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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 46605

Chapter 46605 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Making terminal care decisions. Caring 10(7): 42-45

Making the CPR vision a reality: where should you start?. Journal of Ahima 66(3): 26, 28-30; Quiz 43-4, 46

Making the Dictionary of Epidemiology. International Journal of Epidemiology 25(5): 1098-1101

Making the EMT program available in isolated areas of North Carolina. Emergency Medical Services 7(5): 44-5, 47, 65

Making the European Working Time Directive a reality. Bmj 325(7362): S66-S66

Making the Human Development Index (HDI) gender-sensitive. Gender and Development 5(1): 60-61

Making the IT (information technology) jigsaw fit. Health Service Journal 101(5236): 29-30

Making the Internet practical for nephrologists. Nephrology News & Issues 12(6): 57-58

Making the Medicaid-welfare disconnect work for low-income families. States of Health 9(3): 1-10

Making the Medicare/managed care marriage work. Managed Care 7(7): 42, 47-8, 53-4

Making the NHS personnel function effective. Health Manpower Management 18(2): 13-16

Making the NHS reforms work for patients. Health Visitor 67(1): 23-24

Making the PSDA work for the elderly. Generations 18(4): 13-18

Making the Pap smear into the "right tool" for the job. Social Studies of Science 28(2): 255-290

Making the RBRVS blueprint work. Internist 31(4): 22, 38-22, 38

Making the Rounds. Annals of Internal Medicine 133(8): 608-608

Making the White Paper possible. Health Manpower Management 15(2): 21-23

Making the administration of dry oral forms of cytotoxic medications safer. Therapie 54(4): 485-487

Making the admission process more efficient. Home Healthcare Nurse 20(7): 462-465

Making the alliance and taking the transference in work with suicidal patients. Journal of PsychoTherapy Practice and Research 10(4): 269-276

Making the alternative the mainstream. Maintaining a family-centered focus in a large freestanding birth center for low-income women. Journal of Nurse-Midwifery 39(2): 112-118

Making the ancillary audit work. Hospital Medical Staff 6(11): 19-24

Making the animal model for AIDS research more precise: the impact of major histocompatibility complex (MHC) genes on pathogenesis and disease progression in SIV-infected monkeys. Current Molecular Medicine 1(4): 515-522

Making the area agencies on aging work: the role of information. Socio-Economic Planning Sciences 14(1): 1-11

Making the audience a key participant in the science communication process. Science and Engineering Ethics 6(4): 553-557

Making the bathing process a gratifying experience for the patients. Contemporary Longterm Care 12(7): 45-45

Making the best choice for medical waste management. On-site vs. off-site processing. Executive Housekeeping Today 16(10): 7-8

Making the best decisions. Healthcare Forum Journal 33(1): 30-35

Making the best of a bad career move. Healthcare Financial Management 45(11): 108-108

Making the best of a difficult situation? One perspective on The Health Care Ethics Consultant. Hec Forum 6(6): 355-362

Making the best of a disturbed mind. Pharos of Alpha Omega Alpha-Honor Medical Society. Alpha Omega Alpha 64(3): 1-1

Making the best of a good situation: Rapid City Regional Hospital's continued success. Health Care Strategic Management 14(7): 14-14

Making the best of biomass: hydrogen for fuel cells. Environmental Health Perspectives 111(1): A38-A41

Making the best of consumer participation. Journal of Quality in Clinical Practice 21(1-2): 37-39

Making the best of corporate integrity agreements. Healthcare Financial Management 55(7): 58-60

Making the best of health advocates and interpreters. Patient focused approach may help. Bmj 325(7373): 1175-1175

Making the best of health advocates and interpreters. Telephone interpreting is not an acceptable solution. Bmj 325(7373): 1175-1175

Making the best of imperfect tumor-localizing radiopharmaceuticals. Journal of Nuclear Medicine 40(4): 554-555

Making the best of it: adapting to the ambivalence of a nursing home environment. Qualitative Health Research 9(1): 119-132

Making the best of managed care: state ombudsman, report card and profile programs aim to aid those frustrated by HMOs. State Legislatures 27(6): 22-24

