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Effects of partial bladder outlet obstruction and its relief on types I and III collagen and detrusor contractility in the rat

, : Effects of partial bladder outlet obstruction and its relief on types I and III collagen and detrusor contractility in the rat. Neurourology and Urodynamics 19(1): 29-42

Bladder outlet obstruction induces a rapid hypertrophy characterized by increased bladder mass and collagen deposition. An increase in collagen is likely to reduce the contractility and compliance of bladder wall. This study was undertaken to investigate the effects of partial bladder outlet obstruction and its relief on types I and III collagen, and the relationship between detrusor contractility and collagen types. A total of 40 female rats was used for experiment and divided into one control, one obstruction, and three recovery groups. The contractility to field stimulation was recorded; total collagen and collagen concentration were quantified. The localization of types I and III collagen and the expression of pro-alpha1(I) and alpha1(III) collagen mRNA were determined by immunohistochemical staining and Northern blot hybridization, respectively. Contractile response to field stimulation was reduced after obstruction and recovered following relief. The total amount of collagen increased after obstruction and decreased after relief; however, collagen concentration decreased after obstruction and increased following relief. Contractility correlated negatively with total collagen but positively with collagen concentration. The protein deposition of types I and III collagen was localized in lamina propria and muscle bundles in all groups. The expression of types I and III collagen gene was up regulated after obstruction, but down regulated after relief. Negative correlation between contractility and gene expressions of collagen types was significant. These data suggest that the change in localization and quantity of collagen types leads to morphologic changes of bladder and can have an impact on the contractility of detrusor. Neurourol. Urodynam. 19:29-42, 2000.


PMID: 10602246

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