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Modular prosthetic replacement of the proximal femur after resection of a bone tumour a long-term follow-up

, : Modular prosthetic replacement of the proximal femur after resection of a bone tumour a long-term follow-up. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. British Volume 83(8): 1156-1160

We describe 25 patients who were treated for a tumour of the proximal femur by resection and replacement with an uncemented, bipolar, modular prosthesis. When followed up after more than ten years four prostheses (16%) had required revision. Two joints showed wear and another necrosis of the acetabulum. One patient with loosening of the stem had been treated by radiotherapy to the femur. Articular cartilage seemed to be a reliable barrier to acetabular wear. Very few signs of the formation of particulate debris were observed. The most obvious feature in the bone-stem relationship was stress shielding, seen as osteoporosis of the proximal part of the femur around the stem in 68%. Functional activity was satisfactory in 68% of the patients. A better system of reattachment of the soft tissues is needed to avoid pain and a persistent limp.


PMID: 11764431

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