Making the best of the "long case". Lancet 347(9003): 704-705

Making the best use of a department of clinical radiology--guidelines for doctors. Health Bulletin 54(5): 406-409

Making the best use of consultant orthodontic services, Part 2: How to undertake the referral. Dental Update 24(2): 77-80

Making the best use of consultant orthodontic services. Part 1: Determining which patients require referral. Dental Update 24(1): 15-17

Making the best use of overseas recruits' skills. Nursing Times 97(22): 38-39

Making the best use of scarce helping hands. Aids Analysis Africa 5(2): 11-11

Making the best use of the NHS. Hospital Engineering 32(5): 4-4

Making the best use of the NHS estate: costs, incentives and restraints. Hospital Engineering 32(5): 13-19

Making the best use of the NHS estate: matching the existing building stock to changing need. Hospital Engineering 32(5): 10-13

Making the best use of your PR dollars. Healthcare Financial Management 37(9): 42-42

Making the blood supply safer. Annals of Internal Medicine 118(7): 574-575

Making the blues go away. Dentistry Today 16(5): 80-81

Making the board more effective. Southern Hospitals 52(1): 36-36

Making the body talk. Krankenpflege. Soins Infirmiers 95(1): 72-75

Making the body transparent. Time 121(5): 62-63

Making the budget a reality: Congress' fall season. American College of Physicians Observer 5(8): 6, 26-6, 26

Making the business case for patient safety. Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Safety 29(1): 51-4, 1

Making the cap fit. What you need to know about capitation. Texas Medicine 92(1): 24-29

Making the case for EDI. Computers in Healthcare 14(13): 18, 20, 22-18, 20, 22

Making the case for a college-run case management practice. Journal of Professional Nursing 16(4): 187-187

Making the case for case reports. Canadian Respiratory Journal 6(5): 381-381

Making the case for chiropractic referrals. Managed Care 4(1): 33-34

Making the case for culturally appropriate community services: Puerto Rican elders and their caregivers. Health & Social Work 22(4): 246-255

Making the case for electronic claims. Healthcare Informatics 9(11): 36, 38, 40-36, 38, 40

Making the case for electronic records. Health Data Management 5(5): 56-7, 59, 61-3

Making the case for evidence-based medicine. Healthplan 39(3): 88-92, 94

Making the case for health interventions in correctional facilities. Journal of Urban Health 78(2): 236-240

Making the case for health promotion: a summary of the scientific evidence. Promoting Health 5(3): 6-9

Making the case for healthcare smart cards. Healthcare Informatics 10(6): 16, 18, 20-16, 18, 20

Making the case for hiring a consultant. Clinical Nurse Specialist Cns 12(2): 52-52

Making the case for minority health. Medicine and Health, Rhode Island 79(7): 248-249

Making the case for nursing. Nursing Management 30(3): 7-7

Making the case for psychoanalytic therapies in the current psychiatric environment. Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association 47(3): 679-704; Discussion 704-40

Making the case for quality: an interview with David Nash. Interview by Gary Rosenthal. Joint Commission Journal on Quality Improvement 25(5): 259-264

Making the case for robust provider credentialing. Health Care Innovations 6(3): 29-32, 39

Making the case for social work in primary care--one social worker at a time. Continuum 19(6): 15-18

Making the case for zoning. Australian Veterinary Journal 80(8): 458-458

Making the case to fund networked access to electronic information services. Health Libraries Review 10(1): 20-30

Making the case. Selling maintenance and engineering initiatives to hospital executives. Health Facilities Management 16(1): 18-22

Making the change. Journal of Audiovisual Media in Medicine 24 Suppl: S6-10

Making the change. Fee-for-service to HMO. Interview by Lee Jacobs. Hmo Practice 4(6): 215-219

Making the choice. A close look at the joint venture option. Part I. Medical Group Management Journal 38(3): 12-8, 21-2

Making the choice. The pros and cons of outsourcing. Health Facilities Management 14(6): 16-22

Making the choice: can you go 'latex free'?. Today's Surgical Nurse 20(1): 40-44

Making the commitment to managed care. Nursing Management 24(8): 36-37

Making the computer-based patient record usable and user friendly. Journal of Ahima 66(1): 60-2; Quiz 64

