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Subtilisin-catalyzed synthesis of amino acid and peptide esters. Application in a two-step enzymatic ligation strategy

, : Subtilisin-catalyzed synthesis of amino acid and peptide esters. Application in a two-step enzymatic ligation strategy. Organic Letters 3(26): 4157-4159

We describe an efficient enzymatic approach to the synthesis of amino acid and peptide esters. The serine protease subtilisin Carlsberg (EC was found to efficiently catalyze the specific formation of C(alpha)-carboxyl 3-hydroxypropyl or 4-hydroxybutyl esters of certain Boc-amino acids and peptides in high-content 1,3-propanediol or 1,4-butanediol solution, with substrate specificity parallel to that of the normal hydrolytic reaction. This approach can be coupled with kinetic-control reverse proteolysis in a two-step enzymatic peptide ligation scheme. [reaction: see text]


PMID: 11784166

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