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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 47432

Chapter 47432 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

Stark II wants contribution plan installed before payment period begins. Managed Care 7(10): 52-53

Stark II: New restrictions on referrals. Missouri Dental Journal 75(1): 13-15

Stark II: division of profits comes under closer scrutiny. Managed Care 7(6): 56-57

Stark II: don't underestimate the feds' resolve to enforce it. Managed Care 7(5): 55-57

Stark II: invest with caution. Journal of the Arkansas Medical Society 91(5): 216-221

Stark II: the quagmire thickens. Journal of the Arkansas Medical Society 95(2): 75-78

Stark Spectroscopy of Tryptamine Immobilized on a Gold Electrode. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 203(2): 299-310

Stark accuses AHA of 'flim-flam'. Modern Healthcare 19(10): 5-5

Stark allows federal regulators to review claims records fully. Managed Care 10(7): 69-71

Stark bill may limit satellite sites. Modern Healthcare 24(14): 36-36

Stark bill would give IRS broader authority. Modern Healthcare 23(51): 17-17

Stark bill would require electronic claims process. Modern Healthcare 22(18): 4-5

Stark blasts AMA for opposing physician payment reform plan. Modern Healthcare 21(26): 3-3

Stark broadening and regularities of prominent multiply ionized nitrogen spectral lines. Physical Review. A, General Physics 36(8): 3957-3963

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Stark effects in gas-phase electronic spectra. Dipole moment of aniline in its excited S(1) state. Journal of the American Chemical Society 123(1): 96-99

Stark has softer touch in new regs. Journal of the Arkansas Medical Society 98(5): 141-147

Stark introduces new anti-referral legislation. Health Systems Review 26(2): 44, 46-7

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Stark outlook for physician self-referrals. Indiana Medicine 87(5): 360-363

Stark plan OK pushes reform forward. Modern Healthcare 24(13): 2-2

Stark plan enters muddled reform path. Modern Healthcare 24(11): 2-2

Stark proposes $46 million long-term care bill. Modern Healthcare 18(40): 3-3

Stark quantization in superlattices. Physical Review. B, Condensed Matter 43(6): 5204-5206

Stark reality. Health Progress 71(3): 70-74

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Stark, antikickback laws, and the OR. Or Manager 14(6): 21-23

Stark, consumer group fight HMO conversion. Modern Healthcare 21(41): 6-6

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Starkfest Vision and Clinic Science Symposium in honor of Dr. Lawrence W. Stark. Berkeley, California, June 24-25, 1994. Optometry and Vision Science 72(7): 437-531

Starlike nanostructures of polyoxometalates K3[PMo12O40].nH2O synthesized and assembled by an inverse microemulsion method. Chemical Communications: 2032-2033

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Stars disappear. Bmj 317(7156): 480a-480a

Stars of India. Nursing Times 95(19): 16-16

Stars of the night. Nursing Times 93(10): 29-31

Stars of the screen. Nursing Times 94(23): 14-15

Stars to eyes by adaptive optics. Perception 31(1): 1-3

Stars will tell who will get governmental financing presents. Duodecim; Laaketieteellinen Aikakauskirja 114(23): 2467-2472

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Starship's dreams come true. Nursing New Zealand 3(3): 18-20

Start a disease state management program. Nursing Management 31(1): 9-9

Start a new phase of the prevention and control of tuberculosis. Zhonghua Jie He He Hu Xi Za Zhi 19(6): 323-326

Start as you mean to go on. Nursing Standard 1987) 15(1): 21-21

Start of health reporting by the Robert Koch Institute Group]. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics 77: 128-131

Start of personality disorders and its tendency during the developmental stage of childhood and adolescence. Seishin Shinkeigaku Zasshi 103(2): 135-141

Start of the art of the heart. Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology 18(4): 405-406

Start of the new year. Plant Journal 21(1): V-Vii

Start priming for the fight to control our fees. Medical Economics 60(9): 32, 42, 46-8

Start right-eat right award scheme: implementing food and nutrition policy in child care centers. Health Education & Behavior 28(3): 320-330

Start saving on materials before the hospital is built. Hospital Material Dollar Sign Management 22(3): 1, 13-5