Making the conceptual connections: the Unified Medical Language System (UMLS) after a decade of research and development. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 5(1): 129-130

Making the connection between physician performance and pay. Healthcare Financial Management 53(2): 39-42, 44

Making the connection in rural mental health. Behavioral Healthcare Tomorrow 5(4): 67-69

Making the connection of trust. Interview by Joe Flower. Healthcare Forum Journal 35(6): 62-63

Making the connection: coupling of stress-activated ERK/MAPK (extracellular-signal-regulated kinase/mitogen-activated protein kinase) core signalling modules to extracellular stimuli and biological responses. Biochemical Society Symposium 64: 29-48

Making the connection: far from a central hospital, network access is critical. Health Management Technology 18(4): 14-6, 18

Making the connection: perspectives on tropical medicine research in the United States. American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 59(6): 847-851

Making the connection: seeking and receiving help by elderly African Americans. Qualitative Health Research 12(3): 373-387

Making the connection: sexuality and reproductive health. Siecus Report 27(2): 4-7

Making the connections in nerve regeneration. Nature Medicine 2(1): 25-26

Making the connections to aid mental health. Nursing Times 94(15): 50-52

Making the connections to patient outcomes. Clinical Nurse Specialist Cns 9(6): 285-285

Making the corporate connection. Volunteer Leader 27(1): 7-9

Making the counts count: the stereology revolution. Journal of Chemical Neuroanatomy 20(1): 1-2

Making the critical difference: an innovative approach to educating nurses about organ and tissue donation. Critical Care Nursing Clinics of North America 6(3): 581-585

Making the data collection connection. Provider 22(6): 57-58

Making the deal real: how GE Capital integrates acquisitions. Harvard Business Review 76(1): 165-70, 172, 174-8

Making the decision on resuscitation. Nursing Standard 1987) 7(48): 39-39

Making the decision to hospitalize and mechanically ventilate cancer patients. Towards a new sequential concerted approach?. Revue des Maladies Respiratoires 18(2): 109-113

Making the diagnosis clear. Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 51(3): 339-340

Making the diagnosis in women with coronary artery disease. Journal of the Louisiana State Medical Society 150(2): 73-77

Making the diagnosis of allergy. Orl-Head and Neck Nursing 14(1): 13-14

Making the diagnosis of asthma. Bmj 315(7099): 4-5

Making the diagnosis of asthma. Measurement of airway responsiveness should be more readily available. Bmj 316(7125): 150-150

Making the diagnosis of asthma. Relation between asthma and bronchial hyperresponsiveness is not clear cut. Bmj 316(7125): 150-150

Making the diagnosis of asthma. Trial of steroids is useful. Bmj 316(7125): 150-150

Making the diagnosis of biliary atresia using the triangular cord sign and gallbladder length. Pediatric Radiology 30(2): 69-73

Making the diagnosis of cystic fibrosis. Journal of Pediatrics 132(4): 563-565

Making the diagnosis of depression in the primary care setting. American Journal of Medicine 101(6a): 10s-17s

Making the diagnosis of gestational diabetes mellitus. Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology 43(1): 99-105

Making the diagnosis of osteomyelitis. The role of prevalence. Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association 88(7): 337-343

Making the diagnosis of subarachnoid hemorrhage. New England Journal of Medicine 342(19): 1455; Author Reply 1455-6

Making the diagnosis when the patient has 'blue toes'. Geriatrics 49(12): 37-9, 43-5

Making the difference. Kentucky Nurse 44(1): 25-25

Making the executive decision. Healthcare Informatics 13(7): 33-4, 36, 38

Making the female condom a "reality" for adolescents. Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology 10(3): 115-123

Making the framework try-in, altered-cast impression, and occlusal registration in one appointment. Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry 75(4): 446-448

Making the grade in EMS. Jems 14(8): 28-32

Making the grade. CHESP exam: three easy steps to a brighter future. Health Facilities Management 13(12): 27-30

