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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 45837

Chapter 45837 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Dr.'s orders to nurses 'bizarre': privileges revoked. Case on point: Davenport v. Northeast Georgia Medical Center, 2000 WL 1693746 S.E.2d-GA. Nursing Law's Regan Report 41(8): 2-2

Dr.József Imre, Sr. - his professional work with special emphasis on insurance medicine. Orvosi Hetilap 142(24): 1275-1279

Dr.Károly Csépai--life work and its current significance for giving expert opinion in insurance medicine. Orvosi Hetilap 143(23): 1427-1430 criticised for mixing information with advertising. Bmj 319(7212): 727-727

Drabe et al. reply. Physical Review Letters 66(5): 676-676

Draco's recall of certain anti-asthmatic agents makes children's treatment more expensive. Lakartidningen 98(30-31): 3357-3359

Draconian buyers and Spartan suppliers: the harsh realities of a managed care world. Medical Group Management Journal 40(5): 38-40, 42, 96-8

Draconian dress act repealed. Southern Africa Political & Economic Monthly 7(3-4): 20-20

Draconian measures aren't reform. American Journal of Nursing 94(3): 24-24

Draconian powers in Health Commissioner Bill. New Zealand Medical Journal 106(956): Suppl 3-Suppl 3

Dracontiasis--a historical review. Indian Journal of the History of Medicine 17: 8-13

Dracunculiasis eradication. Khartoum declaration on guinea-worm eradication, Sudan, 2002. Canada Communicable Disease Report 28(12): 102-103

Dracunculiasis eradication. Update 1992. Releve Epidemiologique Hebdomadaire 68(12): 81-83

Dracunculiasis eradication: imported cases. Releve Epidemiologique Hebdomadaire 73(31): 237-238

Dracunculiasis surveillance, Chad. Releve Epidemiologique Hebdomadaire 76(17): 131-132

Dracunculiasis, Yemen. Releve Epidemiologique Hebdomadaire 76(3): 22-23

Dracunculiasis. Global surveillance summary, 1992. Releve Epidemiologique Hebdomadaire 68(18): 125-131

Dracunculiasis. Global surveillance summary, 1993. Releve Epidemiologique Hebdomadaire 69(17): 121-128

Dracunculiasis. Global surveillance summary, 1997. Releve Epidemiologique Hebdomadaire 73(18): 129-135

Dracunculiasis. Global surveillance summary, 2000. Releve Epidemiologique Hebdomadaire 76(18): 133-139

Dracunculiasis. Update, 1992. Releve Epidemiologique Hebdomadaire 68(8): 49-51

Dracunculosis of the broad ligament. A case of a "parasitic leiomyoma". American Journal of Surgical Pathology 17(9): 937-940

Dracunculosis of the face erroneously judged as a suppurative atheroma. Likars'ka Sprava: 132-133

Draft ABA Model Surrogacy Act. Family Law Quarterly 22(2): 123-143

Draft APIC guideline for infection prevention and control in flexible endoscopy. Association for Practitioners in Infection Control, Inc. American Journal of Infection Control 21(3): 42a-66a

Draft AVMA principles on judicious therapeutic use of antimicrobials. American Veterinary Medical Association. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association 213(6): 763-763

Draft CDC environmental infection control guidelines released. Report on Medical Guidelines & Outcomes Research 12(8): 10, 12-10, 12

Draft Clinton health reform proposal is circulated as alternatives surface. Washington Memo: 1-2

Draft Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Dignity of the Human Being with Regard to the Application of Biology and Medicine: Bioethics Convention. Bulletin of Medical Ethics No. 99: 19-24

Draft Euratom Directive on the Control of High Activity Sealed Radioactive Sources (HAAS). Journal of Radiological Protection 21(2): 193-194

Draft Guidelines for Preventing the Transmission of Tuberculosis in Health-Care Facilities, Second Edition; notice of comment period--CDC, PHS, DHHS. Notice. Federal Register 58(195): 52810-52854

Draft National Health Policy 2001: a leap forward in assessment but limping in strategies. National Medical Journal of India 15(4): 216-221

Draft Pastoral requests long-term solution to poverty. Health Progress 66(4): 17-21

Draft Public Health Service Guideline on Infectious Disease Issues in Xenotransplantation (August 1996); notice. Federal Register 61(185): 49919-49932

Draft Report of the Infection Surveillance Steering Group of the UKXIRA: Annex Five: Consent issues arising from requirements for infection surveillance. Bulletin of Medical Ethics No. 152: 9-11

Draft bill aims at improving confidentiality. Bmj 309(6951): 360-360

Draft bill for the regulation of DNA bases. Revista de Derecho Y Genoma Humano 14): 55-95

Draft bill on physician assisted suicide. Bulletin of Medical Ethics No. 121: 19-22

