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Intravenous insertion site protection: moisture accumulation in intravenous site protectors

, : Intravenous insertion site protection: moisture accumulation in intravenous site protectors. Journal of Intravenous Nursing 19(4): 194-197

Stabilizing the intravenous catheter after insertion is a significant part of intravenous therapy. Dislodgments of the cannula from its optimal position in the vein can lead to complications such as phlebitis, thrombophlebitis, infiltration, and infection. Intravenous site protector shields are designed to protect the catheter from impact and tissue trauma at the insertion site. Nurses have requested ventilation in these shields to avoid moisture build up that may increase the risk of infections. To address this issue, experimental laboratory testing was performed to determine if moisture accumulation as evidenced by increased weight of the shield and visible evidence of condensation occurred. No moisture condensation problems with the ventilated intravenous site protectors were found.


PMID: 8852177

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