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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 47214

Chapter 47214 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Regulation of endothelial nitric oxide synthase expression by albumin-derived advanced glycosylation end products. Circulation Research 86(3): E50-E54

Regulation of endothelial permeability by beta-adrenoceptor agonists: contribution of beta 1- and beta 2-adrenoceptors. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1178(3): 286-298

Regulation of endothelial permeability by second messengers. New Horizons 4(1): 87-98

Regulation of endothelin-1 expression in the bovine corpus luteum: elevation by prostaglandin F 2 alpha. Endocrinology 137(12): 5191-5196

Regulation of endothelin-1 production in deoxycorticosterone acetate- salt-treated endothelial cells. Pharmacology 64(4): 169-175

Regulation of endothelin-1 synthesis in human pulmonary arterial smooth muscle cells. Effects of transforming growth factor-beta and hypoxia. Cardiovascular Research 49(1): 200-206

Regulation of endothelium-derived vasoactive autacoid production by hemodynamic forces. Trends in Pharmacological Sciences 24(1): 24-29

Regulation of energy balance and body weight during isoenergetic carbohydrate and fat supply in a long-term study in sows. Zeitschrift für Ernahrungswissenschaft 37(3): 279-287

Regulation of energy metabolism by neurotransmitters in astrocytes in primary culture and in an immortalized cell line. Glia 21(1): 74-83

Regulation of energy metabolism by the type and amount of carbohydrate administration. Anasthesiologie, Intensivmedizin, Notfallmedizin, Schmerztherapie 28(4): 233-236

Regulation of entrainment pathways by the suprachiasmatic circadian clock: sensitivities to second messengers. Progress in Brain Research 111: 121-132

Regulation of enzymatic activity and gene expression by membrane fluidity. Science's Stke 2000(62): Pe1-Pe1

Regulation of enzymatic activity: one possible role of dietary boron in higher animals and humans. Biological Trace Element Research 66(1-3): 205-225

Regulation of enzymatic oxidation of thermostable comuton from rat liver mitochondria. Doklady Akademii Nauk 331(3): 372-375

Regulation of enzymes involved in anthocyanin biosynthesis in carrot cell cultures in response to treatment with ultraviolet light and fungal elicitors. Planta 204(4): 490-498

Regulation of enzymes of the first and last stage of lysine biosynthesis in Streptococcus bovis and Enterococcus faecium. Molekuliarnaia Genetika, Mikrobiologiia i Virusologiia: 13-16

Regulation of eosinophil and neutrophil apoptosis--similarities and differences. Immunological Reviews 179: 156-162

Regulation of epidermal growth factor receptor activity by crotoxin, a snake venom phospholipase A2 toxin. A novel growth inhibitory mechanism. Biochemical Pharmacology 51(11): 1535-1543

Regulation of epidermal growth factor receptor expression and growth by protein kinase C and retinoic acid in LLC-PK1 cells. American Journal of Kidney Diseases 22(6): 858-864

Regulation of epidermal growth factor receptor expression in human melanocytes. Experimental Dermatology 10(5): 321-328

Regulation of epinephrine on melatonin receptor of the young mouse thymus. Sheng Li Xue Bao 48(5): 477-481

Regulation of epithelial cell functions by the intestinal milieu. Journal of Gastroenterology 37 Suppl 14: 1-6

Regulation of epithelial sodium channel activity through a region of the carboxyl terminus of the alpha -subunit. Evidence for intracellular kinase-mediated reactions. Journal of Biological Chemistry 276(47): 43887-43893

Regulation of equilibrium in acute alcoholic intoxication with the craniocorpography method. Blutalkohol 31(3): 186-195

Regulation of erythroid Krüppel-like factor (EKLF) transcriptional activity by phosphorylation of a protein kinase casein kinase II site within its interaction domain. Journal of Biological Chemistry 273(36): 23019-23025

Regulation of erythropoiesis by bone marrow reninangiotensin system: facts and speculations. Experimental Hematology 26(11): 1020-1021

Regulation of estradiol 17 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase expression and activity by retinoic acid in T47D breast cancer cells. Endocrinology 135(1): 4-9

