in Ukraine. The current aspects of diphtheria epidemiology (1). Likars'ka Sprava: 147-149

From 1991 forth, a diphtheria epidemics has been spreading in Ukraine, the cause of which is decline in the level of collective immunity. The highest incidence rates are registered in large industrial centers. In rural areas, morbidity rates were found to be half as high as those in urban ones, particularly so among the adults. Morbidity and mortality were greater among those children of under school age who did not attend the child's pre-school institutions. Immunization of the adults done on a single-procedure basis does not protect them either against the disease or lethal outcome. The observed decline in mortality is due to the detection of mild forms of the disease, earlier diagnose and, therefore, start of the treatment. But even in 1994 the epidemic situation with respect to diphtheria looks serious in Ukraine, which fact necessitates inaugurating antiepidemic measures on a continuous basis, the mainstay of which is vaccinal prevention.


PMID: 8983759

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