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Experimental study on the effect of extremities ischemia reperfusion inducing anterior tibial compartment pressure

, : Experimental study on the effect of extremities ischemia reperfusion inducing anterior tibial compartment pressure. Zhonghua Wai Ke Za Zhi 35(10): 630-633

We observed the changes of compartment pressure after extremities were reperfused at different intervals of ischemia and its relationship with the changes of serum MDA and CPK content. The protective effect of mannite on extremities ischemia reperfusion was also studied. 18 New Zealand rabbits were separated into three groups: group A (ischemia 4 h); group B (ischemia 8 h); group C (ischemia 4 h). The rabbits of group A and B were intravenous injected with normal saline (NS), and group C was injected with 20% mannite. The changes of compartment pressure of serum MDA and CPK content and the histological changes of skeletal muscles in every group were noted at different times: preoperation; the beginning of ischemia; the end of ischemia and reperfusion for 4 h; 24 h; 72 h, respectively. The longer ischmia lasted, the more serious the tissue damage was. Reperfusion made tissue damaged further. After reperfusion for 24 h, the damage was the most serious. Meanwhile, the serum MDA and CPK content also reached the peak value. These changes were in accord with those of compartment pressure. On the other hand, the damage of mannite group was relatively mild. Extremity ischemia reperfusion would led to the increase of compartment pressure, then intensified the damage. The damage was the most serious at 24 h of reperfusion. Using mannite could reduce the tissue damage and compartment pressure. Mannite should be recommended as the first-selected drug for extremity ischemia reperfusion injury.


PMID: 10678058

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