Regulation of estrogen action: role of 17 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenases. Vitamins and Hormones 55: 353-398

Regulation of estrogen receptor alpha gene mediated by promoter B responsible for its enhanced expressionin human breast cancer. Nucleic Acids Research 27(3): 903-909

Regulation of estrogen receptor alpha-mediated transcription by a direct interaction with protein phosphatase 2A. Journal of Biological Chemistry 278(7): 4639-4645

Regulation of estrogen receptor and epidermal growth factor receptor by tamoxifen under high and low estrogen environments in MCF-7 cells grown in athymic mice. Oncology Reports 7(1): 135-140

Regulation of estrogen receptor expression in breast cancer. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 330: 143-153

Regulation of estrogen receptor mRNA by 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin as measured by competitive RT-PCR. Journal of Biochemical and Molecular Toxicology 12(2): 71-77

Regulation of estrogen receptor-alpha gene expression by 1, 25-dihydroxyvitamin D in MCF-7 cells. Journal of Cellular Biochemistry 75(4): 640-651

Regulation of estrogen receptors and MMP-2 expression by estrogens in human retinal pigment epithelium. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 44(1): 50-59

Regulation of estrogen/progestogen receptors in the endometrium. International Journal of Fertility and Menopausal Studies 41(1): 16-21

Regulation of ethics committees in Germany. Lancet 344(8919): 398-398

Regulation of eukaryotic gene transcription: description in the TRRD database. Molekuliarnaia Biologiia 35(6): 934-942

Regulation of events within the growth cone by extracellular cues: tyrosine phosphorylation. Progress in Brain Research 103: 75-83

Regulation of excitation-contraction coupling in skeletal muscle by phosphoinositide messenger system. Sheng Li Ke Xue Jin Zhan 25(2): 126-130

Regulation of excitotoxicity and apoptosis as future treatment modality for various ocular diseases . Nippon Ganka Gakkai Zasshi 103(8): 567-568

Regulation of exercise intensity using ratings of perceived exertion during passive visual distraction. Perceptual and Motor Skills 89(2): 684-694

Regulation of exocytosis from rat peritoneal mast cells by G protein beta gamma-subunits. Embo Journal 17(21): 6210-6218

Regulation of exogenous and endogenous glucose metabolism by insulin and acetoacetate in the isolated working rat heart. A three tracer study of glycolysis, glycogen metabolism, and glucose oxidation. Journal of Clinical Investigation 100(11): 2892-2899

Regulation of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis by NK and NKT cells. Tanpakushitsu Kakusan Koso. Protein, Nucleic Acid, Enzyme 47(16 Suppl): 2382-2387

Regulation of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis by interleukin-12. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 795: 216-226

Regulation of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis in the C57BL/6J mouse by NK1.1+, DX5+, alpha beta+ T cells. Journal of Immunology 166(6): 4209-4215

Regulation of experimentation on the unborn. Journal of Legal Medicine 14(1): 25-56

Regulation of expression and function of m2 and m4 muscarinic receptors in cultured embryonic chick heart cells by transforming growth factor-beta 1. Biochemical Pharmacology 54(4): 525-527

Regulation of expression and pathogenic potential of human foamy virus in vitro and in transgenic mice. Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology 206: 243-273

Regulation of expression of a cDNA from barley roots encoding a high affinity sulphate transporter. Plant Journal 12(4): 875-884

Regulation of expression of adrenergic receptors by steroid hormones. Rossiiskii Fiziologicheskii Zhurnal Imeni I.M. Sechenova 84(10): 1115-1120

Regulation of expression of beta-galactoside alpha 2,6-sialyltransferase in a rat tumor, Zajdela ascitic hepatoma. Febs Letters 317(1-2): 147-151

Regulation of expression of branched-chain alpha-keto acid dehydrogenase subunits in permanent cell lines. Methods in Enzymology 324: 479-490

Regulation of expression of cell surface neolacto-glycolipids and cloning of embryonic chicken brain GalT-4 (UDP-Gal: GlcNAc-R beta 1-4 galactosyltransferase). Indian Journal of Biochemistry & Biophysics 30(6): 315-323

