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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 46306

Chapter 46306 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

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I am 34 years old. I've been married for three years and we want to start a family. My wife wants me to switch to boxer shorts to help things along. is there anything to this theory?. Harvard Men's Health Watch 3(11): 8-8

I am 40 years old and use birth-control pills, but I have gotten nervous because some of my friends say this could cause heart attacks. It is dangerous for me to take the pill?. Harvard Heart Letter 9(5): 8-8

I am 48 years-old and recently learned that I have diabetes. I know that my risk of heart attacks is high, and I want to know what I can do to prevent heart disease. Should I be injecting insulin two or three times a day in an attempt to get very "tight" control of my blood sugar?. Harvard Heart Letter 9(6): 8-8

I am 51 years old, perimenopausal, have irritable bowel syndrome and a family history of breast cancer, and am told my bones are thinning. These conditions would seem to rule out my use of estrogen or Fosamax. I weight train and take 1,500 mg of calcium a day to stave off osteoporosis. What's left?. Harvard Women's Health Watch 6(3): 8-8

I am 58 years old and told my doctor I wanted to start an exercise program. I have never had any chest pain, but she told me I should have an exercise test because I have hypertension and diabetes. I felt fine during the test, but after four minutes they stopped me and told me my results were very abnormal. They said my EKG showed 3 mm of change. Two days later, I had a coronary angiogram, and two days after that I had bypass surgery! Was all this necessary?. Harvard Heart Letter 9(1): 8-8

I am 59 years old and recently had a complete hysterectomy for endometrial cancer. The pathology report showed no migration of cancer cells outside the endometrium. Is it safe for me to take estrogen as hormone replacement therapy?. Harvard Women's Health Watch 6(1): 8-8

I am 61 years old, and for about six years I've been taking Mevacor for my cholesterol. My doctor is pleased with my results, but I read a newspaper ad that said Pravachol was better. Should I ask for a new prescription?. Harvard Men's Health Watch 3(3): 8-8

I am 70 and have a cholesterol level of 250 mg/dl. Am I right to be concerned?. Harvard Women's Health Watch 5(7): 7-7

I am a 46-year-old man with hypertension. I recently started taking Inderal for my blood pressure. I feel fine and my pressure is way down, but I can no longer get my pulse up when I work out on my treadmill or bike. Does that mean I won't benefit from exercise anymore?. Harvard Men's Health Watch 4(3): 8-8

I am a 50-year-old male who has completed several marathons over the last 20 years. At my last physical examination, my electrocardiogram came back with a reading of "sinus arrhythmia" and "incomplete right bundle branch block." My physician is not concerned about these findings, but should I be?. Harvard Heart Letter 9(2): 7-7

I am a 51-year-old man starting a second family. Our baby daughter's immunizations include the chicken pox vaccine. My older children, now ages 19 and 23, never had these shots, but they never had chicken pox either. Should they get the vaccine? For that matter, should I? I don't remember having chicken pox when I was a kid. Harvard Men's Health Watch 3(4): 8-8

I am a 54-year-old man with a history of kidney stones. My doctor recently sent me for a "spiral CT scan." What is the difference between a spiral scan and a regular CT scan?. Harvard Men's Health Watch 3(12): 8-8

I am a 54-year-old man. My father is a healthy 84-year-old, but my two brothers (59 and 61 years old) have been diagnosed with prostate cancer within the past year. I am worried not only about myself but about my two sons. Is there any hope of a vaccine for prostate cancer?. Harvard Men's Health Watch 3(10): 8-8

I am a 54-year-old woman who has gone through menopause. Six months after starting HRT, I discovered I had gallstones, after suffering four attacks. I am not interested in having my gallbladder out, and I have drastically reduced the amount of fat in my diet, which has eliminated further attacks. However, I have also read that there is a link between estrogen and gallstone formation. Should I stop taking the estrogen?. Harvard Women's Health Watch 6(2): 8-8

I am a 60 year-old woman and have a question about my cholesterol levels. My total cholesterol level is normal (just over 200) but my HDL is low, only 28. Should I be taking a cholesterol-lowering medicine?. Harvard Heart Letter 9(7): 8-8

I am a 64-year-old man with high blood pressure. My doctor always checks my pressure in my right arm, but I've started checking both arms with my own blood pressure machine. My right arm is always 6-10 points higher than my left. Is this normal?. Harvard Men's Health Watch 3(9): 8-8

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I am an active 62-year-old woman in good health. My total cholesterol is 189, my HDL is 74, and I take hormone replacement therapy. I have no problems with heavy yard work or low-impact exercise classes. But sometimes I get episodes of irregular heartbeats and occasionally experience tightness in my chest when walking up hills. I was told my stress test was slightly "irregular," but my doctor tells me not to worry. Should I be concerned?. Harvard Heart Letter 8(11): 8-8

I am diabetic and have a hard time controlling my blood sugar. I take two types of diabetes pills, twice a day. I had a five-way bypass last spring and would like to know what I should eat. Harvard Heart Letter 8(8): 8-8

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I am sorry that we lost your leg. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine 89(4): 181-181

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I am the NRA: an analysis of a national random sample of gun owners. Violence and Victims 8(4): 353-365

I am timid, but I am taking care of myself. Soins. Psychiatrie: 33-34

I am undergoing treatment for hypertension and have been taking 200 mg of vitamin E daily for the past few years. I read that even lower doses might raise my risk of having a hemorrhagic stroke. Is this true?. Harvard Health Letter 24(3): 3-3

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I appreciate all the good advice you give us about how to pass less urine at night. I've cut out coffee and alcohol, and I don't even have water with dinner. It has helped a lot, but it seems that you should also be advising us to cut down on salt to reduce night-time urine. Wouldn't a low-salt diet also help?. Harvard Men's Health Watch 4(12): 8-8

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I developed a rapid heartbeat for 10 minutes after getting a novacaine injection from a dentist. It passed innocuously, and I'm in perfect health, having never had anything like that before or since. But It worries me. What could it mean?. Harvard Heart Letter 9(8): 7-8