Draft definition of stage I pressure ulcers: inclusion of persons with darkly pigmented skin. NPUAP Task Force on Stage I Definition and Darkly Pigmented Skin. Advances in Wound Care 10(5): 16-19

Draft discussion paper on HIV/AIDS and immigration released. Canadian Hiv/Aids Policy & Law Review 5(4): 51-53

Draft explanatory report to the draft protocol. Journal International de Bioethique 12(3): 57-83

Draft genome map debuts on Internet. Science 262(5142): 1967-1967

Draft guidance for industry extended-release solid oral dosage forms. Development, evaluation and application of in vitro-in vivo correlations. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 423: 269-288

Draft guidance for industry on developing medical imaging drugs and biologics; availability--FDA. Availability of guidance. Federal Register 63(198): 55067-9

Draft guidance for industry; container and closure integrity testing in lieu of sterility testing as a component of the stability protocol for sterile products; availability--FDA. Notice. Federal Register 63(18): 4272-4273

Draft guidance for industry; exports and imports under the FDA Export Reform and Enhancement Act of 1996--FDA. Notice. Federal Register 63(113): 32219-32234

Draft guidance on compliance plans for physician practices. Wmj 99(6): 43, 15-43, 15

Draft guidance on fertility treatment. Bulletin of Medical Ethics No. 67: 17-21

Draft guideline for infection control in health care personnel, 1997--CDC. Notice. Federal Register 62(173): 47276-47327

Draft guideline for the prevention of surgical site infection, 1998--CDC. Notice. Federal Register 63(116): 33168-33192

Draft guideline on processing practices. Or Manager 18(6): 7-9

Draft guideline: diagnosis and treatment of venous leg ulcers. Ostomy/Wound Management 42(3): 100, 102, 104 Passim-100, 102, 104 Passim

Draft guidelines favor name reporting, but permit coded IDs. Aids Policy & Law 13(22): 1, 8-1, 8

Draft guidelines on compounding of nonsterile products in pharmacies. American Society of Hospital Pharmacists. American Journal of Hospital Pharmacy 50(7): 1452-1461

Draft human genome sequence yields several surprises. Journal of the National Cancer Institute 93(7): 493-493

Draft human genome sequencing at RIKEN-GSC. Tanpakushitsu Kakusan Koso. Protein, Nucleic Acid, Enzyme 46(16 Suppl): 2271-2277

Draft legislation offers a mixed bag. American Journal of Nursing 100(6): 81-81

Draft memo on consolidated billing raises concerns about further disruptions for SNFs. National Report on Subacute Care 6(4): 1-2

Draft of Clinton's health reform plan draws cheers, boos, polite applause. JAMA 270(13): 1513-1516

Draft of additional protocol to the convention for the protection of human rights and dignity regarding applications to biology and medicine on the prohibition of cloning humans. Medycyna Wieku Rozwojowego 3(1): 181-183

Draft of final capital rules shows hospitals win some concessions. Modern Healthcare 21(33): 6-6

Draft of legislation relating to the rights of the patient and the quality of the health system. Revue de L'infirmiere: 47-48

Draft of oxygen guides speaks to dealer concerns. Medical Products Sales 15(3): 1, 26, 28-1, 26, 28

Draft of report on secondhand smoke released. JAMA 277(13): 1026-1027

Draft of the Aix-en Provence pollen calendar. Allergie et Immunologie 31(10): 357-361

Draft on organ transplants. South African Medical Journal 86(3): 216-218

Draft oxygen. Chest 116(3): 589-589

Draft plan designed to replace Medicaid. Modern Healthcare 22(14): 20-20

Draft policy statement on industry-supported scientific and educational activities; notice. Federal Register 57(229): 56412-4

Draft protocol on transplantation of organs and tissues of human origin. Journal International de Bioethique 12(3): 47-56

Draft protocol on transplantation of organs and tissues of human origin. Council of Europe. Nefrologia 20(1): 22-38

Draft protocols for the evaluation of breast abnormalities. Medicine and Health, Rhode Island 80(3): 96-97

Draft recommendations for evaluation of radiation exposure in diagnostic radiology examinations. Radiology Management 5(4): 34-41

Draft report on surrogacy issued by the Australian National Bioethics Consultative Committee -- the debate on surrogacy in Australia continues Response to the draft report of the National Bioethics Consultative Committee (NBCC), Surrogacy. Issues in Reproductive and Genetic Engineering 3(2): 143-157

Draft report to annual and central conferences, Dec 1990: an invitation to explore a frontier. Engage/Social Action 4(1): 17-27

Draft sheet in shift planning. Tidsskriftet Sykepleien 85(16): 50-52

Draft standard specifies implantable saline-filled breast prostheses. Standardization News 27(11): 16-16

