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Malignant hepatic tumor detection with ferumoxides-enhanced MR imaging with a 1.5-T system: comparison of four imaging pulse sequences

, : Malignant hepatic tumor detection with ferumoxides-enhanced MR imaging with a 1.5-T system: comparison of four imaging pulse sequences. Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 13(2): 249-257

The purpose of our study was to compare observer performance in the detection of malignant hepatic tumors with ferumoxides-enhanced magnetic resonance (MR) images obtained with proton density-weighted spin-echo (SE), T2-weighted fast SE, T2*-weighted gradient-recalled-echo (GRE), and proton density-weighted echo-planar (EP) sequences. Ferumoxides-enhanced MR images obtained with the four sequences in 50 patients with 92 solid malignant and 64 nonsolid benign lesions were retrospectively analyzed. Image review was conducted on a segment-by-segment basis; a total of 397 liver segments was reviewed separately for solid and nonsolid lesions by three independent readers. Observer performance was evaluated with receiver operating characteristic analysis. Lesion-to-liver contrast-to-noise ratio was higher with SE and EP than with GRE and fast SE images for solid lesions (P < 0.05), and higher with fast SE and SE than with GRE images for nonsolid lesions (P < 0.01). Proton density-weighted SE and T2-weighted fast-SE images were superior to T2*-weighted GRE and proton density-weighted EP images for detection of malignant hepatic tumors. T2-weighted fast SE images were the best for detection of nonsolid lesions. T2-weighted fast SE images that were comparable to proton density-weighted SE images for solid tumor detection, that were the best for nonsolid lesion detection, and that had an acquisition time of one third to half of that of SE imaging may be able to replace SE images for ferumoxides-enhanced liver imaging.


PMID: 11169831

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