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Type I Chiari malformation coexisting with syringomyelia: pathogenesis, treatment choice and prognostic factors for remote outcome in the light of own case

, : Type I Chiari malformation coexisting with syringomyelia: pathogenesis, treatment choice and prognostic factors for remote outcome in the light of own case. Neurologia i Neurochirurgia Polska 32(6): 1571-1582

The Chiari malformation, condition characterized by herniation of posterior fossa contents below the level of foramen magnum coexists very often with solitary or multiple syringomyelic cysts in spinal cord. The authors, on the basis of current opinions presented in literature and an own case present considerations concerning pathogenesis, operative procedures and prognostic factures which are of value in prediction of long-term outcome in patients which Chiari type I-Syringomyelia complex. The presence or absence of three preoperative signs as: muscular atrophy, ataxia and scoliosis facilitate, with confidence of 95%, prediction of long-term postoperative result. Preoperative incidence of all three above signs is much less favourable for outcome. In the presented case all unfavourable signs were observed preoperatively and, despite of good MRI-result, long-term outcome was only fair.


PMID: 10358845

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