Draft standards define terms, data elements related to acute coronary syndromes. Report on Medical Guidelines & Outcomes Research 12(18): 10, 12-10, 12

Draft standards for nitinol alloys present optimum medical device design processes. Standardization News 28(2): 17-18

Draft statement on pharmaceutical care. ASHP Council on Professional affairs. American Society of Hospital Pharmacists. American Journal of Hospital Pharmacy 50(1): 126-128

Draft statement on registration to practise as a veterinarian. Australian Veterinary Journal 77(12): 828-828

Draft technical assistance bulletin on quality assurance for pharmacy-prepared sterile products. American Society of Hospital Pharmacists, Council on Professional Affairs. American Journal of Hospital Pharmacy 50(7): 1440-1452

Draft treaty on tobacco control released. Bulletin of the World Health Organization 80(9): 764-764

Draft uniform data set for home care and hospice. National Association for Home Care. Caring 13(6): 10-1, 69-75

Drafting. Optometry 71(9): 549-550

Drafting a parenteral nutrition order form utilizing a physician assessment process. Military Medicine 158(8): 548-552

Drafting a sound physician employment agreement. Healthcare Financial Management 50(11): 84, 86-7

Drafting an international convention on the protection of the rights of all migrant workers and their families. International Migration Review 19(3): 570-573

Drafting guidelines for the withholding or withdrawing of life sustaining treatment in critically ill children and neonates. Archives of Disease in Childhood. Fetal and Neonatal Edition 83(1): F60-F63

Drafting legislation for health system reform is first goal. Missouri Medicine 91(6): 268-270

Drafting legislation to curb workplace violence. American Nurse 26(8): 17, 19-17, 19

Drafting loan commitments that will hold up in court. Contemporary Longterm Care 22(3): 67-68

Drafting of a medical certificate in cases of suspected child abuse: guarding against traps. Archives de Pediatrie 7(8): 888-890

Drafting the Genetic Privacy Act: science, policy, and practical considerations. Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 23(4): 360-366

Drafting warnings for medical products: practical considerations for minimizing litigation. Healthspan 10(8): 11-20

Drag and Torque on Clusters of N Arbitrary Spheres at Low Reynolds Number. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 229(1): 184-195

Drag and sprint performance of wheelchair basketball players. Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development 31(2): 138-143

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Drag in paired electron-hole layers. Physical Review Letters 76(15): 2786-2789

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Drag reduction in turbulent flows by polymers. Physical Review Letters 67(2): 196-199

Drager ventilator failure. Anesthesia and Analgesia 77(3): 638-638

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Dragila and Vukovic reply. Physical Review Letters 61(15): 1792-1792

Dragon bones and drugstores: the interaction of pharmacy and paleontology in the search for early man in China. Pharmacy in History 23(2): 55-70

Dragon's Blood incense: misbranded as a drug of abuse?. Forensic Science International 115(1-2): 1-8

Dragon's blood. A glance into the history of pharmacognosy. Bulletin de la Societe des Sciences Medicales du Grand-Duche de Luxembourg: 96-101

Dragons 'round the fleece again: STI571 versus alpha1 acid glycoprotein. Journal of the National Cancer Institute 92(20): 1626-1627

Dragons and the VAT. Foot & Ankle International 22(1): 7-8

Dragons, iron men, and utopia: a housestaff leader talks candidly about residency training and housestaff organizing. Interview by Peter Rabinowitz. New Physician 30(11): 26-28

Dragooning a medical congress. Bmj 317(7158): 584a-584a

Dragstedt's first vagotomy in the treatment of duodenal ulcer disease. American Surgeon 60(5): 376-377

Drain development, VIII: the reeler mouse. American Journal of Psychiatry 155(12): 1660-1660

Drain entrapment and titanium to ceramic head deposition: two unique complications following closed reduction of a dislocated total hip arthroplasty. Journal of Arthroplasty 13(6): 713-717

Drain fistulography. Radiological sphincter identification in high anal fistulae. Rofo 159(1): 33-37

Drain fixation made foolproof. Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons of England 82(4): 290-292

Drain volume required for a target peritoneal clearance: formulae based on peritoneal transport type and body size. Asaio Journal 44(6): 828-834

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Drain-site tumour recurrence after laparotomy resection for colorectal cancer. European Journal of Surgical Oncology 25(5): 546-547

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Drainage and isolation of the work field in pediatric dentistry (I). A market overview and suitability study: isolation of the work field without dams. Schweizer Monatsschrift für Zahnmedizin 108(11): 1080-1089

Drainage and isolation of the work field in pediatric dentistry (II). A market overview and suitability study: the dam system and its use in pediatric dentistry. Schweizer Monatsschrift für Zahnmedizin 108(11): 1097-1108

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