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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 46193

Chapter 46193 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Group evaluation: a collaborative, peer-mediated behavior management system. Exceptional Children 59(3): 203-209

Group excellence: a model for the application of Japanese management to mental health centers. Journal of Mental Health Administration 13(1): 8-13

Group execs' pay linked to revenues. Modern Healthcare 23(51): 14-14

Group exercise reduces depression in obese women without weight loss. Perceptual and Motor Skills 90(1): 204-208

Group family counseling: an aid to long-term care. Journal of Long Term Care Administration 10(1): 37-42

Group files for bankruptcy after suit. Modern Healthcare 24(32): 18-18

Group files suit against home care dialysis treatment of kidney disease. Home Health Journal 4(9): 2, 8-2, 8

Group for antiwar MDs broadens focus, hopes to attract new members. Cmaj 155(2): 222-223

Group for swine medicine. Tijdschrift Voor Diergeneeskunde 124(10): 332-333

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Group health, life benefits unscathed by tax proposal. Business Insurance 19(48): 1, 61-1, 61

Group health: avoiding a MET (multiple-employer trust) crisis. Association Management 41(4): 82-85

Group home residents' identities as patients and as community members. Hospital & Community Psychiatry 45(1): 58-62

Group homes can be good neighbors. Provider 26(3): 45, 47-45, 47

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Group influence and vendor competition produce savings on some med-surg supplies. Hospital Material Dollar Sign Management 13(12): 16-17

Group insurance losses sting hospitals. Business Insurance 20(39): 23-4, 26

Group insurance programs. Michigan Hospitals 16(6): 19-19

Group intervention for bereavement after violent death. Psychiatric Services 53(10): 1340-1340

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Group issues global guidelines for patient drug information. Committee on Patient Information of the International Benefit-Risk Foundation. American Journal of Hospital Pharmacy 51(2): 154, 157-154, 157

Group lab: key to economic survival. Group Practice Journal 35(2): 4-8, 11-2

Group lab: the economics of change. Group Practice Journal 35(2): 19-28

Group learning behavior modification and exercise for women with urinary incontinence. Urologic Nursing 17(1): 17-22

Group life and health coverage in Brazil. Employee Benefit Plan Review 34(12): 61-65

Group life is most common Benefit in Spain; popularity of health care coverage is rising. Employee Benefit Plan Review 33(3): 54-5, 58

Group life most prevalent benefit in Canada; study shows 22% of employers have dental plan. Employee Benefit Plan Review 32(2): 30, 32-30, 32

Group life review and denial of death. Clinical Gerontologist 2(4): 37-49

Group lists disciplinary actions. Modern Healthcare 21(20): 14-15

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Group makes recommendations to speed FDA device approvals. Modern Healthcare 23(19): 23-23

Group managers benefit from new affiliation. Canadian Doctor 44(2): 55, 59-55, 59

Group medicine: looking for a juridical statute. Cahiers Laennec 24(3): 47-64

Group meetings. The deciding factor is reflection. Krankenpflege. Soins Infirmiers 94(4): 20-21

Group members' prices vary widely. Modern Healthcare 10(10): 30-32

Group mentoring to foster the responsible conduct of research. Science and Engineering Ethics 7(4): 541-558

Group method approach to the estimation of response factors of unavailable substances in quantitative gas chromatography. Journal of Chromatography. A 888(1-2): 159-173

Group mission. Which of these management philosophies best fits your group?. Group Practice Journal 33(4): 12-22

Group of Africans resistance to AIDS. Archives of Aids Research 11(1): 65-65

Group of Alberta physicians calls for major hikes in patients' medicare bills. Cmaj 150(7): 1138-1139

Group of House Democrats reveals managed-care-based reform plan. Modern Healthcare 22(15): 3, 7-3, 7

Group of insurers to pay for experimental cancer therapy. New York Times on the Web: C1, C10-C1, C10

Group of study SIAARTI of anesthesia and recovery for neurosurgery and neurology. Present and future. Minerva Anestesiologica 59(1-2): 55-59

Group office visits change dietary habits of patients with coronary artery disease-the dietary intervention and evaluation trial (D.I.E.T.). Journal of Family Practice 50(3): 235-239

Group on guidelines for the management of women with adverse effects following radiotherapy for breast cancer. Clinical Oncology ) 7(4): 237-238

Group physical fitness. Journal - American Health Care Association 3(6): 59-59

Group physiotherapy improves time use by patients with stroke in rehabilitation. Australian Journal of PhysioTherapy 47(1): 53-61

Group plans to sell bonds to buy AMI Denver assets. Modern Healthcare 21(12): 16-16

Group portraits--the Dilettanti Society. Endeavour 25(1): 1-2

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Group practices expand electronic communications. Medical Group Management Journal 39(6): 26-30

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Group practices fight change in self-referral exemption. Modern Healthcare 23(28): 11-11

Group practices find their way to the Internet. Health Data Management 8(1): 46-8, 50, 51-2

Group practices flourishing. Modern Healthcare 16(26): 30-32

Group practices listen and learn to improve quality. MSMS resources can help. Michigan Medicine 101(3): 20-21

Group practices make transition to electronic records. Health Data Management 9(10): 46-50, 52, 54 -6

Group practices may ignore economic realities: commingling of rents and returns. Physician Executive 14(5): 33-35

Group practices mimic venture capital firms created by hospitals, physicians. Modern Healthcare 18(9): 73-73

Group practices need to ensure year 2000 compliance of their electronic systems. Healthcare Financial Management 52(9): 65-67

Group practices say growth good but tough. Medical Group Management Journal 45(6): 42-4, 46, 48

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Group proposes a new system on liver transplant priorities. New York Times on the Web: A23-A23

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Group purchasers face compliance dilemma. Hospital Material Dollar Sign Management 15(10): 20-21

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