Regulation of expression of chemokine receptor BLR1/CXCR5 during B cell maturation. Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology 246: 79-84; Discussion 85

Regulation of expression of ferritin H-chain and transferrin receptor by protoporphyrin IX. European Journal of Biochemistry 250(3): 764-772

Regulation of expression of galanin and galanin receptors in dorsal root ganglia and spinal cord after axotomy and inflammation. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 863: 402-413

Regulation of expression of human fibroblast interferon gene by human leukocyte interferon and cytopathogenic alpha-virus. Biulleten' Eksperimental'noi Biologii i Meditsiny 125(2): 193-196

Regulation of expression of megakaryocyte and platelet proteoglycans. Stem Cells 14 Suppl 1: 220-231

Regulation of expression of sodium-calcium exchanger and plasma membrane calcium ATPase by protein kinases, glucocorticoids, and growth factors. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 779: 258-271

Regulation of expression of taurine transport in two continuous renal epithelial cell lines and inhibition of taurine transporter by a site-directed antibody. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 403(): 173-191

Regulation of expression of the 3 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenases of human placenta and fetal adrenal. Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 47(1-6): 151-159

Regulation of expression of the [3H]-dofetilide binding site associated with the delayed rectifier K+ channel by dexamethasone in neonatal mouse ventricle. Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology 29(7): 1959-1965

Regulation of expression of the alpha 1 (I) collagen gene: a critical appraisal of the role of the first intron. Matrix Biology 15(1): 3-10

Regulation of expression of the erythropoietin gene. Current Opinion in Hematology 5(3): 166-170

Regulation of expression of the human erythropoietin receptor gene. Blood Cells, Molecules & Diseases 22(3): 214-24; Discussion 224a

Regulation of expression of the steroidogenic acute regulatory protein (StAR) gene: a central role for steroidogenic factor 1. Steroids 62(1): 5-9

Regulation of expression of the surface structure of the lymphocyte membrane by purine compounds in health and in disease. Patologicheskaia Fiziologiia i Eksperimental'naia Terapiia: 42-45

Regulation of expression of transmembrane and soluble 75 kDa tumor necrosis factor receptors by interferon-gamma and granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor involves transcriptional activation. European Cytokine Network 8(4): 351-358

Regulation of expression of two different transcripts of the NF-1 gene in neuroblastoma. Journal of Neuro-Oncology 31(1-2): 93-97

Regulation of expression of two novel flower-specific genes from tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) by gibberellin. Journal of Experimental Botany 53(366): 51-59

Regulation of extracellular N-acetyl-D-glucosaminidase production in the entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana. Canadian Journal of Microbiology 39(1): 6-12

Regulation of extracellular concentrations of norepinephrine in hypothalamus of the conscious rat: effect of amitriptyline. Chinese Journal of Physiology 39(1): 9-13

Regulation of extracellular matrix genes during fracture healing in mice. Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research: 23-27

Regulation of extracellular matrix in liver regeneration. Seikagaku. Journal of Japanese Biochemical Society 73(9): 1147-1151

Regulation of extracellular matrix proteins by transforming growth factor beta1 in cultured pulmonary endothelial cells. Cell Biology International 23(1): 61-72

Regulation of extracellular matrix remodeling and MMP-2 activation in cultured rat adrenal medullary endothelial cells. Endothelium 8(3): 181-194

Regulation of extracellular phosphohydrolase biosynthesis in bacilli. Molekuliarnaia Genetika, Mikrobiologiia i Virusologiia: 13-19

Regulation of extrahepatic apolipoprotein serum amyloid A (ApoSAA) gene expression by interleukin-1 alpha alone: synthesis and secretion of ApoSAA by cultured aortic smooth muscle cells. Scandinavian Journal of Immunology 46(3): 284-291

Regulation of face and limb development: genetic aspects. Vestnik Rossiiskoi Akademii Meditsinskikh Nauk: 37-43

Regulation of fat-cell function by alpha 2-adrenergic receptors. Advances in Pharmacology 42: 496-498

Regulation of fat/carbohydrate interaction in human skeletal muscle during exercise. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 441: 249-261

Regulation of fatty acid delivery in vivo. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 441: 171-179

