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Effect of oral cisapride on gallbladder emptying during fasting and postprandial states

, : Effect of oral cisapride on gallbladder emptying during fasting and postprandial states. Academic Radiology 5(2): 115-118

The purpose of the study was to determine the effect of orally administered cisapride on gallbladder emptying in healthy subjects during fasting and postprandial states. Gallbladder emptying was assessed by means of ultrasonography in 10 healthy male subjects (age range, 25-33 years; mean age, 28.6 years +/- 3.2 [standard deviation]) under four randomly applied conditions: (a) after oral intake of a placebo tablet, (b) after oral intake of 10 mg of cisapride during fasting, (c) after oral intake of a placebo tablet followed 30 minutes later by ingestion of 300 mL of fresh whole milk (postprandial emptying), and (d) after oral intake of 10 mg of cisapride followed 30 minutes later by ingestion of 300 mL of milk. Cisapride given during the fasting state induced gallbladder contraction by 44.1% +/- 12.6 (standard deviation) of its initial volume. Gallbladder emptying started after 19.4 minutes +/- 12.6 and reached its peak 51 minutes +/- 5.7 later. The ejection fraction after administration of only cisapride was significantly less than that after placebo and milk ingestion (44.1% +/- 12.6 vs 60.6% +/- 8.5, P < .0002). Oral administration of cisapride 30 minutes before milk consumption induced gallbladder emptying, which started approximately 10 minutes before milk ingestion. The ejection fraction after administration of cisapride with milk was significantly greater than that after consumption of placebo and milk (67.1% +/- 8.8 vs 60.6% +/- 8.5, P < .02). Oral cisapride induces contraction of the gallbladder during the fasting state and enhances postprandial gallbladder emptying.


PMID: 9484545

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