Start small: computer-based financial modeling scaled to size. Healthcare Financial Management 37(1): 24-32

Start taking advantage of Internet resources. Health Management Technology 17(1): 36-36

Start tamoxifen after completing chemotherapy, US researchers say. Lancet 359(9321): 1925-1925

Start the future now. Computers in Healthcare 7(1): 44-45

Start the new year right: reevaluate supply prices. Materials Management in Health Care 5(1): 22, 26, 28-30

Start the new year with these capitation management tools. Capitation Management Report 7(1): 7-10

Start the revolution with me. Insurers offer a plan to fix the health-care mess. Newsweek 120(24): 58-58

Start the year off by communicating correctly with yourself!. Journal of Dental Technology 18(1): 40, 45-40, 45

Start to be politically active. Pflege Zeitschrift 49(2): 75-76

Start training, start gaining. Nursing Times 98(23): 61-62

Start treatment of community-acquired pneumonia in outpatients and in hospitalized patients. Antibiotiki i Khimioterapiia 46(10): 25-34

Start treatment of temporalis arteritis immediately--otherwise your patient might become blind!. Duodecim; Laaketieteellinen Aikakauskirja 114(21): 2183-2185

Start with general vaccination against whooping cough at the child health care centers!. Lakartidningen 91(14): 1382, 1387-1382, 1387

Start with the small circle: an interview with Elizabeth Davis. Interview by Cher Mikkola. Midwifery Today With International Midwife: 24-26

Start your engines. A variety of market forces are revving up the demand for a new technology known as interface engines. Health Data Management 3(3): 54, 56, 58-54, 56, 58

Start-specific transcription in yeast. Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology 208: 95-127

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Start-up woes inherent in high tech. Modern Healthcare 13(8): 64, 66-64, 66

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Started on a whim, M.D. Anderson's Children's Art Project grapples with business growth issues. Profiles in Healthcare Marketing 12(6): 34-37

Started with carpal tunnel splitting, ended with forearm amputation. Lakartidningen 95(26-27): 3083-3083

Starting Alzheimer therapy in early stages whenever possible. Activities of daily living remain intact longer. Mmw Fortschritte der Medizin 144(20): 36-39

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Starting a joint venture kidney stone center. Health Care Strategic Management 7(12): 12-15

Starting a laboratory recycling program. Mlo: Medical Laboratory Observer 25(8): 65-6, 68

Starting a new Swedish registry of diabetes is a waste of resources!. Lakartidningen 91(38): 3408-3409

Starting a new century. Journal of Chromatographic Science 38(3): 89-90

Starting a newsletter. It's your idea and nobody else's!. Journal of Hospital Supply, Processing, and Distribution 1(2): 51-53

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Starting a support group for families and partners of people with HIV/AIDS in a rural setting. Social Work 39(1): 135-138

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Starting an HHNA local chapter. Home Healthcare Nurse 16(12): 801-803

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Starting and sustaining planned giving. Journal ): 35-37

Starting angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors in primary care is safe. Bmj 317(7169): E-E

Starting at April 1 the Veterinary Quality Organization becomes independent. Certified out of the quality in the veterinary practice. Tijdschrift Voor Diergeneeskunde 127(7): 246-247

Starting back at the bottom. Bmj 319(7201): 65-65

Starting blocks. Nursing Standard 1987) 16(9): 28-28

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Starting from a blank page: discovering and creating community health nursing in post-Soviet Latvia. Public Health Nursing 18(4): 262-272

Starting from grape cultivation. Integration: 2-11

Starting from ground zero. Canadian Journal of Psychiatry. Revue Canadienne de Psychiatrie 45(9): 797-797

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Starting from scratch. What makes the ultimate dialysis facility? Wife of ESRD patient asked, and then helped to build it. Nephrology News & Issues 11(9): 31-32

Starting from scratch: developing your own practice site. Journal of Pediatric Health Care 15(4): 215-217

Starting home nebulizer therapy: patients' expectations and subsequent outcome at 2 months. Respiratory Medicine 92(8): 1000-1002