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I don't know the name, but the façade rings a bellellipsis. Trends in Cognitive Sciences 5(12): 509-510

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I don't need my glasses, but... Survey of Ophthalmology 46(3): 243-247

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I fell today and then there was blood in my urine. Pediatric Emergency Care 15(6): 457-459

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I gave the wrong medicine. Sygeplejersken 94(2): 15-15

I get paid fast; what about you?. Physician Executive 20(7): 42-43

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I give my patients a suicide weapon. Tidsskrift for den Norske Laegeforening 117(9): 1336-1337

I got a flu shot, so why did I still get the flu?. Mayo Clinic Health Letter 16(3): 8-8

I had a bypass operation two years ago and have had no problems with my heart since. However, it looks like I need an operation to repair a hernia. Should I be worried about having this operation given my history of heart disease?. Harvard Heart Letter 9(3): 8-8

I had a glassen vessel. Seminars in Dialysis 14(4): 308-308

I had a hysterectomy and my ovaries were also removed in 1986, when I was 46. After combinations of estrogen in tablets and patches failed to relieve my hot flashes, my doctor tried monthly estrogen injections. They controlled my symptoms beautifully, and I have been taking them ever since. I have not been able to find much information about estrogen injections. is there any harm in taking the hormone this way?. Harvard Women's Health Watch 6(7): 8-8

I had a tough day today, Hillary. New England Journal of Medicine 330(7): 500-502

I had a uniform and nameplate. Tidsskriftet Sykepleien 85(18): 19-19

I had a vaccination for pneumonia several years ago. Do I need a repeat vaccination?. Mayo Clinic Health Letter 19(9): 8-8

I had bypass surgery performed nine years ago. Three grafts were placed from my leg veins. About two months ago, I developed the same pain that I had before my bypass surgery. Is this just in my head, or should I be worried?. Heart Advisor 5(6): 8-8

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I had to play God. Medical Economics 55(25): 53-57

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I have a mole that occasionally bleeds. Should I be worried?. Mayo Clinic Health Letter 19(9): 8-8

I have a number of spider veins on my legs and have had unsuccessful treatments for them--both injection and laser therapy. I recently read an ad for a cream called Dermal-K, which is supposed to alleviate the condition. How effective is this cream?. Harvard Women's Health Watch 6(3): 8-8

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I have an IUD--what should I do?. Contraceptive Technology Update 7(7 Suppl): 1s-4s

I have an embarrassing problem with earwax. My ears plug up and hurt. Is there some secret of personal hygiene that I missed? How can I prevent it?. Harvard Women's Health Watch 5(6): 8-8

I have aortic regurgitation (leaking of the aortic valve), and my physician says it is time to think about surgery. I feel pretty well - I can ski, play tennis. What do I have to lose by putting the surgery off?. Harvard Heart Letter 9(7): 7-7

I have arthritis and take ibuprofen. Can ibuprofen cause heart failure?. Heart Advisor 5(10): 8-8

I have athlete's foot. How should I treat it?. Mayo Clinic Health Letter 18(7): 8-8

I have atrial fibrillation and cannot take beta-blockers. What are my alternatives?. Johns Hopkins Medical Letter Health After 50 11(5): 8-8

I have atrial fibrillation and take a blood thinner to help prevent strokes. My problem is that my energy level has been so low since I developed this problem that I cannot do basic things like shopping and housework. My doctor cannot find any other problem that might account for my fatigue. Harvard Heart Letter 9(4): 8-8

I have been asked to testify as an expert witness in a neuroscience lawsuit involving the standard of nursing care delivered. Axone 14(3): 76-77

I have been bullied because of my illness. Bmj 324(7353): S207-S207

I have been diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia and would like to know more about the condition. Should I be eating a special diet? Is this a form of diabetes?. Harvard Women's Health Watch 5(12): 8-8

I have been getting very short of breath with mild activities, like making my bed. My cardiologist says I have narrowing of my aortic valve that needs to be repaired with an operation. But I'm 87! Aren't I too old for a big operation?. Harvard Heart Letter 8(9): 8-8

I have been meeting a lot of aspiring midwives lately. Birth Gazette 9(4): 2-2

I have been told that I have very weak heart muscle that is causing heart failure. I saw a special on television about implantable pumps. Could one of these help me?. Heart Advisor 5(11): 8-8

I have blown my trumpet against the gates of dullness. Ultramicroscopy 93(1): 39-76

I have burning and stinging sensations in my feet almost constantly. What can be done about it?. Johns Hopkins Medical Letter Health After 50 11(12): 8-8

I have cardiovascular disease and my wife thinks we should avoid restaurants where smoking is allowed because of my heart condition. Is her concern reasonable?. Mayo Clinic Health Letter 20(2): 8-8

I have chronic pain from arthritis but can't take aspirin or ibuprofen because of the side effects. Plain Tylenol doesn't give me enough relief. I've heard of a drug called Ultram. Could it help?. Mayo Clinic Health Letter 16(6): 8-8

I have congested heart failure and I was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea. Are the two connected?. Heart Advisor 5(10): 8-8

I have congestive heart failure. Should I try coenzyme Q-10?. Johns Hopkins Medical Letter Health After 50 11(6): 8-8

I have developed a lump on my wrist, which my doctor calls a ganglion cyst. She says it may resolve on its own, but it is uncomfortable and unsightly. Is there anything I can do to get rid of it?. Harvard Women's Health Watch 5(12): 8-8

I have diabetes. Sometimes, I'm troubled by hypoglycemia. What can I do to avoid it?. Mayo Clinic Health Letter 19(3): 8-8

I have elevated levels of C-reactive protein. How does that affect my risk of developing heart disease?. Health News 8(11): 12-12

I have found vaginal estrogen cream to be very effective for vaginal dryness but am concerned about the long-term effects of using it. Are there any other treatments that work well for this?. Harvard Women's Health Watch 5(7): 7-7

