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Multidimensional femtosecond correlation spectroscopies of electronic and vibrational excitations

, : Multidimensional femtosecond correlation spectroscopies of electronic and vibrational excitations. Annual Review of Physical Chemistry 51: 691-729

Femtosecond visible and infrared analogues of multiple-pulse nuclear magnetic resonance techniques provide novel snapshot probes into the structure and electronic and vibrational dynamics of complex molecular assemblies such as photosynthetic antennae, proteins, and hydrogen-bonded liquids. A classical-oscillator description of these spectroscopies in terms of interacting quasiparticles (rather than transitions among global eigenstates) is developed and sets the stage for designing new pulse sequences and inverting the multidimensional signals to yield molecular structures. Considerable computational advantages and a clear physical insight into the origin of the response and the relevant coherence sizes are provided by a real-space analysis of the underlying coherence-transfer pathways in Liouville space.


PMID: 11031297

DOI: 10.1146/annurev.physchem.51.1.691

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