Regulation of fatty acid synthase (FAS). Progress in Lipid Research 36(1): 43-53

Regulation of fatty metabolism in the liver. Nihon Rinsho. Japanese Journal of Clinical Medicine 59 Suppl 2: 436-441

Regulation of feeding behavior, gastric emptying, and sympathetic nerve activity to interscapular brown adipose tissue by galanin and enterostatin: the involvement of vagal-central nervous system interactions. Journal of Gastroenterology 37 Suppl 14: 118-127

Regulation of fertility by anti-hCG vaccines. Contraception, Fertilite, Sexualite 15(9): 817-820

Regulation of fertilization-induced Ca(2+)spiking in the mouse zygote. Cell Calcium 28(1): 47-54

Regulation of fetal allograft survival by a hormone-controlled Th1- and Th2-type cytokines. Immunologic Research 15(2): 141-150

Regulation of fetal fibronectin production in human amnion cells. Journal of the Society for Gynecologic Investigation 3(2): 85-88

Regulation of fetal placental circulation. Gynecologie, Obstetrique & Fertilite 29(7-8): 512-517

Regulation of fibroblast adhesion by polyreactive antibodies. Ukrains'kyi Biokhimichnyi Zhurnal 74(1): 54-61

Regulation of fibroblast growth factor 2 expression in melanoma cells by the c-MYB proto-oncoprotein. Cell Growth & Differentiation 8(11): 1199-1210

Regulation of fibronectin alternative splicing during peripheral nerve repair. Journal of Neuroscience Research 56(4): 323-333

Regulation of fibronectin and laminin receptor expression, fibronectin and laminin secretion in human colon cancer cells by transforming growth factor-beta 1. International Journal of Cancer 57(5): 742-746

Regulation of fibronectin and metalloproteinase expression by Wnt signaling in rheumatoid arthritis synoviocytes. Arthritis and Rheumatism 46(11): 2867-2877

Regulation of filtration rate by glomerular mesangial cells in health and diabetic renal disease. American Journal of Kidney Diseases 29(6): 971-981

Regulation of firearms. New England Journal of Medicine 339(12): 843-845

Regulation of flowering in long-day plants. Tanpakushitsu Kakusan Koso. Protein, Nucleic Acid, Enzyme 47(12 Suppl): 1535-1540

Regulation of flowering time by Arabidopsis photoreceptors. Science 279(5355): 1360-1363

Regulation of fluid flow through corneal stroma in the bullfrog. Japanese Journal of Ophthalmology 42(1): 12-21

Regulation of fluoride ion release from Na2SiF6 contained in resin based on hydrophobic siloxane layer coating. Journal of Oral Rehabilitation 29(7): 675-681

Regulation of folate and one-carbon metabolism in mammalian cells. III. Role of mitochondrial folylpoly-gamma-glutamate synthetase. Journal of Biological Chemistry 268(29): 21674-9

Regulation of folate metabolism in fungi: Aspergillus nidulans as an experimental model. Postepy Biochemii 42(2): 129-132

Regulation of follicle waves to maximize fertility in cattle. Journal of Reproduction and Fertility. Supplement 54: 61-71

Regulation of follicular activity and ovulation in ewes by exogenous progestagen. Theriogenology 50(3): 395-416

Regulation of follicular maturation by human ovarian follicular fluid peptide. Journal of Reproduction and Fertility. Supplement 50: 95-104

Regulation of follistatin-related gene (FLRG) expression by protein kinase C and prostaglandin E(2) in cultured granulosa-luteal cells. Molecular Human Reproduction 8(11): 992-997

Regulation of foods with health claims: a proposal. Canadian Journal of Public Health 93(5): 328-331

Regulation of free fatty acid metabolism by glucagon. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 77(1): 11-15

Regulation of fumarase (fumB) gene expression in Escherichia coli in response to oxygen, iron and heme availability: role of the arcA, fur, and hemA gene products. Fems Microbiology Letters 157(1): 67-72

Regulation of functional activity of adenylate cyclase signal system by synthetic spiral peptides in cultured fibroblasts of mice strain L (subspecies LSM). Zhurnal Evoliutsionnoi Biokhimii i Fiziologii 38(2): 136-141