I have had a diagnosis of heart failure for many years, but I recently had an echocardiogram, and the doctor told me it showed my heart was not weakened at all. What is causing my shortness of breath?. Harvard Heart Letter 9(6): 8-8

I have had atrial fibrillation for five years and I still am frustrated at having to have my blood tested every few weeks. Is there any operation that can help me?. Harvard Heart Letter 9(8): 7-7

I have heard that buspirone regularly affects various blood tests. Is this so?. Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology 16(2): 194-194

I have heard that eating green or leafy vegetables can be a problem when a person is taking the blood thinner Coumadin. Is this true?. Health News 6(8): 10-10

I have heard that nurse practitioners are cost-effective providers of ambulatory care. Journal of Emergency Nursing: Jen 22(2): 145-146

I have heard that sodium lauryl sulfate, which is added to many shampoos, may cause cancer. Is this true? Why would a company be allowed to add a harmful substance to such a commonly used product?. Harvard Women's Health Watch 6(4): 8-8

I have heart failure and it is getting worse. Now I have trouble doing even simple things around the house. I am 67 years-old, and my doctor tells me I am too old for a heart transplant. I have heard of an operation in which they cut out a piece of heart muscle and that makes the heart work better. Is this something I should consider?. Harvard Heart Letter 9(6): 7-7

I have influenza. Praxis 88(11): 479-482

I have just been diagnosed with an overactive thyroid. What are the risks to my heart?. Heart Advisor 5(10): 8-8

I have learned to hope. Newsweek 128(23): 74-74

I have mild hypertension and my doctor recommended I eat bananas and drink orange juice. Why?. Johns Hopkins Medical Letter Health After 50 11(6): 8-8

I have no more pain. Pflege Zeitschrift 54(3): 168-168

I have no tolerance for impaired nurses. Melba Lee-Hosey addresses drug abuse among nurses. Journal of Practical Nursing 46(2): 19-20

I have often wondered... American Journal of Sports Medicine 25(3): 281-281

I have read about a patient in whom fluoxetine use may have caused lung damage. Can you comment on the likelihood that there was a cause and effect relationship in this published case?. Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology 13(5): 369-369

I have recently started taking Prempro (0.625 mg conjugated estrogens/2.5 mg medroxyprogesterone acetate). There is so much written about the benefits of taking estrogen, but I am wondering about the effects of the progesterone component. Will it counteract the benefits of estrogen?. Harvard Women's Health Watch 6(5): 8-8

I have recently taken up fast walking and have developed pain in my left foot, which my internist says in plantar fasciitis. She told me to hold off on walking for a while. Can you tell me about this condition? Is there anything else I can do to speed my recovery?. Harvard Women's Health Watch 5(8): 8-8

I have rheumatoid arthritis and have been taking methotrexate. I'm interested in the new drugs that have been in the news lately. Just how effective are they?. Harvard Women's Health Watch 6(6): 8-8

I have seen the future and it is on the internet. Annals of Thoracic Surgery 61(6): 1601-1602

I have severe coronary artery disease and have been receiving chelation therapy. When I mentioned this to my doctor, he said I was wasting my money, and that I ought to stop. What do you think?. Heart Advisor 5(5): 8-8

I have some further comment concerning "Biocompatibility Tests on a Novel Glass--Ceramic System". Journal of Applied Biomaterials 4(3): 277-277

I have some white spots on the inside of my cheek. Could they be cancerous?. Mayo Clinic Health Letter 18(11): 8-8

I have terrible low-back pain. Should I try magnets?. Johns Hopkins Medical Letter Health After 50 11(4): 8-8

I have the hiccups. Revue Medicale de Liege 53(1): 45-46

I have the opportunity to consult for a long-term care facility, though I have never worked in long-term care. What resources should I have?. Journal of Ahima 71(8): 61-62

I have tinnitus--a ringing or buzzing in my ears. My doctor says it's related to my hearing loss. Is there any way to cure tinnitus?. Mayo Clinic Health Letter 18(2): 8-8

I have tried everything I can think of to lose weight on my own and am now thinking of using weight-loss medications. Are they safe?. Heart Advisor 5(5): 8-8

I have trouble using my hearing aid when there is background noise. How can I improve its effectiveness?. Johns Hopkins Medical Letter Health After 50 13(8): 8-8

I hear you knockin' (but you can't come in): potent new HIV therapies are shutting out opportunistic infections. Research Initiative, Treatment Action 4(4): 3-7

I heard on the radio that infections can make people fat. Is it true?. Harvard Men's Health Watch 2(11): 8-8

I heard that the adhesive patch you can wear to prevent motion sickness is available again. Why was it taken off the market?. Mayo Clinic Health Letter 16(3): 8-8

I heartily praise the first issue of Genetics in Medicine for its immediate applicability to clinical genetic practice. Genetics in Medicine 1(3): 118-118

I hired a male nurse for my OBG practice. Medical Economics 71(17): 97-9, 103

I hung out my shingle--and waited. Medical Economics 77(9): 149, 152, 157-149, 152, 157

I is for iron. I is for infancy. Irish Medical Journal 89(5): 162-162

I just graduated and what i think about it. Sbornik Lekarsky 96(1): 57-58

I just read about a recent report, which concluded that high consumption of milk was associated with an increased risk of osteoporosis. This flies in the face of everything I've heard about calcium. Is it really true?. Harvard Women's Health Watch 6(6): 8-8

I kappa B alpha can localize in the nucleus but shows no direct transactivation potential. Oncogene 8(9): 2567-2573

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I keep seeing ads for fiber supplements that are supposed to lower cholesterol. Are they worth taking?. Harvard Health Letter 23(6): 5-5

I knock on patients' doors. Medical Economics 79(15): 47-48

I know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but what are the elements of a good breakfast?. Health News 8(3): 12-12

I know doctors are critical to the success of our hospital, but I have trouble getting them to participate in our marketing activities, let alone listen to our presentations. Help!. Profiles in Hospital Marketing: 82-83

