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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 45845

Chapter 45845 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Duration-specific marital fertility in Egypt. Population Bulletin of Ecwa: 5-30

Durations of adolescent sexual relationships before and after conception. Journal of Adolescent Health 17(3): 163-172

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Durban declaration on HIV and AIDS. Aids Treatment News: 3-3

Durban wins bid to host the international 2005 Cleft Palate and Related Craniofacial Anomalies Congress at the ICC. Sadj 56(9): 395-396

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Durenberger is drafting legislation to alter outpatient surgery payments. Modern Healthcare 15(11): 28-29

Durenburger's finance subcommittee will foster more health competition. Modern Healthcare 11(2): 24-24

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Durham, city of medicine, USA. Part 2: The first decade. North Carolina Medical Journal 54(6): 262-266

During Trypanosoma cruzi infection CD1d-restricted NK T cells limit parasitemia and augment the antibody response to a glycophosphoinositol-modified surface protein. Infection and Immunity 70(1): 36-48

During U937 monocytic differentiation repression of the CD43 gene promoter is mediated by the single-stranded DNA binding protein Pur alpha. British Journal of Haematology 115(1): 159-166

During a routine physical, my doctor performed a chest x-ray. He said it showed I have an enlarged heart. What made him say this and should I be worried?. Heart Advisor 5(5): 8-8

During angiogenesis, vascular endothelial growth factor and basic fibroblast growth factor regulate natural killer cell adhesion to tumor endothelium. Nature Medicine 2(9): 992-997

During canine leishmaniasis a protein belonging to the 83-kDa heat-shock protein family elicits a strong humoral response. Acta Tropica 62(1): 45-56

During differentiation of the monocytic cell line U937, Pur alpha mediates induction of the CD11c beta 2 integrin gene promoter. Journal of Immunology 168(8): 3887-3893

During experimental coronary occlusion dobutamine further slows down the time constant of isovolumetric relaxation. Cardiologia 39(1): 33-39

During fever lymphatic system transports creatine phosphokinase into systemic circulation. Biulleten' Eksperimental'noi Biologii i Meditsiny 128(7): 21-23

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During intense exercise, obese women rely more than lean women on aerobic energy. Pflugers Archiv 435(4): 495-502

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During ischemia-reperfusion in rat kidneys, heat shock response is not regulated by expressional changes of heat shock factor 1. Transplant International 13(4): 297-302

During laparoscopy undetected perforation of the small intestine. Modern possibilities for prevention with Visiport and Minioptik. Zentralblatt für Gynakologie 119(1): 42-45

During liver regeneration following right portal embolization the growth rate of liver metastases is more rapid than that of the liver parenchyma. British Journal of Surgery 86(6): 784-788

During liver regeneration following right portal vein embolization the growth rate of liver metastases is more rapid than that of the liver parenchyma. British Journal of Surgery 86(11): 1482-1483

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During open fracture treatment, the repositioning of bone fragments is sometimes difficult. Journal of Trauma 37(3): 516-516

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During their differentiation into macrophages, human monocytes acquire cytostatic activity independent of NO and TNF alpha. Research in Immunology 144(4): 277-80; Discussion 294-8

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Dutch GP convicted after concealing rape sentence. Bmj 322(7291): 884-884

Dutch GP found guilty of murder faces no penalty. Bmj 322(7285): 509-509

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Dutch GPs call for ban on Novartis products. Bmj 325(7360): 355-355

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Dutch and Swiss support heroin on prescription. Bmj 315(7112): 835-835

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Dutch anti-alcohol campaign is under attack. Bmj 313(7069): 1349-1349

Dutch are quietly taking the lead in euthanasia. New York Times on the Web: A4-A4

Dutch argue that mental torment justifies euthanasia. Bmj 308(6926): 431-432

Dutch becoming first nation to legalize assisted suicide. New York Times on the Web: A3-A3

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Dutch consider following UK on vaccines after meningitis scare. Bmj 323(7311): 470-470

Dutch consider obligatory testing of surgeons for hepatitis B. Bmj 319(7219): 1219-1219

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Dutch doctor cleared of ending baby's life. Lancet 346(8986): 1355-1355

Dutch doctor refuses to treat smokers. Bmj 316(7127): 250-250

Dutch doctors call for all pregnant women to be screened for Down's. Bmj 319(7214): 872a-872a

Dutch doctors oppose new euthanasia proposals. Bmj 312(7029): 465-466

Dutch doctors support life termination in dementia. Bmj 306(6889): 1364-1364

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Dutch elections mark testing time for health of the nation. Lancet 361(9352): 144-145

Dutch employers pay part of cost of employee health care coverage. Employee Benefit Plan Review 34(11): 72, 74-72, 74

Dutch euthanasia law. Nurses demand right to opt out of mercy killings. Nursing Times 97(16): 7-7

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Dutch investigation launched into abortion clinics. Bmj 312(7033): 727-728

Dutch investigators recommend prescription of heroin to addicts. Lancet 359(9306): 590-590

Dutch launch plan to combat legionnaires' disease. Bmj 318(7196): 1437-1437

Dutch law defines patients' rights. Bmj 308(6929): 616-616

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Dutch minister warns that illegal immigrants must receive care. Bmj 318(7193): 1234-1234

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Dutch model of maternity care. May not suit Britain. Bmj 308(6924): 342-342

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Dutch patients travel to Spain for orthopaedic surgery. Bmj 322(7302): 1565-1565

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Dutch proposal for children's right to euthanasia withdrawn. Lancet 356(9226): 322-322

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Dutch regulate sponorship of hospitals. Bmj 318(7199): 1644-1644

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Dutch set to tighten up in vitro fertilisation regulations. Bmj 314(7080): 538-538

Dutch ship fails to offer Irish women abortions. Bmj 322(7301): 1507-1507

Dutch ship offers abortions; to make Ireland its first call. New York Times on the Web: A9-A9

Dutch smokers seek tobacco damages. Bmj 322(7284): 452-452

Dutch sperm donors will remain anonymous for another 2 years. Lancet 355(9211): 1249-1249

Dutch survey casts new light on patients who choose to die. New York Times on the Web: C12-C12

Dutch system of peer review is different and effective. Bmj 318(7191): 1143-1143

Dutch test case over records. Bmj 313(7060): 773-773

Dutch tighten their rules on advertising of alcohol. Bmj 320(7242): 1094-1094

Dutch to do new survey on assisted deaths. Lancet 346(8978): 833-833

Dutch to examine testing boxers for brain damage. Bmj 317(7155): 370-370

Dutch transmural nurse clinics for chronic patients: a descriptive study. Patient Education and Counseling 39(2-3): 177-184

Dutch waiting lists increase despite 36m (sterling pounds) campaign. Bmj 321(7260): 530-530

Dutch watch euthanasia on television. Bmj 309(6962): 1107-1107

Dutch whooping cough epidemic puzzles scientists. Bmj 316(7125): 92-92

Dutch workers entitled to smoke-free conditions, court rules. Bmj 320(7244): 1227-1227

Dutch-Romanian connection on family medicine. Lancet 357(9269): 1713-1713

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