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Geography & Life Sciences: Chapter 47607

Chapter 47607 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in geography and in the life sciences.

The denial of emergency care to uninsured patients. American Journal of Public Health 78(2): 190-190

The denial of severe mental illness. Psychiatric Services 48(11): 1367-1367

The denigration of women in Malawian radio commercials. Gender and Development 7(2): 71-78

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The denominator for maternal mortality--total births or live births?. Bjog 109(12): 1418-1418

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The dense granule antigen, GRA2 of Toxoplasma gondii is a glycoprotein containing O-linked oligosaccharides. Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology 97(1-2): 241-246

The dense metaphyseal band sign. Radiology 211(3): 773-774

The density and distribution of follicular dendritic cells in rat popliteal lymph nodes: a decrease in their density and a change in their distribution after stimulation. Histology and Histopathology 10(4): 795-802

The density and larval habitats of dengue vectors in Chungho city. Kaohsiung Journal of Medical Sciences 14(12): 754-761

The density issue in hair transplantation. Dermatologic Surgery 23(9): 747-750

The density of [125I]-transferrin binding sites on perikarya of melanized neurons of the substantia nigra is decreased in Parkinson's disease. Brain Research 749(1): 170-174

The density of apical cells of dark-grown protonemata of the moss Ceratodon purpureus. Protoplasma 211(3-4): 225-233

The density of muscarinic M1 receptors is decreased in the caudate-putamen of subjects with schizophrenia. Molecular Psychiatry 1(1): 54-58

The density of social networks and fertility decisions: evidence from South Nyanza district, Kenya. Demography 38(1): 43-58

The dental AIDS cases--murder or an unsolvable mystery?. JAMA 270(22): 2732-2734

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