I know handwashing is important, but... Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing 3(4): 139-140

I know him. Bmj 321(7255): 207a-207a

I know that I know nothing? Comments on occlusion treatment. Der Ophthalmologe 99(10): 745-746

I know that continuing medical education is now required for technologists performing mammography. What kind of courses should I be looking for, and what should I be learning?. Ajr. American Journal of Roentgenology 163(5): 1260-1260

I know that gallbladders can be removed through tiny incisions using new types of instruments. Can the prostate also be removed this way?. Harvard Men's Health Watch 2(10): 8-8

I know that transplanted organs have helped many patients, but I've never heard of transplanting testicles. Is any research being done in this area?. Harvard Men's Health Watch 3(7): 8-8

I know the answer, I just didn't recognize the question!. Asha 38(3): 51-52

I know there are antibacterial soaps. Are there "antiviral" soaps?. Mayo Clinic Health Letter 18(2): 8-8

I know we've always done it by hand but ... [letter. Life Support & Biosphere Science 2(3-4): 181-182

I know where I stand!. Journal 65(6): 311-311

I know you are, but what am I? Self-evaluative consequences of judging in-group and out-group members. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 82(1): 19-32

I learned my bedside manner the hard way. Medical Economics 77(3): 112, 115-116, 118

I left my shoes in San Francisco. Nursing Leadership Forum 3(1): 2-3

I lie awake almost every night feeling my heart skip beats. My doctor tells me not to worry, but I can't help being concerned. What can I do about this problem?. Harvard Heart Letter 9(1): 7-8

I like it, but I'm not sure why: can evaluative conditioning occur without conscious awareness?. Consciousness and Cognition 9(1): 13-36

I like it, but only when I'm not sure why: evaluative conditioning and the awareness issue. Consciousness and Cognition 9(1): 37-40,discussion 41-9

I like the candy, I hate the wrapper: the (32)P radioactive stent. Circulation 101(1): 3-7

I like to run for exercise and fitness but have never been a speed demon. I used to run my four-mile route in 35 minutes, but since I started taking a beta blocker for high blood pressure, my time has stretched to more than 40 minutes. Should I stop taking this medication?. Harvard Heart Letter 9(5): 7-7

I like to wash my hair every day. Does doing so cause more hair loss than if I washed it less frequently?. Mayo Clinic Health Letter 18(11): 8-8

I live in the intensive care unit. Critical Care Medicine 29(11): 2234-2235

I look funny and I feel bad. Measurement of symptom distress. Journal of Child and Family Nursing 2(5): 380-384

I lost a malpractice case--without knowing I'd been sued. Medical Economics 73(5): 36-8, 40

I love my nurses at the diabetes clinic. Japanese Journal of Nursing 46(9): 16-17

I love this job: notes of an internal medicine chairman. Academic Medicine 73(3): 228-229

I loved our new physician assistant--for 13 days. Medical Economics 72(1): 75-77

I manage my type 2 diabetes with lifestyle modifications and noninsulin blood sugar-controlling medications. I know I should avoid regular soft drinks, but would diet drinks or carbonated water be OK for me?. Health News 8(4): 12-12

I may be hospitalized soon, and my primary care doctor said that a "hospitalist" may be in charge of my care while I'm there. What do hospitalists do?. Health News 8(2): 12-12

I need a placebo like I need a hole in the head. Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 30(1): 69-72

I need an implant part! Who do I contact? What do I request?. Implant Dentistry 10(1): 1-1

I never have more than two or three drinks a day, but my wife is worried that I am becoming an alcoholic. I'm not drinking any more than usual, but I do really seem to need a drink to steady my nerves in the evening. Without a drink, my hands shake so much that it's hard to eat or drink without spilling things. Do I have a drinking problem?. Harvard Men's Health Watch 3(1): 8-8

I never wanted to be a nurse. Revolution 8(1): 84-85

I offer the public the fruit of my pains. Journal 59(8): 641-641

I often develop canker sores in my mouth. Is there anything I can do to treat them?. Mayo Clinic Health Letter 17(3): 8-8

I often read in HealthNews that elderly people are especially susceptible to severe cases of infectious diseases. Why is this so?. Health News 6(10): 10-10

I opened my home to a homeless patient. Medical Economics 77(12): 131-2, 137

I owe it to my wife to reject the old regime. Nursing Times 97(38): 19-19

I owe my life to you. Archivos Espanoles de Urologia 53(5): 405-408

I paid my dues in prepaid care. Medical Economics 60(25): 193-198

I pay attention to how much calcium I get each day. But I recently heard that without enough vitamin D, my body can't make use of the calcium. Please explain. Mayo Clinic Health Letter 20(9): 8-8

I plasma concentrations of adrenocorticotrophic hormone and alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone in ferrets (Mustela putorius furo) with hyperadrenocorticism. American Journal of Veterinary Research 63(10): 1395-1399

I prescribe suicide agents to my patients. Tidsskrift for den Norske Laegeforening 117(6): 851-851

I prescribe suicide-weapons to my patients. Tidsskrift for den Norske Laegeforening 117(7): 1003-1003

I prescribe, therefore I exist.... Atencion Primaria 22(4): 197-198

I quit because it's an impossible task. Nursing Times 98(4): 25-26

I quit--your rights. Health Care 22(10): 17-18

I ran out of my blood-pressure medications when I was on vacation and was off my medicines for more than a week. When I came home, I checked my blood pressure and was surprised to find that it was just 130/85. Does this mean I do not need medications?. Harvard Heart Letter 9(3): 8-8

I read in your June 1997 publication that one of the risk factors for hip fracture is current use of long-acting benzodiazepines. Could you list exactly which medications these are? I take Xanax and doxepin for fibromyalgia. My pharmacist could find no evidence that either of these drugs depletes bone calcium. How do they place me at increased risk for osteoporosis?. Harvard Women's Health Watch 5(5): 8-8

I read recently that patients with heart disease are more likely to develop dementia. How can I prevent dementia as I age?. Heart Advisor 5(9): 8-8