Regulation of functional activity of bone marrow hemopoietic stem cells by erythroid cells in mice. Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine 130(12): 1159-1161

Regulation of functional nuclear pore size in fibroblasts. Journal of Cell Science 114(Pt 24): 4621-4627

Regulation of functions of intermediate filaments by protein phosphatases. Tanpakushitsu Kakusan Koso. Protein, Nucleic Acid, Enzyme 43(8 Suppl): 996-1003

Regulation of fungal elicitors on the cell growth and biosynthesis of saponin of Panax ginseng cell suspension culture. Shi Yan Sheng Wu Xue Bao 32(2): 168-174

Regulation of gadd153 mRNA expression by hypoxia in pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells. Research Communications in Molecular Pathology and Pharmacology 108(1-2): 3-14

Regulation of galanin in memory pathways. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 863: 323-341

Regulation of galpha i palmitoylation by activation of the 5-hydroxytryptamine-1A receptor. Journal of Biological Chemistry 275(31): 23516-23522

Regulation of gamma T-cell antigen receptor expression by intracellular calcium in acute lymphoblastic leukemia cell line DND41. Archives of Medical Research 27(3): 305-310

Regulation of gamma-glutamylcysteine synthetase expression in response to oxidative stress. Free Radical Research 31(4): 325-334

Regulation of gamma-glutamylcysteine synthetase subunit gene expression: insights into transcriptional control of antioxidant defenses. Free Radical Research 32(4): 281-301

Regulation of gap junction communication by growth factors from non-neural cells to astroglia: a brief review. Glia 24(1): 32-38

Regulation of gap junction protein (connexin) genes and function in differentiating ES cells. Methods in Molecular Biology 185: 63-69

Regulation of gap junctional communication during human trophoblast differentiation. Microscopy Research and Technique 38(1-2): 21-28

Regulation of gap junctional communication in CFTR-expressing pancreatic epithelial cells. Pflugers Archiv 443 Suppl 1: S81-S84

Regulation of gastric epithelial cell growth by Helicobacter pylori: offdence for a major role of apoptosis. Gastroenterology 113(6): 1836-1847

Regulation of gastric mucosal pepsinogen and intrinsic factor contents, and their mRNA levels during starvation and refeeding in rats. Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin 22(12): 1293-1295

Regulation of gastroduodenal bicarbonate secretion by capsaicin-sensitive sensory neurons in rats. Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology 17 Suppl 1: S33-S39

Regulation of gelatinase-A (MMP-2) production by ovine intervertebral disc nucleus pulposus cells grown in alginate bead culture by Transforming Growth Factor-beta(1)and insulin like growth factor-I. Cell Biology International 25(7): 679-689

Regulation of gelatinases in microglia and astrocyte cell cultures by plant lectins. Glia 27(1): 53-61

Regulation of gene co-expression after bicistronic retrovirus-mediated gene transfer into human cord blood CD34+ cells. Zhonghua Yi Xue Za Zhi 79(12): 931-933

Regulation of gene expression and activity of malic enzyme in liver of hereditary hypertriglyceridemic (hHTG) insulin resistant rat: effect of dietary sucrose and marine fish oil. Endocrine Regulations 30(1): 5-12

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Regulation of gene expression by human foamy virus and potentials of foamy viral vectors. Stem Cells 15 Suppl 1: 141-147

Regulation of gene expression by hypoxia. Sleep 16(8 Suppl): S44-S48

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Regulation of gene expression by oxygen. Tanpakushitsu Kakusan Koso. Protein, Nucleic Acid, Enzyme 41(16): 2522-2531

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Regulation of gene expression by the small GTPase Rho through the ERK6 (p38 gamma) MAP kinase pathway. Genes & Development 15(5): 535-553

Regulation of gene expression by trans-synaptic activity: a role for the transcription factor NF-kappa B. Journal of Physiology, Paris 92(3-4): 163-166

Regulation of gene expression for neurotransmitters during adaptation to hypoxia in oxygen-sensitive neuroendocrine cells. Microscopy Research and Technique 59(3): 178-187

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