Making the grade. Report cards will be used to measure the performance of health plans: how might they work?. Hospitals & Health Networks 68(1): 34-36

Making the grade. Train new workers, OSHA says, but how? Check out these case studies. Materials Management in Health Care 7(11): 36, 38, 40 Passim-36, 38, 40 Passim

Making the grade. U.S. to put foreign medical school graduates' skills to test. Modern Healthcare 28(10): 14-14

Making the grade: a status report on hospital report cards. Health Systems Review 30(5): 11-14

Making the grade: changing the incentives in retail food establishment inspection. American Journal of Preventive Medicine 17(3): 243-247

Making the grade: our children's health. Journal of the National Medical Association 89(11): 713-714

Making the grade: update on report card initiatives for 1997. Behavioral Healthcare Tomorrow 6(2): 55-62

Making the grades. Health Service Journal 99(5141): 296-297

Making the graduate school choice. IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine 16(1): 29-30

Making the hard choices: a guide to board decision making. Trustee 40(9): 28-28

Making the health care delivery system accountable. Physician Executive 24(6): 36-41

Making the health care system responsive to the needs of the elderly. Aging: 25-27

Making the health care system work better for older people. Medical Journal of Australia 167(8): 403-404

Making the health system work for America. Texas Dental Journal 111(2): 5, 7-5, 7

Making the hidden obvious. Management education through survey feedback. Journal of Nursing Administration 24(6): 13-19

Making the history of psychology clinically and philosophically relevant. History of Psychology 5(3): 224-239

Making the hospice decision. Michigan Medicine 96(11): 16-18

Making the hospital a people-place. Hospital Administration in Canada 17(7): 36-37

Making the internal market work: a case for managed change. Bmj 307(6914): 1270-1272

Making the invisible visible. Development of the nursing potential. Krankenpflege. Soins Infirmiers 90(6): 8-18, 56-64, 80-7

Making the invisible visible. Interview by Charlotte Alderman. Nursing Standard 1987) 11(12): 24-25

Making the invisible, visible. Journal of Child Health Care 4(3): 123-126

Making the job better. Health Systems Review 24(2): 35-36

Making the journey into the networked enterprise, Part 2. Physician Executive 22(6): 19-23

Making the leap to avoid medication errors. Health Management Technology 22(1): 28-28

Making the links. Nursing Standard 1987) 16(37): 112-112

Making the links between community structure and individual well-being: community quality of life in Riverdale, Toronto, Canada. Health & Place 7(3): 179-196

Making the manpower information role proactive. Health Manpower Management 18(4): 28-30

Making the medicine fit the patient. Practitioner 241(1581): 771-771

Making the mind-body connection improves DM efforts. Healthcare Demand & Disease Management 5(10): 145-149

Making the money match. Emergency Medical Services 30(1): 85-86

Making the most and making sense: ethnographic research on spirituality in palliative care. Journal of Pastoral Care 51(1): 25-36

Making the most appropriate formulary choices: a prescription for quality. Managed Care Interface 15(3): 52-53

Making the most of DRGs. Physician Executive 28(6): 50-52

Making the most of MEDLINE. Hospital Medicine 59(10): 756-8, 760-1

Making the most of Pap testing. JAMA 279(3): 240-241

Making the most of Pap tests. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health 55(11): 774-775

Making the most of a nurse-managed clinic. N & Hc Perspectives on Community 17(3): 124-126

Making the most of a prime vendor agreement: a receiving manager's point of view. Hospital Materiel Management Quarterly 5(4): 24-26

Making the most of a reversal of misfortune. Health Service Journal 101(5250): 14-14

Making the most of a translator. Health Data Management 2(6): 26, 28-26, 28

Making the most of a wall calendar. Kingston Regional Health creates three for the price of one. Profiles in Healthcare Marketing 18(2): 12-7, 3

Making the most of aging populations. Bmj 310(6979): 554-554

Making the most of aid. World Health Forum 19(3): 286-292

Making the most of annual report dollars. Profiles in Healthcare Marketing: 44-55