I read recently that there may be a connection between ovarian cancer and the consumption of dairy products, particularly cottage cheese and yogurt. Has this connection been proven?. Harvard Women's Health Watch 6(4): 8-8

I read that nearly a quarter of adult Americans have "metabolic syndrome". What is this malady, and how can I prevent it?. Health News 8(11): 12-12

I really don't want to get another cold this winter. Does frequent hand washing really help?. Mayo Clinic Health Letter 19(11): 8-8

I recently broke out in hives and had bad stomach pains after eating crab legs. I've never had problems before. Is it possible to develop an allergy to shellfish as an adult?. Mayo Clinic Health Letter 20(8): 8-8

I recently found out that the red rash on my nose and cheeks is due to rosacea, and my doctor prescribed an antibiotic. Will I have this condition for the rest of my life or can I be cured by the treatment?. Harvard Health Letter 23(12): 7-7

I recently had a hysterectomy in which my cervix was not removed. What is the correct hormone replacement therapy for me? Do I have to take progesterone? Will the estrogen increase my risk of cervical cancer?. Harvard Women's Health Watch 6(1): 8-8

I recently noticed some blood in my semen. Should I be worried?. Mayo Clinic Health Letter 17(10): 8-8

I recently nursed my daughter, who is in medical school, through an illness that turned out to be hepatitis C. We were in close contact in the same house and shared meals. How likely am I to get hepatitis myself? Is there anything I can take to prevent it?. Harvard Women's Health Watch 5(10): 8-8

I recently read an article about "demarketing" and am somewhat confused; are we supposed to market or demarket our hospital?. Profiles in Hospital Marketing: 78-79

I recently read that potassium supplements can reduce blood pressure. What is your opinion? I have borderline hypertension, which I'm trying to control with diet and exercise. Harvard Women's Health Watch 6(5): 8-8

I recently read that some drugs are used for "off-label" purposes. What does that mean?. Mayo Clinic Health Letter 16(10): 8-8

I recently received a letter from my cardiologist, and among other diagnoses listed was "sick sinus syndrome." What does this mean?. Heart Advisor 5(6): 8-8

I recognize your face, but I can't remember your name: a grown-up explanation?. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. A, Human Experimental Psychology 50(1): 183-198

I recommended the use of sassafrass tea postpartum to help combat mastitis. Midwifery Today and Childbirth Education: 9-9

I reflect, therefore I am. Nursing Standard 1987) 16(11): 22-22

I remember Virginia A. Henderson. Journal of Advanced Nursing 25(3): 648-651

I remember that! Building memory confidence in the elderly. Reflections on Nursing Leadership 27(1): 23-5, 45

I remember when... Pharmacy in History 19(4): 127-143

I represented the nurses at the front" (interview by Francoise Taillens). Krankenpflege. Soins Infirmiers 95(6): 26-7, 80-1

I resolve to... Optometry 74(1): 5-6

I ride because I can--a Pos Ped perspective. Positively Aware 13(3): 28-29

I said 'relax'. British Dental Journal 177(3): 107-107

I saved my father's life. Bmj 316(7139): 1235-1235

I saw satan fall like lightning. Bmj 320(7240): 1017a-1017a

I see a change in your future. Health Care Manager 18(1): 65-71

I see god crying--patriarchy in nursing. Journal of Christian Nursing 15(1): 23-25

I see, I see what you don't see (body dysmorphic syndrome). Nederlands Tijdschrift Voor Geneeskunde 141(5): 225-227

I seem to be more constipated since I started taking a calcium supplement. What can I do?. Mayo Clinic Health Letter 17(5): 8-8

I sent a query letter to a nursing journal editor describing a potential article. Nurse Author & Editor 3(3): 8-8

I shot the sheriff, but only my analyst knows: shrinking the psychotherapist-patient privilege. Journal of Law and Health 5(2): 209-236

I should not have taken part in the race. Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Sportmedizin 41(3): 101-102

I smell a rat!. Hospital Medicine 60(9): 682-683

I sold my soul to a PHO--and bought it back. Medical Economics 75(4): 242, 245-6

I sometimes develop a bump below my kneecap after scrubbing floors. My neighbor calls it "housemaid's knee." What is this?. Mayo Clinic Health Letter 17(1): 8-8

I spy efficiency. Health Service Journal 99(5174): 1309-1309

I start nurse training at 20 pounds a year. Nursing Times 96(42): 29-29

I stepped in a hole and can't walk. Pediatric Emergency Care 16(3): 213-214

I still love this game!. Home Healthcare Nurse 17(11): 752-752

I successfully used the dystocia technique (described in Issue No. 23) of rotating the baby. Midwifery Today and Childbirth Education: 7-8

I swear by Apollo physician. Connecticut Medicine 57(6): 421-421

I sweat excessively, even when the weather is cool and I'm just spending a quiet day indoors. What can I do?. Mayo Clinic Health Letter 19(10): 8-8

I switched fields at age 59. Medical Economics 69(17): 77-8, 80-1

I take Adalat (or nifedipine, also sold as Procardia) and captopril tablets daily for my high blood pressure. My physician told me not to take aspirin because of the possibility of drug interactions. From what I have read about aspirin, I hate to miss out on the benefits. Harvard Heart Letter 9(2): 8-8

I take Synthroid for my underactive thyroid. What should I do if it is discontinued?. Johns Hopkins Medical Letter Health After 50 13(9): 8-8

I take Tylenol for arthritis. Should I avoid alcohol?. Johns Hopkins Medical Letter Health After 50 10(10): 8-8

I take Zocor for high cholesterol. My doctor checks my lipid levels every six months and they have been pretty good for a few years now. But he also checks my liver-function tests, because liver damage is one of the side effects of this drug. How worried should I be about this problem, and is checking my liver tests every six months often enough?. Harvard Heart Letter 9(1): 8-8

I take ibuprofen regularly for my arthritis, but I've heard that it may lead to kidney damage. Can you tell me more?. Mayo Clinic Health Letter 17(8): 8-8