Starting in Cologne: the initiative: chronic wounds. Guideline: decubitus ulcer. Krankenpflege Journal 35(9): 333-334

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Starting in the middle: social work and quality assurance. Australian Clinical Review 11: 82-86

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Starting insulin therapy in elderly patients. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine 95(9): 453-455

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Starting into implants? An easy bet! Be safe--not sorry!. Oral Health 88(3): 39, 41, 43-5

Starting mental health facilities in Haiti. Everything has to be created. Krankenpflege. Soins Infirmiers 88(2): 6-9

Starting new health care foundations: is the game worth the candle?. Healthcare Management Forum 2(1): 6-7

Starting off on the right foot. NAATP honors Ashley for improving admissions process. Behavioral Healthcare Tomorrow 11(2): Sr43-Sr44

Starting off on the right foot: department head orientation. Cross-Reference on Human Resources Management 8(6): 6-7

Starting off on the right track: ASIM's 1990 National Leadership Conference. Internist 31(6): 15-18

Starting on the right foot: the first day of class. Nurse Educator 21(3): 16-18

Starting out as a trainee. Practitioner 237(1530): 669-671

Starting out on the right foot. Provider 20(12): 51-52

Starting out. Are you ethical?. Cds Review 93(9): 22-22

Starting out: success is a longer reach these days. Medical Economics 70(1): 158-64, 169-73

Starting over again. Jems 20(8): 79-80

Starting over at St. Jude. Southern Hospitals 58(3): 18-19

Starting over. Faced with an obsolete computer system, a Michigan payer decides to shut down operations and install a new one. Health Data Management 7(6): 118-119

Starting painless IVs is easy. Oncology Nursing Forum 23(6): 973-973

Starting participation in an employee fitness program: attitudes, social influence, and self-efficacy. Preventive Medicine 24(6): 627-633

Starting patient education in a family practice residency. Patient Education Newsletter 8(5): 9-10

Starting patients on clozapine in a partial hospitalization program. Hospital & Community Psychiatry 45(3): 264-268

Starting places for Web-surfing critical care nurses. Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing 18(1): 13-13

Starting point of an emergency medical training program. Emt Journal 3(1): 26-29

Starting points: state and community partnerships for young children. Future of Children 11(1): 142-149

Starting position of movement and perception of angle of trunk flexion while standing with eyes closed. Perceptual and Motor Skills 89(1): 279-293

Starting recovery. American Journal of Nursing 96(9): 15-15

Starting ritonavir. Gmhc Treatment Issues 10(4): 8-8

Starting smoking: girls' explanations of the influence of peers. Journal of Adolescence 22(5): 647-655

Starting the day the right way. Lancet 357(9258): 736-737

Starting the legacy in 2000. Journal of the Colorado Dental Association 79(3): 10-14

Starting the quest to define optimal pediatric end-of-life care. Critical Care Medicine 30(1): 263-265

Starting thrombolytic therapy for patients with acute myocardial infarction in Accident and Emergency Department: from implementation to evaluation. Chinese Medical Journal 111(4): 291-294

Starting to learn about the costs of nosocomial infections in the new millennium: where do we go from here?. Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology 23(4): 174-176

Starting to think digitally: evaluation of web browser-based presentation of images at a Rad Path conference in a traditional film-based environment. Journal of Digital Imaging 13(2 Suppl 1): 236-237

Starting up a low-cost postoperative acute pain ward. Revista Espanola de Anestesiologia Y Reanimacion 45(9): 401-402

Starting up a quality improvement program. Provider 21(7): 87-88

Starting up an EMBS student branch. IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine 20(1): 21-21

Starting up an imaging system: lessons learned. Journal of Ahima 64(4): 60-63

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Starting up the road to recovery. Nursing Times 95(13): 12-13

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Starting your career. Nursing Standard 1987) 13(35): 59-59

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Starting your own security or safety consulting business. Hospital Security and Safety Management 6(6): 5-11

Starting your own shared service. Clinical Engineering Information Service 9(5): 148-157

Starting, stopping, picking, and switching antiretrovirals or, the ring in the river. Glasgow: Part 2. Iapac Monthly 7(2): 54-66

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