Making the most of areawide planning. Group Practice 26(6): 12-12

Making the most of assessment feedback. Healthcare Executive 17(1): 60-61

Making the most of audit workers. Health Service Journal 100(5226): 1685-1685

Making the most of augmentative communication devices. Case Manager 13(1): 44-49

Making the most of blood cultures. Tips for optimal use of this time-honored test. Postgraduate Medicine 104(1): 119-24, 127

Making the most of capitation. Healthtexas 51(2): 1, 4-1, 4

Making the most of catering. Food Management 22(10): 180-3, 186-7

Making the most of collaboration: exploring the relationship between partnership synergy and partnership functioning. Health Education & Behavior 29(6): 683-698

Making the most of competition: analysis of five newly competitive industries leads to strategies for hospitals. Hospital Management Quarterly 10-15

Making the most of conspicuous production in hospital marketing. Journal of Hospital Marketing 9(1): 33-44

Making the most of consultations. Internist 24(7): 31-32

Making the most of data for disease management. Quality Letter for Healthcare Leaders 10(9): 2-9

Making the most of disequilibrium: bridging the gap between clinical and organizational ethics in a newly merged healthcare organization. Journal of Clinical Ethics 10(3): 194-201

Making the most of e-mail. Neonatal Network 20(7): 57-60

Making the most of ecological interface design: the role of individual differences. Applied Ergonomics 31(4): 395-408

Making the most of every day. Nursing 26(4): 65-66

Making the most of everything in the food line. New Zealand Hospital 30(1): 9-9

Making the most of health informatics projects: effective communication throughout the healthcare delivery organization and beyond. Medinfo. Medinfo 8 Pt 2: 1625-1626

Making the most of information system consultants. Healthcare Financial Management 44(6): 34, 36, 40-4

Making the most of interpreters. British Journal of Psychiatry 165(2): 268-268

Making the most of learning needs assessments. Journal for Nurses in Staff Development 14(3): 137-142

Making the most of limited time. Healthcare Informatics 12(8): 46, 49-46, 49

Making the most of mammography. Health News 6(3): 8-8

Making the most of member visits. Hospital and Health Services Review 84(1): 17-18

Making the most of mentorship. Nursing Standard 1987) 17(3): 29-29

Making the most of merchandising. Food Management 27(1): 44-44

Making the most of merchandising, promotions & special events. Food Management 31(9): 52-8, 62-6

Making the most of mobility. Far beyond wish lists and clinical acceptance, an abundance of factors must be addressed for successful implementation of point-of-care workstations. Health Management Technology 23(10): 32, 36-7

Making the most of modern matron. Nursing Times 97(35): 34-34

Making the most of on-line recruiting. Harvard Business Review 79(3): 139-46, 166

Making the most of once-daily anti-HIV therapy. Positively Aware 9(6): 43-43

Making the most of outsourcing relationships. Patient Accounts 22(10): 2-3

Making the most of pharmacy technicians. American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy 57(23): 2160-2162

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Making the most of quality indicator information. Geriatric Nursing 21(4): 206-209

Making the most of self citation. Bmj 314(7083): 832-832

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Making the most of standards interpretations. Joint Commission Perspectives. Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations 19(2): 6-7

Making the most of summer school: a meta-analytic and narrative review. Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development 65(1): I-V, 1-118; Discussion 119-27

Making the most of supervisor's meetings. Mlo: Medical Laboratory Observer 15(10): 97-8, 100

Making the most of tax reform. Journal ): 19-21

Making the most of the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 (EGTRRA). Journal of Dental Technology 18(7): 33-34

Making the most of the accredited professional development programme. Practitioner 246(1636): 500-502

Making the most of the moment: when a child's mother has breast cancer. Cancer Nursing 26(1): 47-54

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Making the new guidelines work. Business and Health 19(12 Suppl A): 16-17

Making the numbers tell the truth. Gastrointestinal Endoscopy 52(6): 811-812

Making the numbers work. URREA has added Social Security Death Master File statistics to supplement missing data from transplant facility follow-up reports. Nephrology News & Issues Suppl: S7-S9

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Making their voices clearly heard. Investor-owned facilities are working hard to share their opinions on healthcare reform. Modern Healthcare 22(13): 37-44

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