I tell patients, "Pay the piper". Medical Economics 76(23): 202-202

I tell patients: an HMO is like a bus. Medical Economics 69(18): 240-241

I tell you, some days I could grab a pick and shovel and go back to digging ditches!. Northwest Dentistry 81(5): 15-15

I tend to feel cold a lot, but my husband is always comfortable. Why the difference?. Mayo Clinic Health Letter 18(5): 8-8

I the caregiver, God the healer. Medecine Tropicale 61(6): 551-551

I think I CAM: use of complementary and alternative medicine by PHAs. Treatmentupdate 12(12): 18-18

I think I that I see. Ugeskrift for Laeger 164(51): 6074-6077

I think I'm dumb?. Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery 40(6): 349-350

I think I'm losing my hair. Australian Family Physician 26(6): 683-687

I think therefore I publish. Trends in Biochemical Sciences 19(2): 71-71

I think they're doing research on my patients, but I can't get anyone to listen. Journal of Nursing Administration 28(10): 9-12

I think you should get a job as a nurse. Nursing History Review 5: 71-82

I think, therefore I manage. Health Service Journal 103(5352): 26-27

I thought I saw that report. Journal of the Arkansas Medical Society 90(3): 110-111

I thought I was immune to hepatitis B. Mlo: Medical Laboratory Observer 19(1): 43-48

I thought we were in this together?. American Journal of Bioethics 2(2): 30-31

I took a walk this afternoon. Positive Living 10(6): 5, 31-5, 31

I treat all my patients aggressively. Journal of Medical Humanities 11(4): 193-197

I understand there is a new artificial sweetener on the market. Is it any safer than others?. Harvard Men's Health Watch 4(1): 8-8

I understand there's a new prescription cream that removes excess facial hair. Could you tell me more about it?. Mayo Clinic Health Letter 19(1): 8-8

I urinate at least three times a night. Is this normal for older women?. Johns Hopkins Medical Letter Health After 50 11(1): 8-8

I used some of my daughter's headache medication and had complications. I'm sure I've taken this before. Why would I react now?. Mayo Clinic Health Letter 19(12): 8-8

I used to be from somewhere--a portrait of street kids in crisis. Trustee 52(3): 16-20

I usually walk for exercise when the weather is good, but I don't go out in the winter. Which home exercise machine do you suggest I buy?. Harvard Health Letter 22(12): 5-5

I view with alarm (1997). American Journal of Cardiology 80(6): 769-769

I view with alarm (the fall of 1999). American Journal of Cardiology 84(11): 1339-1340

I view with alarm plus a note of optimism (2001). American Journal of Cardiology 88(4): 411-413

I want a crown, a bleaching .... Schweizer Monatsschrift für Zahnmedizin 110(6): 645-8, 670-3

I want a new drug. An overview of three new anti-HIV drugs. Research Initiative, Treatment Action 4(3): 9-11

I want it, and I want it now!. Radiology Management 22(1): 64-64

I want on the information superhighway, but I'm riding a rickshaw that's stuck in the mud. Dentistry Today 14(4): 120-120

I want the carrot - not the stick] An open letter from a teenager. Educator update. Positive Outlook 4(2): 25, 31-25, 31

I want to be a surgeon. Revista de Investigacion Clinica; Organo del Hospital de Enfermedades de la Nutricion 54(4): 376-379

I want to be an anaesthetist. Anaesthesia 56(1): 84-84

I want to die while I'm still alive. Death Education 1(2): 165-176

I want to know: exploring how older women acquire health knowledge after a myocardial infarction. Journal of Women & Aging 13(4): 3-20

I want to live here for rest of my life. The challenge of case management for rural seniors. Journal of Case Management 6(4): 174-182

I want to see them grow up. World: 1-2

I want to work in your hospital!. Michigan Health & Hospitals 37(6): 8-11

I was a graduate of the second course of nursing at the University of Alicante. Revista de Enfermeria 23(9): 597-598

I was a happy little girl. Soins. Gerontologie: 6-6

I was a medi-cop. Physician Executive 18(2): 39-41

I was a student again 11 years after graduation from nursing college. Sogo Kango. Comprehensive Nursing, Quarterly 33(3): 83-88

I was a success at everything--except suicide. Wisconsin Medical Journal 95(4): 223-225

I was a teenage mutant diabetic. Australian Family Physician 25(2): 203, 206-7

I was cheated of my test-tube baby. Good Housekeeping 188(3): 135+-135+

I was experiencing shortness of breath and my doctor sent me to a cardiologist. He performed an echocardiogram. The diagnosis was "diastolic dysfunction." What's the significance. Heart Advisor 5(6): 8-8

I was never afraid. Annals of Emergency Medicine 23(3): 596-597

I was obviously fortunate when my salivary gland was removed. Bmj 323(7312): 576-576

I was recently diagnosed as having Graves' disease. It was undetected for a long time, and I know it can have effects on the heart. What should I be concerned about?. Harvard Heart Letter 9(5): 8-8

I was saved by a seat belt... would my 5 year old have been so lucky?. Wmj 99(9): 8-9

I was sued for Medicare fraud--over an innocent error. Medical Economics 76(6): 70-2, 77, 81-2

I was the plaintiffs' lone target--and my insurance was gone. Medical Economics 76(7): 56-8, 61-2

I was the target of a medical witch hunt. Medical Economics 73(24): 72-4, 76, 79-80

I was very surprised when my cardiologist sent me a bill for a telephone call. It was a long conversation, but I've never had to pay for advice before. Are most doctors charging for phone calls?. Harvard Men's Health Watch 4(1): 8-8

I was wrong. Medicare is great!. Medical Economics 79(9): 71-2, 77

I went to Zambia to teach. Tar Heel Nurse 55(1): 28-29

I went to jail for refusing to treat a patient. Medical Economics 59(19): 78-80, 87

