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Genomic structure of the rat major AP endonuclease gene (Apex) with an adjacent putative O-sialoglycoprotease gene (Prsmg1/Gcpl1) and a processed Apex pseudogene (Apexp1)

, : Genomic structure of the rat major AP endonuclease gene (Apex) with an adjacent putative O-sialoglycoprotease gene (Prsmg1/Gcpl1) and a processed Apex pseudogene (Apexp1). Acta Medica Okayama 53(6): 245-252

Genomic sequencing and chromosomal assignment of the gene encoding rat APEX nuclease, a multifunctional DNA repair enzyme, were performed. An active Apex gene and a processed pseudogene were isolated from a rat genomic library. The active Apex gene consists of 5 exons and 4 introns spanning 2.1 kb. The putative promoter region of the Apex gene lacks the typical TATA box, but contains CAAT boxes and a CpG island having putative binding sites for several transcription factors, such as Sp1, AP-2, GATA-1 and ATF. A putative O-sialoglycoprotease (a homologue of Pasteurella haemolytica glycoprotease, gcp; abbreviated as Prsmg1/Gcpl1) gene consisting of 11 exons and 10 introns spanning 7.3 kb lies immediately adjacent to the Apex gene in a 5'-to-5' orientation. The Apex gene locus was mapped to rat chromosome 15p12 using in situ hybridization. The processed pseudogene (designated as rat Apexp1) has a nucleotide sequence 87.1% identical to that of the rat Apex cDNA, although several stop codons interrupting the coding sequences and multiple nucleotide deletions were observed. The Apexp1 is located in an inactive LINE sequence. Calculation of nucleotide substitution rates suggests that the immediate, active progenitor of Apexp1 arose 23 million years ago and that the non-functionalization occurred 15 million years ago.


PMID: 10631378

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