I will never forget Frenzel's eyeglasses. Lakartidningen 91(44): 3971-3971

I will see it because I believe it!. Ugeskrift for Laeger 164(51): 6078-6083

I will urge caution. World: 5-5

I wish I had a camera: legal & ethical implications of EMS photography. Jems 27(8): 76-82

I wish I was a chimpanzee. Lancet 355(9215): 1649-1650

I wish I'd fought my malpractice suit. Medical Economics 77(1): 171-172

I wish I'd live. Nursing Journal of India 88(9): 207-207

I wish to be a nurse. Australian Nurses' Journal. Royal Australian Nursing Federation 22(8): 18-19

I wish to express my concern about the methods described in the paper by Lo et al. (2000) and the standards of data analysis in that paper. Community Dental Health 18(1): 58-60

I wish.... Nursing Times 95(37): 26-27

I won a battle for good medicine in spite of myself. Medical Economics 59(19): 144-148

I won back my license--and my good name. Medical Economics 75(17): 151-2, 154, 163

I won't ask him about that. Journal of Family Practice 49(6): 575-576

I won't do that. Nurses as conscientious objectors. Revolution 5(3): 31-31

I won't forget those tuberculosis children. Interview by Oddrunn Marie Dyrdal. Tidsskriftet Sykepleien 86(3): 25-25

I won't have the attack on the health insurance authority's personnel. Lakartidningen 96(43): 4641-4642

I work at "La Beline". Revue de L'infirmiere: 71-72

I would like to be a thoracic surgeon. Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery 112(5): 1135-1142

I would like to know if it is ever too late to begin hormone replacement therapy to protect against heart disease and osteoporosis. My 84-year-old mother has high blood pressure and has never drunk much milk, so is she at risk of both these conditions? Wouldn't she benefit from estrogen?. Harvard Women's Health Watch 5(10): 8-8

I would redefine health to include aspects of care. Nursing Times 96(4): 33-33

I wrote on my uniform. Revue de L'infirmiere: 66-67

I&A accomplishments--and ailments. Pathologist 33(8): 399-401

I&A program receives JCAH equivalency. Pathologist 32(10): 605-605

I&R (identification and registration) system cattle: an analysis of its use during a foot-and-mouth-disease outbreak in The Netherlands. Tijdschrift Voor Diergeneeskunde 121(20): 576-581

I'd like a normal birth, but.... Practising Midwife 3(11): 36-37

I'd like to start a walking program to get more exercise. Is there a right way to start?. Mayo Clinic Health Letter 19(4): 8-8

I'd rather give up ATMs. Medical Economics 79(11): 30-32

I'd rather have a baby than root canal, or how to treat the fearful patient. Journal of the New Jersey Dental Association 66(3): 65-68

I'll always remember. Midwifery Today and Childbirth Education: 36-37

I'll always wonder: could I have done more?. Medical Economics 79(8): 43, 49-43, 49

I'll be there, Aunt Ruby. Nursing 28(1): 47-47

I'll have my N-acetylcysteine with an orange twist. Pediatric Emergency Care 17(1): 82-82

I'll just have to die. Journal of Christian Nursing 11(4): 4-6, 9; Commentary 8-9

I'll never look down on IMGs again. Medical Economics 74(11): 172-3, 176

I'll take the Ivory Tower over a community hospital any day. Medical Economics 68(17): 66-7, 70

I'll take the health benefits of exercise without the risks please. Lancet 352(9126): 492-492

I'll try anything!... If it doesn't work, I'll try something else!. Hospital Gift Shop Management 1(1): 62-4, 67-72

I'll try to accommodate you. British Journal of Ophthalmology 86(7): 715-715

I'm 55 and experiencing abnormal vaginal bleeding. My doctor recommends that I have a vaginal ultrasound. What is this test?. Mayo Clinic Health Letter 17(5): 8-8

I'm 60-70% ok, you're 60-70% ok. Clients don't seek perfection in counseling experience. Behavioral Healthcare Tomorrow 10(4): 10-11

I'm 79 years-old and had a triple bypass about 10 years ago. I took to heart your advice to lower my LDL cholesterol. With my doctor's support, I started daily doses of lovastatin (Mevacor) and cholestyramine (Prevalite). After five weeks, my LDL cholesterol was 87, and my total cholesterol was 164. So, how long should I pursue such aggressive therapy?. Harvard Heart Letter 8(8): 8-8

I'm Barbarella, fly me. Nursing Times 91(7): 165-165

I'm HIV-positive, but I won't give up being a doctor. Medical Economics 68(23): 43-45

I'm O.K. you're O.K. we're not O.K. Time 160(12): 92-92

I'm OK with Y2K. Hospitals & Health Networks 73(7): 32-32

I'm OK, you're OK, we're OK, or are we? or We have found the enemy. Clinical Research 23(4): 202-209

I'm a 43-year-old woman who recently had a hysterectomy for severe endometriosis. Will hormone replacement therapy trigger a recurrence of my disease?. Health News 6(7): 10-10

I'm a 44-year-old former smoker. I have just been diagnosed with colitis, and I've heard that smoking can help my condition. There is no cancer or heart disease in my family. Should I start smoking again?. Harvard Men's Health Watch 3(2): 8-8

I'm a 57-year-old man with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I had a hard time regulating my pressure until I went on Vasotec, which was great. But I developed a cough, so my doctor switched me to Cozaar. My cough stopped and my pressure seems okay, but I'd like to know what you think of the switch. Harvard Men's Health Watch 2(10): 8-8

I'm a 65-year-old woman in good health. What vitamins should I be taking?. Health News 8(2): 12-12

I'm a 67-year-old with prostate problems. I asked my primary care doctor to send me to a urologist, but I was surprised that he picked a woman urologist. I feel uncomfortable about making an appointment with her. What's your advice?. Harvard Men's Health Watch 3(6): 8-8

I'm a born-again diabetic. Rn 59(12): 33-35

I'm a gatekeeper--and proud of it. Medical Economics 71(15): 21-2, 24

I'm a midwife!. Practising Midwife 3(8): 46-46

I'm a primary care physician--and proud of it!. Medical Economics 79(3): 61, 65-61, 65

I'm afraid I'll cry. Journal of Christian Nursing 14(4): 25-25

I'm afraid it's bad news. Cmaj 159(3): 258-258

I'm afraid to fly. How can I get over my fear?. Mayo Clinic Health Letter 18(3): 8-8

I'm angry, hurt and struggling: why is God so cruel?. Journal of Christian Nursing 11(1): 6-9, 13

I'm behind you! The manager as a coach. Nursing Economic$ 18(3): 160-161

I'm betting my bundle on NMR. Medical Economics 61(13): 108-12, 115

I'm blinking so much that it's beginning to interfere with my vision. What's wrong?. Johns Hopkins Medical Letter Health After 50 14(8): 8-8

I'm changing the best I can!. Case Manager 13(5): 28-29

I'm circumcised, but not sexually mutilated!. Lakartidningen 98(13): 1570-1571

I'm completely sure about this. An essay about the discovery of anesthesia by Horacio Wells. Revista del Museo de la Facultad de Odontologia de Buenos Aires 9(18): 11-14

I'm concerned that my young son might become allergic to our cat, but recently I heard that the cat might actually protect him from developing allergies. Should we keep the cat or not?. Health News 7(5): 10-10

I'm coping as fast as I can: psychosocial adjustment to cancer and cancer treatment. Oncology Nursing Forum 28(6): 967-970

I'm dying of easy accessibility. Journal of Family Practice 42(4): 335-335

I'm eating less ... Why? What should I do?. Soins; la Revue de Reference Infirmiere: 46-52

I'm eating more fruits and vegetables, but now I'm worried about pesticides that may be on them. Does washing them help?. Mayo Clinic Health Letter 17(7): 8-8

I'm from the Joint Commission and I'm here to help you ... roundtable discussion. Materials Management in Health Care 8(7): 44, 46-44, 46

I'm glad I have AIDS. One nurse's story. Interview by Carolyn Curtis. Journal of Christian Nursing 20(1): 16-17

I'm going to a land down under. Nursing Times 97(40): 26-27

I'm going to put my foot into your vagina.... Midwifery Today and Childbirth Education: 35-35

I'm happy to report. Neuropsychiatry, Neuropsychology, and Behavioral Neurology 14(4): 205-205

I'm having more and more difficulty seeing well when I drive at night. Is there anything I can do?. Mayo Clinic Health Letter 17(12): 8-8

I'm in charge. Nursing Standard 1987) 15(26): 16-18

I'm in good shape filling out forms. Physician's Management 18(7): 66-7, 69-70

I'm interested in the new vaccine against Lyme disease. How effective is it?. Harvard Women's Health Watch 6(8): 8-8

I'm just getting over a really bad cold. Would it help if I tossed out my old toothbrush and got a new one to avoid reinfecting myself with any cold virus that may be on the brush?. Mayo Clinic Health Letter 19(6): 8-8

I'm listening, but I can't hear you. Nursing Spectrum 9(11): 26-27

I'm listening.... Nursing Standard 1987) 15(2): 25-25

I'm lost and need employee orientation. Case Manager 13(3): 24-26

I'm nearing 60. Do I still need Pap smears?. Mayo Clinic Health Letter 18(1): 8-8

I'm nobody's hobby... Nursing Standard 1987) 11(18): 18-18

I'm not a doctor. I just play one on the Internet. Health Management Technology 22(2): 68-68

I'm not a "basabasa" woman: an explanatory model of HIV illness in Ghanaian women. Clinical Nursing Research 10(3): 254-274

I'm not going anywhere. Nursing 28(9): 79-79

I'm not paranoid: they are out to get me. Health Care Supervisor 17(1): 48-55

I'm not sure what I want, but I want it now. Journal 1(3): 7-7

I'm ok, but I'm not too sure about you: public health at the state and local levels. Journal of Public Health Management and Practice 7(1): Vii-Viii

I'm okay--you're ok?. Canadian Journal of Medical Technology 53(4): 207-8, 244

I'm planning a trip to Asia this summer and am worried about getting traveler's diarrhea. Is there anything I can do to prevent it?. Harvard Women's Health Watch 5(11): 8-8

I'm sick and can't come to work today. Mlo: Medical Laboratory Observer 24(5): 31-2, 35-6

I'm six and a half months pregnant and have been predominantly a vegetarian for eight years. Birth Gazette 9(2): 36-36

I'm sorry I was late. Academic Medicine 77(10): 946-946

I'm sorry, was that sexual harassment?. Revolution 8(1): 80-81

I'm still here!. World: 2-2

I'm still the optimist. Survival News: 17-17

I'm taking over-the-counter ibuprofen every day for neck pain. Recently, my doctor gave me a prescription for naproxen for my arthritis. Should I be concerned about taking these two together?. Mayo Clinic Health Letter 19(8): 8-8

I'm talking to you! Managing bullying and harassment in the workplace. Emergency Nurse 7(2): 16-20

I'm thinking of getting a hearing aid. If I have hearing loss in both ears, do I need two hearing aids?. Mayo Clinic Health Letter 16(6): 8-8

I'm too busy doing my job! Using teamwork to plan future services. Professional Nurse 9(9): 617-619

I'm troubled by recurrent fever blisters. They seem to come on anytime, even if I don't have a cold. Is there anything I can do to prevent them?. Harvard Men's Health Watch 2(9): 8-8

I'm trying to be as nice as the radiologist I met 23 years ago. Lakartidningen 97(7): 721-721

I'm trying to reduce my cholesterol by eating foods that are low in fat. What exactly does it mean when a food item is labeled as "low-fat" or "light"?. Harvard Women's Health Watch 6(7): 8-8

I'm your handyman: a history of reparative therapies. Journal of Homosexuality 36(1): 19-42

I've always thought I was allergic to milk, but now I'm told that I have a food intolerance, not an allergy. What's the difference?. Health News 8(6): 12-12

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